Hook Tweets from Hong Kong

*updated with translation* The dimpled brothers:

A two-shot in a long time!!! Lee Seo Jin & Lee Seung Gi with the million dollar night view on Victoria Peak of Hong Kong island as the background~^^

source: hookent
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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22 Responses to Hook Tweets from Hong Kong

  1. Anonymous says:

    Victoria Peak so beautiful with SeungGi ~~

  2. Muljen says:

    SeungGi looked fresh, happy n handsome

  3. dalsg says:

    ah~~my memory back to my last trip to hkg, will be so happy if i can meet him. SeungGi looks so happy, ilove that, Dimpled Brothers, they’re HOT! 😀

  4. bonnie says:

    이렇게 아까..이렇게 멀러

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hope Seun gi have a good short holiday. Nice to see this pic..Lee dimples brother 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been thinking who does Seung Gi looks like? and i remember a filipino actor the late Rico Yan,they have the same bright smile.

    • ann says:

      Oh yes! Rico has the same “when he smiles it is refreshing” effect! and I loved Rico too! really my taste inmen is soo consistent, Rico Yan , Gong Yoo and Lee Seung Gi ❤

  7. koalab says:

    Suddenly I feel so proud of our night view of Victoria Harbour!! HAHAHA!!

  8. Lilly says:

    Aw!! His smile has lighted up the night!!

  9. seunggicharm says:

    wow..This is such a nice picture of them together..The view was fantastic too! Seung Gi compliments the great view with his oozing charm^^

  10. AnnMichelle says:

    I can see why they are good friends. Both strike me as the intellectual, choosy (in a good way) kind. I remember in that friends episode others ate where they found a spot on the floor. Not our dimple brothers. They had to sit down properly. And despite the humble ‘sitting arrangements’ they looked like a million bucks!

    • dramaaddict says:

      Both are equally handsome.
      AM, you are so observant. This is what I do to analyze a person secretly. I don’t know you are like me 🙂

      • AnnMichelle says:

        Hahaha, that’s my habit too. For Seung Gi no detail is too small. And I adore Lee Seo Jin, first as an actor and now as Seung Gi’s hyung. I nearly teared up in that same 1N2D episode when he defended Seung Gi at every opportunity. It’s not that SG needs defending (I am sure, or hope, those snide comments came from the script), but Hyung just acted out of his protective instincts of SG. I love him for that.

        • dramaaddict says:

          Whether those comments are from the script or etc… We can know from the tone, expression and their body language whether they are genuine. These are things that one can’t forge. I haven’t had the time to watch 1N2D so if you happen to know which episode; let me know. I can download and watch this weekend. Cos LSG’s variety shows are too addictive just like his Dramas. Once you start, you can’t stop.
          I cried so much in his BL and TK2H, never in dramas.
          I know Lee Seo Jin used to portray as the Emperor that is all I know about him. Cos my mum watches them.

  11. meliejoo says:

    aww!!!!!!!!!!!!! so handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. maritess says:

    happy to see them together after that 1n2d bestfriend special..lee seo jin was protective to seung gi oppa when they were doing 1n2d …seung gi oppa is very lucky to have lots of hyung and sunbaenim who are always there for him and of course they are also lucky to have a dongsaeng like seung gioppa who is always caring 🙂

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