12.08.09-10 Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

‘Look-Alike’ Olympic Star

Olympic Star ‘You Inside Me’

source: official fan cafe

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12 Responses to 12.08.09-10 Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

  1. diahaksaeng says:

    really look alike… ^^
    like both of them…

  2. airentori says:

    Omo my brother thought they looked alike too!!! But being an Airen I was like, ‘No way!!! Seung Gi is way more handsome’ hehe but obviously theyre both talented just in different areas :’)

  3. AnnMichelle says:

    I admire Lee Yong Dae a lot for his fighting spirit (he seems never to let a play die on his court!). But, does he look like Seung Gi? No way!

  4. raquel8880 says:

    Al chico no se le puede negar que es guapo, pero como: LEE SEUNG GI no. LSG es maravillosa mente atractivo su sonrisa es unica y su mirada es cautivadora, romantica, apasionada y a la ves tierna su mirada inspira ternura y deseos de amarlo y eso lo hace ver aun mas hermoso: LSG es el hombre perfecto yo lo amo

  5. blackholeangel says:

    That’s right. They have nothing to look alike.Seung gi has the unique look. How can he have both cute and manly side in himself ?.Seung gi’s warm smile, caring eyes, signature dimple and reliable and sincere face make him an angel

  6. diahaksaeng says:

    aigooo…why everyone seem so serious about this? come on guys…its just general opinion…
    even Hodong said on star king that Lee Yong Dae not just look alike Lee seunggi (in this case was “face”), but also his heodangness.
    Well, actually, i also really don’t know about him, except about his career on his court, because i also like badminton. Just it… so when i said they both look alike, its pure about face, especially Seunggi’s right side…
    ah, maybe i m the one that was so serious??? ^^
    anyway no offense… now is Ramadhan for me and every muslim in the world, so please forgive me if i have offended someone here… i really didn’t mean it ^^

    • Anonymous says:

      Happy Ramadan and also Qadr night is soon do your best

    • blackholeangel says:

      No. I don’t mean that. Diahaksaeng ah, You totally did not offend me or anyone. When i first saw Lee Yong Dae, my impression is that this boy is handsome, but just handsome like other good-looking guys. For Seung gi, the first time i saw him in Famous Princesses, i found him interesting and like a naughty babe. But II han grapsed my more attention in the film. I happened to know the drama BL, finding Han Hyo Joo, my favourite actress played the lead role, so i watched it. I was also because i wanted to see Tae Ja. Maybe i was the one among the few guys felt that Seung gi as Woo hwan was very handsome right in the first episode. And I had a crush on Woo hwan (not Seung gi at that time ^^). I watched till the last episode constinuouly without sleeping (enjoying the film and eating at the same time). The I became addicted to it, watching again and again ( every evening and after part time job). It is the first film i have such record times of watching. Then i searched Google, finding anything about seung gi. Indeed. i am kinda girl who goes crazy for cold-outside-but-warm-inside men. But the more i knew about SG, the more i liked him. I really really admire his personalities (humble, sincere, pure, warm-hearted, kid loving, well-mannered, witty, lovely stubborn, caring, eager for learning, energetic, never complaining, always trying the best in everything, even in small things, and…uhmmm heodangness………..^^.). For his look , knowledge or talent, i am also impreseds, but even if he looked original, were not much smart or too talented, i thought we would still liked him ^^ (his personalities beat us ^^, hehe). I’m so sorry for writing too long ^^. And lovely Diahaksaeng, Happy Ramadan. Wishing u all the best all the time!

  7. Mich says:

    I just searched Lee Young Dae up on youtube and found this clip where he’s singing SeungGi song. Maybe he’s a fanboy of SG too haha

  8. flvwl says:

    Each has his own charm and both are successful in their own field but look-alike? Even my 5 yr old girl commented that they don’t look alike and then she asked.. how about me , mom,, do I look like Seung Gi?? Then I asked her, why did you say that…she replied.. ‘coz I have 2 dimples, I’m pretty and smart… ha!ha!
    Have a nice weekend everybody!

  9. Airen says:

    Poor thing, Lee Young Dae would surely like to look like Lee Seung Gi.. But it is really way off. Sorry, you do not qualify!!! And you do not win over my vote. LSG is still the best.. saranghae lsg!!!

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