24 Responses to Singapore FM Fan Account by Zed24: “The day I defended Lee Seung Gi to a non-LSG fan”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Good for you ! Something must be wrong with her eyesight if she thinks Seungi is not good looking. Not many stars have good looks and a good personality…..Seungi has both !

    • maritess says:

      and a lot of stars are good looking after they do some operation to look perfect but oppa is a natural beauty i mean he is born that way(good looking,talented,have a good heart smart anyway he have lots of good qualities)

  2. Anonymous says:

    While waitiing in line to get in, a single legged (handicapped) lady holding both clutches was also standing in the queue in front of me. It seems she came unaccompanied. I was so touched by what I seen.

  3. milkteanlsg says:

    I find it really ridiculous when someone say Seung Gi oppa is not good looking!?
    What’s wrong with their eyes…?

  4. Anonymous says:

    i think the people who can’t see how wonderful person he is from the inside and especially from the outside as they are not good from the inside because good and kind people can feel each other and bound easily

  5. Anonymous says:

    Those kind of people are so shallow! I don’t think LSG is a pretty boy like Song Seung Hoon or the pretty boys of Kpop like Kim Hyun Joong. He has the masculine charisma and sincerity that other korean actors do not possess. Other actors might be “prettier” than Lee Seung Gi, but not everyone is gifted with such charisma! This ajumma should watch 1n2d and see women of all ages go gaga whenever they see him. Not all celebrity gets mobbed by fans like LSG. For me he is like Jang Dong Gun, who is not pretty boy good-looking but is overflowing with charisma and manliness. I would pick our oppa, Lee Seung Gi in a heartbeat!

  6. pinklover27 says:

    Those kind of people are so shallow! I don’t think LSG is a pretty boy like Song Seung Hoon or the pretty boys of Kpop like Kim Hyun Joong. He has the masculine charisma and sincerity that other korean actors do not possess. Other actors might be “prettier” than Lee Seung Gi, but not everyone is gifted with such charisma! This ajumma should watch 1n2d and see women of all ages go gaga whenever they see him. Not all celebrity gets mobbed by fans like LSG. For me he is like Jang Dong Gun, who is not pretty boy good-looking but is overflowing with charisma and manliness. I would pick our oppa, Lee Seung Gi in a heartbeat!

  7. hellosonica says:

    i understand, my mom said his face looks dumb when we watching TK2H, & i said:” mom, he’s super cute when he smile”, anyway, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

  8. Milano says:

    Seunggi is real good looking,of course. But what makes him different is he’s got the brain and sincerity. Young superstar with crazy schedule has a master in economics and is studying another? Just name who in entertainment business. He should be admired for his academic zeal and diligence and on top of that he’s cute, handsome and has freaking hot body. Any word to describe this man in English? “Perfect”

  9. maritess says:

    I too would do the same thing I mean even if she is older but saying that oppa is not handsome and asking if he is that good?yes he is!!!!!anyway everything that that old woman said was annoying if i was the one who heard that i would tell her:hey our oppa is handsome it’s not only because of his looks that we love him it’s also for his qualities/heart if u don’t like him why did u come even if u recieve something free if u don’t like it why accept it..i’m really annoyed now I was in good mood after i watched all the videos of the fan meet and not knowing that someone attended there thinking that about oppa but i think she enjoyed the show..but after reading what that woman said tssss… anyway good job on defending oppa and good for her there aren’t many airens who heard her ..anyway i think after the fan meet she change her mind and she will become a fan and start searching online about oppa……and tryp sorry about what i said in my comment it’s just that for me it was annoying all the things that she said..thanks for posting this 🙂

  10. dramaaddict says:

    Those 2 tks should be given to more deserving people. And they even have the best seats, most probably complimentary too.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Zed24, I’m also a LSG fan since a yr ago… And went thru the same process as u on knowing more abt LSG… Frankly, I’m hurt by that elderly lady commenting our LSG is not handsome… Well, in our eyes, he is… Both inside & out… She shud watch 1N2D and see how LSG at times had to endure his hyungs teasing him esp abt his cooking skills… And also, how popular he is in Korea… Fans always swarmed to him whenever 1N2D was on location… Anyways, I also hope to attend his concert one day, if time permits… I’m so glad to see Airens of different nationalities came together last Sat & tremendously enjoyed themselves in the company of our LSG… Hwaiting!!!!

  12. Jennifer says:

    Sorry, this is totally out of context of all the comments here but I need some feeback. I want to get Seungi’s CDs and dvd from DVD Heaven. Just want to know if anyone has ever ordered things from them and how is the quality of their goods and service. Would appreciate some feedback before I order. Kamsamida !

