12.08.22 Singapore Newspaper Lianhe Zaobao – Lee Seung Gi

English translation is provided by Suz in the comment.

Another email interview with SeungGi:

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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

credit: Yon

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16 Responses to 12.08.22 Singapore Newspaper Lianhe Zaobao – Lee Seung Gi

  1. sunby says:

    Yon, early birds get the worm, Cool!

    • Yon says:

      yes, i’m an early bird during working days..hehe.. my “official” working hours is different from my colleagues.. haha… but pay still the same..sob!

      The picture used in this article is the best i have seen so far.. love it..

  2. suz says:

    Here’s a rough translation:

    Multi-talented Korean pop star Lee Seunggi simultaneously straddles the three great fields of acting, singing and hosting. He confesses, “I don’t know if this sounds too greedy, but I want to be an all-rounded artiste.”

    At his debut in 2004, Lee Seunggi who became instantly famous with the song “Because Noona is my Woman”, is heralded as Korea’s acting, singing and hosting all-rounder artiste, and has the nicknames of “Nation’s Younger Brother”, “Prince of Love Songs”, “Nation’s Uhm-Chin-Ah”, among others. Many businesses seek him for product endorsements, giving him the name of “King of Commercials”.

    In an email interview with our newspaper, he confessed his desire to be an all-rounder artiste. “Singing, acting and hosting are all as important to me. I personally believe, when one mentions the name ‘Lee Seunggi’, others will naturally think the phrase ‘an all-rounder’, and that is a good thing. As such, I have always worked hard to do my part, so as not to let down everyone’s expectation of me.”

    Speaking of these three different roles, he said, “I debuted as a singer, but also hope to achieve improvement as a singer. With regard to acting, although it is full of challenges, it also encourages me to constantly improve myself. To be a variety show host is, to me, both fun and frightening.”

    Holding the fort alone is akin to facing a cliff
    On his previously hosted variety show “Strong Heart” , with the retirement of Korea’s variety number one Kang Hodong due to a tax scandal, Lee Seunggi was forced to hold the fort alone and host the programme by himself. He describes the pressure then as “akin to facing a huge cliff, really frightening.” However, after the broadcast of his first outing as a solo host, he received praise and affirmation from much of the audience, and those working behind the scenes also priased him for his professional attitude and performance.

    Apart from “Strong Heart”, Lee Seunggi also previously worked with Kang Hodong and other artistes on hosting the variety programme “1 Night 2 Day”, and also participated in the recording of shows like “X-Man” and “Ya Shim Man Man”. Off camera, the relationship between Lee Seunggi and Kang Hodong before the lens appears to be quite deep. How is their relationship in real life?

    “To me Kang Hodong-hyung is not only a sunbae in the entertainment circle, but also a mentor. Although the time we spent collaborating was not long, he gave me many suggestions, allowing me to better develop myself in entertainment. We have quite a large age gap between us, so it is not too convenient to contact him as and when, but he is someone I frequently think of. I believe he also understands my feelings.”

    Lee Seunggi debuted as a male lead in the 2009 Korean drama “Brilliant Legacy”, acting as a playboy who, after meeting the hardworking and frugal female lead played by Han Hyojoo, changes his life for the better. This drama created the highest ratings record with 47% viewership, which, along with the high viewership of “1 Night 2 Days”, gave him the nickname of “70% Viewership King”. This drama was aired last year on Channel U at the golden time slot of 7 pm, and allowed many who do not usually watch Korean dramas to get to know him, increasing his popularity in Singapore.

    Following “Brilliant Legacy”, he has consecutively acted as the male lead in the dramas “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho”, “The King 2 Hearts” with female Korean stars Shin Min-ah and Ha Jiwon. His character in “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” is muddle-headed, cowardly and silly, gaining the love of the audience. In “The King 2 Hearts”, he acts as a hypothetical prince of the Republic of Korea.

    “The King 2 Hearts” was a ratings champion when it first began airing, but was surpassed at its ending by “Rooftop Prince” starring Park Yoochun and “Equator Man” starring Uhm Taewoong. In spite of this, Lee Seunggi still maintains that to participate in the production of “The King 2 Hearts” has special meaning for him.

    “This drama is very special to me, because it gave me the chance to work with Korea’s top producers and actors. Shin Min-Ah and Ha Jiwon are both Korea’s best female stars, and have their own special charisma, thus working as their counterpart is my honour. I feel that I am very lucky, to frequently collaborate with such outstanding actors.”

    The Lee Seunggi with a myriad of charismas is the dream lover of many girls. However as to the question of his ideal woman type, he only described it simply as, “My ideal girlfriend should be an optimistic girl, able to get along happily with me.”

    Local Fan-Meeting
    Lee Seunggi with be meeting fans on the following Saturday (25th). This is his first visit to Singapore, hence he is very eager, confessing that, should he have the chance, he would like to frequently come to Singapore to meet his fans. In the email he does not forget to greet his Singaporean fans, “Recently the weather in Seoul is even warmer than in Malaysia; presumably it’s also extremely warm in Singapore? Airens must take precautions against the sun, and not get burnt by UV rays. I hope to see everyone’s healthy and happy faces!”

    • suz says:

      * better DEVELOP
      * contact HIM

      urgh English.

    • tryp96 says:

      Suz, thank you so much for the translation! I’ve been busy with work, and that makes me even more appreciative of all the help I’m receiving from so many fellow fans. 😀

      • suz says:

        you’re welcome! it’s the first time i’ve done a translation, and I did it pretty quick, hence the grammatical and spelling errors inside.

        • judepps says:

          thank you suz, for taking time translating with the article & sharing it with us.. I don’t know why but im a little get teary-eyed when he sincerely said how he felt after hosting Strong Heart alone.. It’s a deep feeling i guess i felt, how much pressure he had on his shoulders in that time.. describing it as “akin to facing a huge cliff”. thanks, he has overcome that part..Describing his relationship with KHD, despite their age gap..

          singapore fans enjoy the fm! will be waiting for a bunch of updates!

  3. Leogalsg says:

    I saw the paper but do not understand….Thank to Suz for the translation and Tryp for loading it here….Well Done…

  4. dramaaddict says:

    Yon, you are really early today. Thanks to you, we have another piece of news about LSG and thanks to Suz for taking her time to translate it in record time. Both Yon and Suz, Well done!!

  5. meliejoo says:

    i think he doesn’t contact ho dong anymore because their age is so difference,
    I can tell by his face, he is still missing ho dong..

  6. Tamara says:

    Suz, a bunch of thanks for your translation!! Can I re-translate it into Japanese for my Japanese friends?

    • suz says:

      yes, please go ahead. 🙂

      • Tamara says:

        Thank you! You’re so generous!

        • suz says:

          Hey Tamara, if you see this, and if you don’t mind sharing, could you post a link of your Japanese translation? I cannot read Japanese very well, but I am curious about how translating across two languages will turn out, compared to the original. Just a bit of academic curiosity. 🙂

  7. dalsg says:

    Thanks a bunch Yon & Suz, also Tryp 🙂 much love!!

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