1N2D Compilation Video: Banmal-Speaking SeungGi

SeungGi the maknae on 1N2D was so polite to everyone all the time, it was very rare to hear him speak banmal, so this is a very short video: 😛

source: dclsg

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3 Responses to 1N2D Compilation Video: Banmal-Speaking SeungGi

  1. TJ says:

    Kang Ho Dong is going to make a comeback soon under SM C&C company. I hope Ho Dong, Seung Gi,Ji Won,Su Geun,Kim C,Jong Min (and please MC Mong come back too) with Na PD. Can make their new owned variety show. We can’t expect them to return to 1n2d because the spots has been filled,but with a new and fresher show that will be awesome!

  2. Maritess says:

    Specially with seung gi oppa i miss the tandem hodong-seung gi in strong heart i think it will be good the new show that they will do have rapport with foods i mean they said that seung gi oppa will be doing table for 100 i think they will be good together cause they both love foods…i don’t think that the original team of 1n2d will be together again but we can still hope they were so hilarious in 1n2d i really miss them and specially our seung gi oppa miss seeing him in shows and dramas hope he will do a new drama early next year…

  3. airentori says:

    if they all made a comeback in the variety show industry, it would be daebak! im sure something is going to be discussed because from the production’s point of view, they could make a lot from it~ ^_^ lets all cross our fingers! oh our forever polite SeungGi!!!

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