33 Responses to International Airen Tori’s Fan Account of SeungGi’s UK Trip, Part 2-iii

  1. dramaaddict says:

    Tori dear, a much-awaited and another splendid account as usual. Now, I am not going to tease you about Handsome Manager-nim and you anymore. After 2 months you could still write such detailed-account so I confirmed that Your heart is still 100% intact with LSG and not even a little corner for Manager-nim. hehe
    Tori, if that moment when LSG stepped out of the shuttle bus and right in front of you( if I were you), I would have gone to Heaven just like you did previously. So near yet so far. And that mini-jump from the shuttle bus would make me motionless for the next 10 minutes or so, and would need a remote control to restart me again. But you are ready great and could still take fabulous pixs of LSG. So LSG spoke in English to you when he recognized you. If I were you, I would be in seventh heaven. Having LSG with the killer smile in front of me would be just enough and SG still recognized you. I am so happy for you.
    I thought I am a pervert when the back view of LSG is concerned, so Tori, thanks to you after you described in fantastic details about SG’s back, I feel safe now, if not that rehab is not far away from me. I have been thinking since BL’s days.
    I only mentioned to write something for me about Manager-nim and you went on and on in (i) and (ii). But I really enjoyed them tremendously and I am sure fans like me enjoyed them too. They are only silent readers and smiling while reading your accounts with only a few vocal ones like Yon, crazyahjummafans, Seunggicharms were teasing you. And I think you took that all in good measures.
    But Tori, I am still waiting patiently for your 1st hug with Oppa. If you are not including it in your next account, it is my turn to hunt you down in Manchester. So take care and thanks.

    • airentori says:

      another really motivating message from you as usual ^^ haha its thanks to all the notes ive taken and added to over time~ looking back at the photos means i can relive the experience! i like manager-nim but i love seung gi~ haha i took so many photos, there were only a few which were presentable! i just kept my hand on the shutter button. no he didnt speak english, sorry for the misunderstanding! when he got off and stared at me after i called him ‘heodang oppa!’ he pointed at me and said ‘oh. neo. eoje!’ so directly translated he said: ‘oh. you. yesterday!’ i just made it easier for people to understand by phrasing it the why i did ^^ haha in other people’s eyes we may be pervs but since we’re airen its okay- well at least i think its okay! hehe~ oh im re-watching BL at the moment and loving every bit of it! hwannie oppa saranghae~ haha i just thought to include everything i could remember! im working on the next part now- should be out before the FM so please look forward to it!!! do you have twitter? follow me @lsgairentori and we can talk there~ love replying to you hehe

  2. milkteanlsg says:

    I am very glad that I will be going to the SG fanmeet but no matter what
    I am so super jealous but I will try my best to be recognized too! Just you wait and see~ hehe~

    • airentori says:

      im so excited for you but so jealous too~ ㅠㅠ you get to see him at the airport, press conference, fan signing, fan meeting and then at the airport again! also if youre lucky you may see him at other times during his stay >< hehe just shout something different, something others wont say! but just make sure its not inapproriate hehe~

  3. shrlykim says:

    wow! that is one hell of a fan account! lol
    it seems like i was actually there witnessing it with you!
    same here, can’t go to SG fanmeet, maybe korea FM? 🙂

    will be waiting for the next part!

    • airentori says:

      haha why thank you ^^ always aim to do the best i can~ never done a fan account before! we can cry together ㅠㅠ what about the TW fan meeting or December concert? im going to korea next summer- see you there! hehe it should be out before the SG fan meeting- *fingers crossed*

  4. Jennifer says:

    Loved reading your account….it was funny and sweet. You must have been walking on air and your heart must have been doing somersaults especially when Seungi recognized you and spoke to you. Did he speak to you in English ? I just love hearing him speak English. Just wish he would do it more. Thanks Tori, you’re a awesome Airen !!

    • airentori says:

      im glad you loved it! im still on cloud nine and star-struck ^^ or should i say SeungGi-struck? hehe. no, he spoke korean but later on in the fan account i’ll share with you guys the short convo we had where by he did speak a bit of english~ haha thank you, all airen are awesome! awesome for being airen!!!

  5. dalsg says:

    Tori yaa~ watta detail! sitting in the chair previously occupied seunggi will surely make your memories flowing.kekeke. ;p waiting for hug moment! thank you dear!

    • airentori says:

      hope you liked the detail! oh do you follow me on twitter? yeah, absolutely love going to that cafe now ^^ his seat is my favourite spot~ aww thank you for reading!

  6. Cajunasian says:

    OMG …. I am sooooo envious and living vicariously through you….. So sad but true. You are such a great writer that I can totally picture every moment in my mind which is probably not good for my heart…. And you haven’t even got to the hug part yet! LOL 🙂
    Will wait patiently for next chapter…. Thanks!!!!!

    • airentori says:

      haha im envious of all the airen going to the SG fan meeting! aww thank you, ive always been told in school that i was awful at writing :’) nope, its coming soon- i think in the next part! thank you for the support~

  7. Adeline says:

    Wow, Tori another great account , really enjoyed reading it and look forward to the “climax” when he hugged you. It really should not be surprising that he recognized you ‘coz it is hard to forget a face as attractive as yours.

    • airentori says:

      hehe thank you for reading~ now i need to make sure the climax is good! :p aww thank you for the compliment ^^ please look forward for the next part!

  8. Jade Butterfly says:

    Thanks for yr recount of a close encounter of the ‘angelic’ kind!
    I wish you could come over to Sunny Singapore too. Speaking of behalf of the darling S’pore hearties here , we’d treat you like the fan-celeb you’ve become!
    Imagine if you cd come & Seunggi recognised & came up to speak to you ! We’d hafta cart you away & resuscitate you.
    As usual , the Hearties will meet & convulse & spazz…then skip to see him.
    Hope we’ll have something as special to say about him like you do. Your experience was ethereal!

