47 Responses to 12.07.25 Stalking Lee Seung Gi in Hong Kong Photoshoot 2

  1. a says:

    I never thought that fangirling could this be exciting. I never liked any stars not until I knew about Lee Seung Gi. Now,like any other fan I never passed a day without looking for any updates about him. And as I read the fans experienced and adventures encountering Seung Gi I felt their excitement and kinda jealous because they get to have those experience. Thank you Koalab for this awesome story,you deserve it! I bet you tried not to wash your hand that shook his hand,eh? 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Same with me i always look for updates about him..hopefully he will visit USA soon..

    • Jennifer says:

      I was grinning just reading your story. I admire your guts and persistency, it got you to meet Seung Gi. What a great experience ! 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      omg, the same here, i like watching korean dramas and listening to k-pop, but i never liked any of the stars until i knew SeungGi!!

      Thanks koalab for the exciting update!!!

  2. LYcrazy4LSG says:

    I was reading this on my way to work in the train. My eyes got teary. hope no one sees me. So touching. You are very lucky. Your hard work paid off. Our Seung Gi is just too too nice and warm. The best memory you will ever have I suppose? Daebak!

  3. anon says:

    Am I the only one who feels that these fan accounts are as dreamy as those romantic/rom-com K-dramas?!! I was squealing right with you, Koalab!! Chukhae on meeting Seung-gi!! 😀 I cannot help but feel that he’s absolutely relishing the attention and love the international fans are showering him!

    You’re adorable and beautiful in that you kept in mind Seung-gi being tired so as not to inconvenience him with requesting a pic taken with him. The awesome guy he is, he would most prolly have obliged you with one.

    • crazyajummafan says:

      Seunggi’s so considerate and kind. After reading your account of how he agreed to sign your album, despite being tired, I lub him even more! And his fans are just as kind and considerate as him….that’s u Koalab! You were so thoughtful about not asking for a photo!

  4. AnnMichelle says:

    Dear Koalab and lovely Seung Gi, what else can I say???
    I totally understand why you felt you could not ask to take a photo with him. And I RESPECT you for it!
    The before and after (the typhoon) pictures of Stanley are really very good contrasts. Hope that photographer got what he wanted (or they can do some PS later).
    Thanks again and happy fangirling!

  5. Princess Smallestfish says:

    wow…I love Seung Gi. He is such a nice guy. You are so lucky to have met him and got his autograph. I wish I would have the same luck one day (sooooon to come :P)

  6. Thanks for updating, hehehe ^^ GBU

  7. MmeShah Sg says:

    Love you girl!!!!! Perserverance paid off… So nicely written and I got chills reading your fan account. Big Hugs 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. trish says:

    What a sweet encounter! Hope I can have such fangirling experience one day. So glad that you did it, Koalab! Thanks again for sharing your fan account. And Seung Gi is as sweet as ever. Wish him a good time for the rest of his stay in Hong Kong.

  9. madqueen says:

    I love your fan accounts!

    Still contemplating whether to go to the airport when Seung gi comes to Singapore next month.
    I’m a working mother of 2 and fangirling is completely new to me!!!

    • Ay says:

      Yes, go, especially if you have never done it before. Don’t feel as if you have to achieve something. Just be there to see him in person, show him the support. You won’t regret it. Of course, finding someone younger and more passionate like Koalab to go with you will be even better. Their dedication is awesome and will inspire you to do more, which means you get more out if it!! Hehehe. Andt yes, be prepared. It can be taxing on the physical.

      • madqueen says:

        I’m conflicted… Mainly cos the rational part of me is thinking why I would want to spend the time and effort to catch him at the airport for someone who seems so far from my life and will probably never know of my existence, yet it’s also this reason that I want to see him in person, so that he becomes more real.
        Gosh… This fangirling business is really unfamiliar to me… LOL.

    • crazyajummafan says:

      Hiya Madqueen! You’re NOT alone! I’m a mother of 4 and there are a whole bunch of us Hearties in S’pore who are married and mothers and love him. We even have a grandmother in our group!

  10. Leogalsg says:

    Lucky you , Koalab. while reading this my heart beat too fast too as though im there with you ..
    this is such a gd experience
    Nw it make me want to see him face to face and had the experience you have
    I have to wait…..

