Singapore Airport Fan Account by Crazyajummafan: “The day Lee Seung Gi held my hand”

Hopefully, this is the first of many fan accounts of SeungGi’s visit to Singapore! 😛

August 23rd – Hearties in Singapore were messaging each other to find out who were going to the airport and who were going to the press conference and who were going for both. I was actually free in the afternoon to go for both, but I needed to do my hair – several white strands were showing. Had to look best for the photo shoot with SG, right? So after contemplating for some time, I decided to go and do my hair first and then make my way to the press conference bright and early so that I would get a good place to drool and oogle at him for the entire hour. I thought that since Singapore airport security would be tight, fans would only be able to see him from afar. Moreover, it would just be for a fleeting moment, so best to just go for the press conference.

August 24th – My last lesson for the day was at 10.20. (Btw, I’m a teacher). I was smiling all the time in class. At the end of the last lesson, it was very difficult for me to concentrate on my work back in the staffroom, but I told myself that I had too – had datelines to meet. I also told myself NOT to check my emails. I get posts from Tryp in my emails and I knew that once I log in, I would be a goner.

Halfway through my work – was really trying very hard to concentrate, but feeling very gittery and restless – I suddenly remembered that I had sent an email out to the Hearties late the night before and therefore needed to check their responses. So happy with an excuse to log in my email, I did just that. I kept telling myself, “Just check the Hearties responses, just check the Hearties responses. Don’t open any tryp mail.” But somehow, one post stood out. It was titled, “LSG in black, in Incheon”. I opened the post, thinking that it was some old pics of him at Incheon, probably taken sometime ago. Up till now, I still don’t know what made me open that post as I did not open the others.

He looked really hot in black! I have always liked to see SG in black since he wore that all black outfit in BL. Well, as I was drooling over him, it suddenly occured to me, heodang that I was, that those pics were taken when he was leaving Korea to come to Singapore!!! I almost hyper-ventilated. Because it could only mean ONE THING! He’ll be coming to Singapore at the airport in those clothes! And I HAD to see him IN BLACK, IN PERSON!!!! I knew that he would not be wearing the same clothes at the press conference. So in order to see him looking so gorgeous and hot, I had to go to the airport. But how to? This would mean that I can’t go to the hairdresser. My mind was working out the timing and possibilities.

Then I decided to call one of the Hearties, ‘Giggleshohoho’ whom I knew was already there. GOOD NEWS! She told me that the flight was delayed for about half an hour, and that she was standing at a VERY GOOD LOCATION! My mind started calculating again. It was 11.45. The only way I could go to the hairdresser, and make it to the airport without more of my hair turning white, was to ask for permission to leave school earlier! School was to end at 12.45 that day. So I decided to look for my dept Head. He was not at his desk. Next, I looked for the level head. She was not around either. Finally, I sent my dept head a message to ask for permission, stating I had ‘urgent matters’ to attend to. Then I packed up my things and wait for his answer. Believe me, the temptation to just leave was very great. Fortunately, the sweet man replied immediately. He said that I could leave as long as I had no more classes to go to. I replied, no, I had not, and lol, he replied, “Have a good weekend!” I so wanted to reply, “You betcha I will!”

I quickly drove to the hairdresser and told them to be quick. Had to finish by 1.30. They were so sweet – they tried their best and I finished at 1.35. Drove to the airport quickly and parked the car. I was supposed to meet ‘madqueen’ for the first time at the press conference, so I quickly told her my change of plans. She too decided to go to the airport. We met and saw Giggleshohoho. She did indeed have a good spot. By then, I was really excited. Earlier on, I was merely gittery.

The security at the airport I think did a good job. They had a path way barricaded for SG to walk through, from the belt exit to the entrance of the airport. It was not a straight path – that would have been too short. Instead, they made a curvy pathway, which was great, for this meant that SG would have a longer way to walk and more fans would be able to line up against the barricade. More importantly, he would not be mauled and frightened into running away by over enthusiastic fans.