    • airentori says:

      aww ‘angelic’? hehe im far from that! aww i’d love to come- ive only ever been in the airport for connecting flights and i love it there! fan-celeb?!?! woah hahaha thanks ^^ yeah i was just about to say i’d die if he recognised me again and spoke to me! aww i’d love to fangirl about seunggi with you- whats your twitter? i can chat to you on that: @lsgairentori it definately was a daebak experience!

      • Jade Butterfly says:

        Love to chat with you!! But..but ..I dun hv twitter……otokke?
        Will emailing do?

        • airentori says:

          hehe get twitter ^^ its easy~ you can talk to and follow airen! loads of k-celebs have got it too 😀 i could message you on skype if you have it? skype: vphung27 email: vickyphung@hotmail.com

          • Jade Butterfly says:

            Tori, i dun hv twitter or skype.
            Anythg ibteresting fr the Spore hearties , I will keep you informed. Ta Ra!
            Excited…biting nails…lot of us going to airport & to d media conference tomorrow..

  9. Eri-sshi says:

    “I even looked to my left and right to see which side would be easier to swing my leg over- I chose the side with the shorter Airen so I wouldn’t kick her in the face if I did jump over.”

    Tori-ya~, I laughed my head off when I read your statement above OMG!! Hahaha, but really, I wouldn’t blame you for that thought :p Having that once-in-a-lifetime chance of getting close (literally) to Seunggi, who wouldn’t want that?? But good thing none of you got hurt, and everyone who were present seemed happy =)

    Wow, the Seunggi-recognized-you moment was THE MOMENT of all (but I think the Seunggi-hugged-you will beat that :p)! I was like staring at your words for a minute or two and I was lost for words. “Oh. Neo. Eoje.” were the best three words ever!!

    And as always, it is amazing to see how he is still surprised at the reaction of fans whenever he is seen. Him flustering is just too cute! Seung Gi is just too perfect for the word “humility.” It makes us love him even more! ^^

    Seriously Tori-ya, this is such an awesome fan account! Every part is worth reading. You don’t know how we hold our every breath with your descriptions of Oppa’s every move (ok, I admit, as well as the back view :p). Ah~ makes me want to see him more! Thank you for sharing this amazing experience with us, I only wish for every Airen to have a moment with Seunggi that is as amazing as yours! -@eRisehead here ^^

  10. seunggicharm says:

    Tori-yaa^^ Jinjja mianhae for not posting my comment here after reading..You made us happy once again with this daebak moment.I was so thrilled with what happened at that time! And Seung Gi recognizing you after he first saw you at the airport was really superb!No words can describe the happiness you must’ve felt when he remembered you..Totally getting a lot envious now!hahaha..I am getting more and more excited on the next parts of this great experience you had. I will keep mum about our convos in skype,but I’m still looking forward to reading all the details! Now bring it on Tori-yaa!hahaha..thanks so much for sharing^^ FIGHTING!

  11. Dimples says:

    Wow! Tori, you’re a gifted writer! I feel like I was with you in your great moments of fangirling during SeungGi’s Olympic Torch Relay. I feel your excitement and everything! You made Airens sooo happy with your fan account. 🙂 Thank you so very much for patiently writing and sharing to us.

    Tryp, thank you so very much for having this awesome blog where we can quench our SeungGi news/update thirst and interact with fellow Airens.

    God bless you both.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Tori!! Where r u ? I’ve been waiting~~~^^*

  13. summer21509MD says:

    OMG he remembered you!-I know the dream of every airen is to at least see him,shake his hands or have a picture taken with him..but your experience was really something…he recognized you! Congratulations…when can we read the next part? Can’t wait for ypur next blog! Thanks!

  14. summer21509MD says:

    Thanks tryp96 for-Everything Lee Seung Gi!

  15. Tori says:

    Hey guys, its AirenTori here~ so i’ve promised to release the next part before the SG FM and seriously, it was all written up but just unedited. i went on hiatus trying to not die from jealousy but then i realised i couldnt stay away and got carried away with the Airen hype~ then not so long after that FM came the TW FM and i just had to catch all the details on that! my studies started on that same week and ever since then ive had no time to fangirl as all my twitter-followers know~ >< im so sorry and i feel awful, i know for definate that my next part will be released when i get a mid-term break which is around the end of october but until then i dont think i will have enough time! dont worry about me forgetting details though because everything's in note form and so i just need to decipher them~ looking back on the photos has made me smile like an idiot again. sorry again to everyone waiting for my fan account, youre probably fed up with me… im annoyed at myself too! although i'd love to carry on with it, i cant at the moment because frankly my studies are my main priority. love you guys and mianhae! ㅠㅠ

    • Adeline says:

      No problem, Tori as long as we get to read it eventually. I agree with you that your studies should come first although the suspense is killing me, can’t wait to read the hug part, hee hee. For me, looking at the FM photo we took with Seung Gi never fail to make me smile like an idiot too.

    • Jennifer says:

      We can wait….just focus on your studies for now 🙂 Tori….fighting !

  16. summer21509MD says:

    it’s alright Tori..just take your time..we will patiently wait for it ..no need to rush! God bless on your studies!

  17. Amita says:

    Hi Tori, really really really like reading your pieces from start till now, it is so detailed and soulful. Enjoy your study and we look forward to hearing your fantacy very soon.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Well.. I’m still waiting… Tori.. FIGHTING !!

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