Japanese Magazine Choa – Lee Seung Gi

I guess it’s just a 1-page article, but featuring a great picture! 😛

credit: hanrize

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3 Responses to Japanese Magazine Choa – Lee Seung Gi

  1. dramaaddict says:

    I can’t believe this !!!! After practically running round the whole stage with all the perspiration during the concert and LSG can still look so hot and gorgeous with the All-Kill’s smile. Signature while shirt. How many Japanese’s Hearts has he stolen there? Guapisimo y Caliente !!!

  2. A says:

    I don’t know with you guys but for me his simplicity makes him more elegant and gorgeous!

  3. maritess says:

    I really love the part when he sang like a flower normally i didn’t listen to this song but when i heard him sing like a flower live cause it was the first time hearing him sang this song i was like i need to download this music now ;p i really love hearing him sing even when he was still in strong heart i was always anticipating that he will sing in my mind i’m like hope oppa will sing in this ep….anyway i love all about him..this is the first time that i stayed loyal fan to someone cause when you see other celibrities in tv they are perfect and everything but one day you will find out somewhere that they are just like that on tv but off cam they are different so in conclusion oppa is perfect for me good look,generous,very talented singing..mc..actor and very well mannered and you add that killer smile how can you not love someone like him i will be your forever fan oppa no matter what 🙂

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