While waiting for SG to appear, I took out my phone, prepared to take photos of him up close and personal. Giggles had her camera and was practising taking shoots. I was sooo tempted to pretend that someone was pushing me from behind when he walked pass, and deliberately drop my phone in front of him, so that he would have to pick it up and pass it back to me! But of course, propriety got the better of me and my phone was not cheap.

After some time, we heard screams coming from the fans standing just at the belt opening. S’pore’s airport real cool, cos you can see the people coming out and claiming their luggage, before they exit. According to a Heartie who was standing there, SG came out to the belt where his luggage was, and then disappeared into the washroom – probably to freshen up. Screams could be heard intermittenly, but as we could not see what was happening from where we were standing, it was rather nerve-wrecking. My heart was beating very fast and I was jumping up and down, hardly able to contain my excitement. I had never felt this way for anyone before, so it was a novelle experience.

Finally the screams grew really loud and we knew that he had stepped out. I held my breath. My goodness, he really looked good in person! And IN BLACK, he was absolutely gorgeous! Way better than his photos… and the SMILE! Can die! I tried taking photos but the shots were not good. He walked through the barricade and then came to where we were standing. Giggleshohoho called out, ‘Lee Seunggi! Lee Seunggi!’ I joined in. Then he turned in our direction. Giggleshohoho and I had our arms stretched out. The darling boy looked at us and then quickly held out his hand!!!! I quickly grabbed what I could of it, at least 3/4 of it. Boy, even at 3/4, he gives a firm handshake! What a man! Then he moved on the Giggleshohoho’s hand. We were both ecstatic! Ha ha, Giggleshohoho couldn’t even take a shot! I was overjoyed! Thoughts of not washing my hand came to my mind.

To think that I had decided earlier not to go to the airport! Nomu nomu kamsahamnida to the person who posted the pics of SG in black! I owe you one!

Crazyahjumma fan

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23 Responses to Singapore Airport Fan Account by Crazyajummafan: “The day Lee Seung Gi held my hand”

  1. AnnMichelle says:

    Such a lovely account and such a darling fan! So happy for you!

    • Wood says:

      AnnMichelle and Crazyahjumma fan, long time no see …. ^_^

      What impresses me most this time in Singapore is that no one went beserk and jumped over the railings to hug him or did something to invade his personal space, keke.

      Daebak everyone at Changi for giving him such King-ly welcome, and congrats to Crazyahjumma fan for being one of the lucky ones to shake his hands .. ^_^

      • AnnMichelle says:

        Hi Wood,
        Nice to see you here too. Have been fangirling over all the pictures, clips, accounts of the Singapore trip. Hope Seung Gi realize his popularity in greater Asia by now. He said fans gave him strength. Well, there is a lot of it in places he’s never been to.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Crazyahjumma fan, you deserve that handshake. I know what you went through ! Seungi’s the best !!

  3. Jade Butterfly says:

    Hi Wood. No its not possible to jump over the barricade cos its 1.2 metres high. hahaha! Believe me, everyones’ alter-ego ‘jumped’ over & ’embraced’ him !!
    When Crazyahjumma called me seconds later , it was a totallly different language from planet Estatic ! Not a word was recognisable ! Discerning that she must have hd a close encounter , I screamed above her screams ” Dear ! What ??” ( monosyllabic questions are better , at this point)
    She screamed :
    ” (gurgle…scream.incoherent words ..sounds ofhyperventilation)..HAND..(scream)..TOUCH… (scream) ..SEUNGGI !”
    Bless her heart , those 3 precious words communicated her utter joy .
    That also sealed my determination to get Seunggi’s handshake during the fanmeet ,hook or crook.
    My prayer to God took a different slant . * closed eyes & clasped hands *

    • Wood says:

      Hi Jade Butterfly, long time no see too. ^_^


      Just wow ..