  11. sam says:

    waaahhh!!! and you were the only one there!! You took a lot of pictures but none of seunggi??? well you were very considerate while others (mainly me!) won’t probably have the same self control as you have. but while i applaud your remarkable restraint (because I would have none! bad fan that i am..hehe), i am wishing for a picture!!! hahahah. ok sorry about that, it must be overwhelming experience meeting somebody like LSG up close and personal like that, it would take time to actually start thinking logically for awhile.

    And this time you actually came up with a physical description!! haha! So, was he everything you thought of? was he really more handsome in person than on the screen? do you think he’s still not as tall as you thought? was his skin really that flawless?His teeth? did he smell good? so sorry!! I need my load of physical descriptions because I have to live vicariously through you guys lucky enough to see him in the flesh! Though its established that he’s a really really nice guy in reality, it still gives me a kick to hear personal accounts how great he is and accommodating. (he wouldn’t have say no to a single picture you know! sorry, did it again!!)

    I”m relieved it was a different manager you are referring to because that good looking one seems to be really nice as per tori’s account. ehem. hehehe. Yay Tori!

    Thanks Koalab, please some more news!!!

    • koalab says:

      If you were there seeing how tired Seung Gi is, I bet you’d be the same as me….

      Haha! Yes! This time I can describe more about his physical appearance because he was sitting still right in front of me, so I could have a better look at him. Unfortunately (?), he was sitting in his car so I couldn’t tell how tall he is…and it was dim in the car…. so… I couldn’t really tell his “real” skin tone.

      • sam says:

        i can’t even say “too bad” he was sitting in his car because I am green to the gills with envy here!! Please please just meet him again for the rest of us dying for more details here! right, dramaaddict, seunggicharm and sarah? we want more, the minutest details count! like can you see his pores when you were standing so close to him? can you count his eyelashes as you stare at is big round eyes? hahaha, kidding! but then you know what i mean. Mowr please!

    • sarah says:

      we have the same questions Sam!!^^Im laughing out because that is the same questions detailed information I want to know on how he is like in person..^^
      reading these wonderful fan accounts Im am really off to travel from here otw to Korea just to see him.. But I DO hope he wont be in enlisted in military by next year..huhu

    • dramaaddict says:

      So LSG has 2 Managers-nim. One is the Handsome Manager-nim and one not-so-Handsome Manager-nim. Lsg’s fans are always v diplomatic; we don’t used words to offend anyone. So when we need favors, we must find the Handsome Manager-nim or He is only kind to Tori; the pretty Manchester’s girl.

  12. dalsg says:

    Woaww, i do really love reading a lot fan account!! I got ghostbump when Hook tweeted Seunggi phoshot in Stanley! bcoz before that, I read ur airport account & u thought that u buy the gift at Stanley! OMG, thats destiny! LUCKY airens againn!! ^^ u deserve it, since u r very persistence n a lot love to SeungGi..

    Keep the spirit alive Airens..hwaiting! ^^

  13. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Koalab..I really enjoy reading your encounter with SeungGi.

    Hi, madqueen,
    Don’t hesitate, just go to the airport when Seung gi comes to Singapore next month. Hopefully to read about your enperience too.

  14. dramaaddict says:

    Stanley has changed a lot since I last visited and really brings back nostalgic feeling for me.
    We know your consideration for LSG, but why you never asked the Handsome Manager-nim for a foto, although I am quite contented with his posterior view in your foto..hehehe. Just like Tori did, you should have asked for a foto of our Handsome Manager-nim. I am sure he will oblige you with one since we are talking so much about him in Tori’s account.
    But I am very happy for you that you got your albums signed by LSG after your 007’s thinking. Thks for the wonderful account.

    • koalab says:

      The situation was… everyone seemed to be very very busy!!! They kept talking and talking…. so I tried to be invisible and just stood there watching them….

  15. Gen Wong says:

    What can I say? Braving the storms and heavy rains was soooo worth it!
    Airens, you are all so amazing!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories and encounters…
    It only makes us adore Seunggi more and more!
    How down-to-earth and really friendly it is of him…
    He really values and appreciates his fans…
    and that’s why we super duper love him!!!
    Hope to see him soon on TV regularly!

  16. rea says:

    Wow! I agree with Tryp..- a destined encounter indeed! And now I have that strange wishy feeling that you will still meet SeungGi and take a photo together..haha! It’s not impossible, right? SeungGi is still in HongKong so let the adventure continue…go Koalab!

