12.08.27 Lee Seung Gi in Singapore News

Thankfully, it’s an English article! 😛 And a big thanks to Yon for all the trouble she went through to share this article with us! 😀

The New Paper



credit: Yon

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4 Responses to 12.08.27 Lee Seung Gi in Singapore News

  1. Yon says:

    I think they didn’t know what is so difficult in getting the article scanned…haha..

    i was a BIG Heodang today…I caught the virus before he came to Singapore….. but the heodang virus was way too strong that it hit me very badly this morning.

    About a month ago, my boss bought a new laptop for me to use.. i was a desktop pc user for so many years in the office.. last week before i was on leave, i brought back my laptop home..

    Today, i came to office and then realised what a BIG heodang am i.. i didn’t bring the laptop back to office. So i have to get a cab and asked the driver to wait for me while i go up to my house to take my laptop. Only when i reached office, then i scanned the article to tryp….

    another thing was, my watch protested because he left. It stopped working today!!!

  2. hellosonica says:

    that’s was cool. It was a funny coincidence that here in Dallas, in Jason Mraz concert early this month, a guy also proposed to his girlfriend during the song “i’m yours” :D. It’s so awesome to have the same idol as your partner, you can adore him/her & without making your partner jealous 🙂

  3. dramaaddict says:

    Yon, all I can say is that you are still in yr dreamland after meeting LSG. Maybe the December concert will help to cure the virus. Even yr watch stopped. Oh, how I laughed at yr comments. 🙂

    • Yon says:

      it sounds ridiculous right? but it really stopped working at 4.45am….
      my boss laughed at my heodangness….

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