  13. great job airen unni !!(keke i felt that youre a gilr) despite of what happened you still gain your self control, and defend uri oppa on people’s speculation.. but the word “he’s not handsome” i don’t know what king of handsomeness that ajumma looking for.. and his pure heart. (oppa’s) i think that ajumma can really felt oppa’s pure heart but just looking at him .^_^

  14. my greatest enemy is my cousin.. telling oppa is not handsome… even some of my classmates… but still i defend him just like what you did. bcoz he’s not deserving to be judge, anyone is not allowed to judge and to be judge by someone without looking on the persons heart ^_^

  15. sweetspring says:

    Hi Tryp & all readers of this great blog!
    Since Tryp requested, I’ll comment on the FM. I went to Seung Gi’s seoul concert in 2011 but got seated in the middle section which, for the olympic stadium, is way too far. this time i lost out on the 1st few rows so decided to get the 1st row of the 2nd floor & get an unobstructed view of the stage. huge regret coz i lost all chances of being picked to go on stage during the different games & the group photo (why oh why couldn’t the organizer announced that earlier?!?!) but the one plus point was Seung Gi seemed to look more at the left hand side (his left) of the 2nd floor where i was seated & aimed his 1st ball to the 2nd floor right at my direction (unfortunately didn’t reach & the 2nd ball to the 2nd floor to the right side hit the concrete section right under where the seats were- so close yet so far!) i’m going on about this because all the 2nd floor fans were left salivating out of envy watching all the people below them clamoring for balls/ tickets/ soft toy/ towels/ Seung Gi’s hand when he sang his last song- all out of our reach. but Seung Gi being the darling he is did apologize to us 2nd floorers .
    the FM didn’t start off so smoothly, the MC announced Seung Gi’s arrival onstage but he didn’t show for about a minute so fans laughed then Seung Gi was saying something about his 1st time in singapore & how he was curious about it, waiting for translation & there was none from the lady translator who was backstage at that moment doing something else so everyone laughed & poor Seung Gi just lowered his head & let out an “i can’t believe this” laugh. cute!
    after that i think he kinda didn’t want to rely on that translator which was great coz he spoke english with his cute accent- simple sentences but his charm & humor shone through.
    i think he loved the fan video, he laughed especially at the part they were showing singaporean food & he recognized the aunty in the video (she came up on stage to give his presents from the s’porean fan club) saying “you are the actress in the video!” like his was star-struck :).
    Also he thought he was rather huggy that night, the MC had skinship with him almost every segment & almost all the fans onstage got a hug. he was so nice about it, never hesitating, just smiling.
    he also remarked how so many fans got cut off during the q&a session on him, the 1st question being what his favorite color was. out of 12 people i think only 5 got blue right. he was like “that was only the 1st question!”. but he himself didn’t know the exact answer to the question of the full title of his uni major in english- he said international trade but the MC added commerce & he smiled at that, like “oh! learnt something new today” CUTE! the winner answered what color shoes he wore when he ran the olympic torch relay & she got to choose something from the presents cart which were all items Seung Gi’s used before. she asked him what was the most meaningful item to him & he replied its at home (i think he meant his family- awwww sweet) but in the end pointed at the chipmunk hat he bought & wore at hong kong disneyland. I guess that fun day must have been really special for him- perhaps his 1st fun, non work related outing in some time?
    he also remarked on a pair of jeans he said he wore on 1N2D, saying that was the most expensive item & claimed a pair of used socks was washed, he smelt it to be sure & gave a satisfied smile but no one choose it anyway. in the end the fan choose the cap he said he wore a lot a few years ago.
    what impressed me the most was his energy level throughout, he was 100% in the moment whether it be interacting with his fans or singing till you could see the veins in his neck strain. he was also jumping around during the last few fast songs that his normally ‘helmut hair’ got messed up.
    lastly his goodbye. he gave a air kiss, formed his arms into a heart shape over his head (korean code for sarang hae) & replied with a “i love you too” in english.
    it was an amazing time, so much more intimate than the seoul concert where it felt like a rush of song after song. Seung Gi’s playful personality & his love for his fans was clear to see. i think the taiwan fans will be in for a treat.
    Seung Gi ya! fighting!!!

    • tryp96 says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I hope it’s ok for me to post this separately so it’s easier for other fans to read and comment. 😛

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for sharing 🙂 Loved to hear that you and SeungGi enjoyed the fan meet. All the photos are real lovely too. I was watching the video clips from the fan meet and had a good laugh. Singarporian fans and SeungGi made all Korean fans in despair, you know? As SeungGi never held a fan meet like this in Korea… I am sure Taiwan will be happy to meet SeungGi and have unforgettable time 🙂

  16. reglest says:

    Haha, she must be so so so surprised when he see him directly. Seriously! I can’t believe my eyes, how can a man being so different in photo/video compared to real life?? I mean, in good way. He is sooooo handsome, that I thought I lost my breath the moment he appeared. I even check the screen to him again, it’s totally different!!

    Btw, I’m a bit disappointed with fans who can’t answer the question -forgive me for this- I mean..he looked like a bit disappointed, while me and people around me scream a lot because we can answer that question!!

    • crazyajummafan says:

      Yeah Reglest, I know what u mean! Jade Butterfly, lovecityhall and I were screaming for them to leave the stage and let us have a chance to answer the questions. It seems like all the wrong people get to go on stage. Remember the first noona/ahjumma who got the chance to pillion ride the bicycle with him? Goodness, I was screaming, “Hug him! Hug him!”, but she didn’t! Gosh! It’s the chance of a lifetime! How could she not seize the opportunity? Maybe because her daughter was there, or bec she’s not such a great fan. SG must have been quite disappointed with her response cos he asked for another fan to ride pillion! And the people chosen to dance! Maybe they just pretended that they couldn’t so that SG had to teach them individually.

      I had great fun! And it was great seeing you….FINALLY!!!!!
      Hope u had a great hari raya!

      • Milano says:

        Maybe she was too shy. I would have possibly frozen behind him on the same bike and then kicked myself hard not to have hugged him tight.^^

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