12.08.24 Singapore Changi Airport Fanpics – Lee Seung Gi

*updating… 27 pics so far*

These are the gifts prepared by LSG Singapore fan club:

source: airgusso, LSG Singapore, twitter

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17 Responses to 12.08.24 Singapore Changi Airport Fanpics – Lee Seung Gi

  1. maritess says:

    waiting for fan videos… 🙂 oppa will never forget his visit in singapore with those gift i love it
    i’m just curious is that made in metal in the second picture?? it looks heavy..

  2. sunby says:

    high security barricade, LSG is here!

  3. TJ says:

    Will he be going to Universal Studio? I hope so he could enjoy his stay in singapore.

  4. airentori says:

    quick summary of what happened from what i gathered on twitter: Seung Gi arrived. Walked past everyone. Straight into the toilets. Came out. Went to get his luggage. Hands in pocket. Bent down. Did shoelaces. Shook Airen hands. Signed a few things. Left.

  5. celine says:

    i hope alot of fans waiting for him in the airport so he will feel super welcome by singapore fans!! 🙂

  6. pearl says:

    whoah!! he looked so happy, very blooming! lucky singaporean airens..

    • pearl says:

      as i watch and re-watched his photos, i can really tell he can’t hide his happiness in his smiles…good job for those lucky airens who waited and warmly welcomed him at changi airport…even if i’m not there, i could even feel the tense of those people around him because of excitement seeing his charming face… thank you so much for the updates! *_*

  7. Divine Jiwon says:

    wow lucky singaporean airens,wish i was there too :-(, can wait for fan accounts, seunggi you are so manly and handsome with that black attire. fighting airens!!!!

  8. iGo승기야 says:

    whoa~~~ Singaporean Airens are daebak!! I wish I was there too……….ㅠㅠ
    Why didn’t you go,, tryp??

  9. dalsg says:

    yes his smile is very bright! he looks very happy! Fighting SeungGi yaa~~ u must have a memorable FM like we do 😉 were too much loving you ^^

  10. seunggicharm says:

    Oh my! Am at loss for words because of how envious I am right now! Waaahh..I wish I was there too..>.< Great Airens! I love the message book^^ I wonder who's the girl in front of uri Seung Gi yaa..hmm.. Wow..tight security!hehe..I'm sure Seung Gi loved the reception and the experience he will have in Spore^^ Enjoy everyone and please do share lots of fan accounts and pictures..JEBAAAAALL!hehe

  11. Anonymous says:

    thanks for all of these pictures….SUPER LOVING IT!!!!!

  12. clairerosean says:


  13. PD says:

    LSG fans in Singapore are sooo lucky, so wish i could be there 😦
    But thanks 4 d update its the next best thing to actually being there..

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