12.08.25 Singapore Fan Meeting Fancams 2 – Lee Seung Gi

*updated – 14 clips so far*

picking 6 fans to dance onstage by throwing balls

teaching dance steps

patiently continues to teach, quite funny ^^

last segment of dancing lessons ^^

2 fans receiving his gifts

watching a couple while the guy sings “Will You Marry me”

wishing the happy couple as the girl accepted bf’s proposal

receiving gifts from fans of several countries

talk-time & a song (Time for Love)

Let’s Go On Vacation

more talk-time


group photo sessions begins

credit: WendyHo28

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10 Responses to 12.08.25 Singapore Fan Meeting Fancams 2 – Lee Seung Gi

  1. sunby says:

    LSG has so much fun is Singapore!

  2. Maritess says:

    Not only in singapore but all over the world i still remember the episode in 1n2d when turkish fans saw seung gi oppa and remember when he was in europe what i can remember in the video is that fans are from vietnam,philippines,malaysia,singapore can’t remember the others but anyway he is famous world wide and i’m proud that my country is in i’m from philippines but i’m not anymore in philippines i live in europe but still hoping to see oppa one day..he was so warm with his fans,it makes me want to meet him more 🙂 anyway thanks for the videos :))

  3. geese says:

    successful fan meeting event in SG…..great job guys….

  4. Anonymous says:

    Any idea when will the group photos be uploaded to the http://www.lsggroupphoto.wordpress.com?

  5. Jennifer says:

    Seungi has a good manager to help keep things under control (as seen in the last clip). Seungi’s too nice and sometimes can be taken advantage of.

  6. dramaaddict says:

    We thank Wendy Ho for all these wonderful fan cams. A Big thank you.

  7. Osi says:

    In the video of “receiving gifts from fans of several countries”, the gift seung gi received from a fan in pearlmint T-shirt (the first fan in the video, which the MC said from Vietnam) is actually from Indonesia. ^^

  8. Gen Wong says:

    THe fan meeting was daebak!!!
    Seunggi made sure everyone had a memorable time!
    Funny, endearing and adorable…
    That’s our Seunggi!

  9. Jee says:

    Thank you, Wendy

  10. wanne says:

    Thank you so much Tryp and WendyHo28 for sharing these clips with us. Such a happy and memorable event for both Seunggi and fans. And really thank you also to all the other amazing Airens who share news, pics and clips of Seunggi’s trip to Singapore.

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