1N2D Compilation Video: Cool and Refreshing SeungGi

Does this make the hot weather more bearable? 😛

credit: TheLotusfragrance

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6 Responses to 1N2D Compilation Video: Cool and Refreshing SeungGi

  1. pearl says:

    pls help.. what episode was the cut starting from 4:12 til end of the video? thank you soooo much in advance @_@……

    • pearl says:

      oh sorry i got excited…i’m not sure if i’m allowed to ask here about the episode but i hope tryp won’t be angry…if it’s not allowed, i’m really sorry…

    • tryp96 says:

      the episode aired on 11.01.30

      • pearl says:

        omo! , thank you soo much tryp…off to search for it..haha, i just love our seung gi playing like a mischievous boy to his hyung hodong…i’m just curious of what his talking about… he looks so fresh there, as if he had enough sleep on top of snowy ground..
        again i’m gratefully thanking you ^_^

  2. leogalsg says:

    Thanks for the video, tryp.
    Really bring back nice memories.
    Miss them…

  3. Lela says:

    please help me to 🙂 how many episodes are there in the beginning until minute 4:11? thank you

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