  17. sarah says:

    wow!!Im happy-grinning-smiling too while reading ur stories!!Thank You Koalab..^^since last night I was waiting for it.. but sleep it away..ahaha 😀 now just woke up, this stories makes my day.. Im imagining when will my first encounter with SeungGi will be?!
    You are so lucky!!and like you said Destined!!:D

  18. koalab says:

    Thanks everyone~~ I was soooo lucky…. but I know you all will be the next lucky one!!! ^^

    The lesson I learnt yesterday is don’t hesitate too long to make a decision. If I struggled for 5 mins more, I would have missed the bus to Stanley (and I’d have to wait for another 20mins for the next bus) If Seung Gi is in your town, do whatever you can to see him in person! Yes, Madqueen: you should go to the airport to see him up close.

    Other than determination and perseverance, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my loved one (I know he is reading…) He gave me endless support and he was the one who encouraged to chase Seung Gi. He even asked me to catch a taxi and follow behind his car…. but I don’t want to be a sasaeng fans!!! Don’t worry, I still love you more than Seung Gi!!!! *blush*

    • madqueen says:

      Your mister is so sweet to be so supportive!
      Although my hubby really likes TK2H (not sure if he likes LSG) I don’t think he will be as understanding! He will probably think I’m crazy to be fangirling at my age (early 30s)!

      • crazyajummafan says:

        @ Madqueen, you REALLY need to join us! I’m in my LATE forties, and I’m fangirling him. Never done it for ANY celeb EVER, not even in my teens… I was quite level-headed back then… but since I’ve gotten to know LSG, things have changed! And I’m not the only one!
        We’re having a rendezvous this sat, 28th of July at City Square Mall. We have a nunmber of things planned of which spazzing is one of them. If you’re interested to join us, do drop me an email at cynalchoo@yahoo.com.sg

        • madelynho@yahoo.com.sg says:

          are you all planning to go to the airport too?
          I will drop you an email if I decide to go…
          not sure if I can after all. depends on his arrival time, will need to take leave from work etc.

          By the way, you are also active on KP and DB blogs for the TK2H recaps right? Think I read your comments before…

          • crazyajummafan says:

            Yes, I am and whole lot of others too! If you’re a Singaporean, come join in the band! Even if you’re not, you’re still welcome! We have two non S’poreans in our group, where we spazz over LSG every now and then.

            In fact, we just had a Hearties rendezvous last sat and it was great fun!

    • nicoleko66 says:

      haha! he is going to read this? *wave wave*
      thank you for giving her the encouragement and that she is able to share this beautiful encounter with us. I was asking her if u mind. *worried* my eye open big big when I saw her msg in the middle of the night that you encourage her n even ask her to catch a taxi. hahaha! can’t wait to catch up with u both soon! ^^

  19. seunggicharm says:

    woohoo! While reading your very nice fan account I couldn’t help myself but to smile,gasp and squeak silently (?) at work..hahaha.. I should be doing my work and yet I decided to read your fan account first because I have been waiting for it!
    Really daebak experience you got there Koalab! We are so thrilled and excited about your encounter with him..haha..You are really a dedicated fan! When I sread about the tweet and the place I suddenly thought about your gift.haha..It was really bound to happen and you are so so lucky that we are so envious of you..That manager who’s been not-so-friendly-with-the-fans is kinda annoying huh..ehe..I admire your guts to still get Seung Go’s attention so you can have his signature..I would’ve done the same thing! Of course that was your chance and you worked hard for it..so might as well do whatever it takes to get the chance to see you..woohoo..
    just like @sam and @sarah..and i guess most of us (who still haven’t see him in flesh..hehe) would like to know your DETAILED description on how he looked like in person..JEBAAAAALLLLL!!!hahaha..we wouldn’t mind to get spoiled and teased some more..hehe..
    Whoa..that time he looked at you and smiled at you..oh boy! That’s gonna make my knees wobble..hahaha.. And he’s such a great guy really for being so accommodating and even offered a handshake!OMO!
    Thanks so much for the nice fan account..hoping for more encounters of you and Seung Gi while he’s still in HK..Keep safe on your fangirling activities^^

  20. lsgtheking says:

    Dear Koalab
    Thanks Koalab for your exciting write up on your encounters with Seung Gi.
    You are not once lucky but twice lucky!!
    I am going to follow AY’s advice and stick to you wherever you go!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    I am so happy for you Koalab!!! :)))) how exciting!!

  22. FNLim says:

    sorry it’s me..FNLim… :))

  23. Lilly says:

    Aww!!! Thank for updating this!! So awesome!!!! =)

  24. Mai Thao says:

    OMG! I’m so jealous 🙂 I would love to meet him one day. My dream would come true ❤

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