    • Anonymous says:

      Oops … So sorry… I tapped the “dislike” by mistake… Oops so sorry..sorry.. *tearing*

    • Eva says:

      @Crazyahjumma & Jade Butterfly:
      Kyaaaaaa! Can’t help grinning while reading Crazyahjumma’s fan account & your response. hehehe…I’m so happy (*jealous too) for her…kyaaaaaa! I’d be screaming like that too if it happens to me. Good thing we have tryp’s site with lots of pics & videos and thanks to the people who shared their experiences too ^_^

      • Jade Butterfly says:

        Thanks Eva! by the way , I DID get my Wish…I got to look him straight in the eye & a firm full handshake! I have intermittent squee sessions every few minutes when I think of it.
        Its Squee Sunday today!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anybody knows whether the group photos have been uploaded for viewing?

  5. Adeline says:

    Dear crazyahjumma, if Seung Gi had hugged you, I can’t imagine the consequence. We probably need the ambulance on standby….he, he.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are probably right. I want to add that he’s everything I thot he would be the last 2days. Handsome, debonair, charming, gentlemanly and so sweet and sincere. His presence is simply awesome. It’s like there’s a magnetic force in him. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would get to see him so close, leave alone, hold his hand, not once but twice!!! Second time was at photo shoot. When I told my daughter what happened, she said that its because I’m an ahjumma- that’s why he held my hand. I did notice in the airport videos that he didn’t shake many hands, so I’m trilled

      • crazyahjumma fan says:

        Ah accidentally pressed the sent button. The last post was mine too. What I wanted to say was that I’m thrilled that I was one of the few who got to hold his hand. Even if my daughter’s right, then yay for being an ahjumma! It certainly has benefits!!!

  6. starstruck. says:

    omg crazyahjumma , you are a teacher?! IT WOULD BE SO AWESOME IF I HAD A TEACHER WHO FANGIRLS OVER SEUNGGI! Can I ask you if you teach Pri /Sec / JC kids? Haha..Just out of curiosity!

    • madqueen says:

      There was a fan beside us at the airport whom is also a teacher. She was worried that her students may be fans as well and would spot her!

    • crazyahjumma fan says:

      I teach I’m a secondary sch. My students , those who are into kpop know that I fan SG. Only thing is, they don’t know to what extent! I’ll probably tell them on Monday what happened. Can’t contain it, but I’ll probably leave out the bit about leaving early n SG looking so hot in black!

      • crazyahjumma fan says:

        Oops…. Amendments. “I teach in a secondary sch.”

        • starstruck. says:

          I envy your students soooo much! I just started my JC education this year and unfortunately both the teachers and students there are all pretty much against anything that’s related to Korea… I tried explaining to them that LSG ain’t the average mainstream kpop idol but they just ain’t very interested. 😦 Anyway, so glad to know that there’re teachers who actually appreciate LSG!
          Haha, btw, do you happen to lurk around dramabeans frequently..? I have a feeling that I saw this username before.

      • dramaaddict says:

        @ crazyahjumma fan
        Great account, I would enjoy being one of yr student then I get to enjoy LSG’s news everyday.

  7. madqueen says:

    Crazyahjumma fan, your fan account is daebak! So glad to have met you and the hearties…
    And so very jealous that you touched his hand. I was kind of frozen in place when he walked past us, didn’t register anything in my mind except how soooooooo very good looking he was.
    Waiting for your fan account of the FM! 🙂

  8. Uyen says:

    I shook his hand in the autograph session, hehe, yet, do you believe that i forgot almost what i had experienced during the session just right after i got out of the auditorium ? It was too rushing, just a few seconds for each fan, and my clumsy brain seemed not to work properly, haizzz. I must admit that i was very dissapointed of myself. The only impression left on me is that our boy is sooooooo good looking in person.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Anybody know when will the group photos be uploaded to the Any of you gotten your group photo softcopy?

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