12.08.30 Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

SDA 2012: Outstanding Korean Drama – The King 2 Hearts Congratulations!
Outstanding Korean Drama OST – Missing You Like Crazy

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38 Responses to 12.08.30 Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

  1. A says:

    Cogratulations TK2H! The drama wouldn’t be the same if not for Seung Gi and Ji won’s Brilliant acting! Fighting! more awards to come especially for uri Seung GI.

  2. Muljen says:

    OMG really. Congratulations The King2 Hearts !!

  3. meliejoo says:

    I want LSG to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gosh!!

  4. YuenLing says:


  5. AnnMichelle says:

    Yeah! Hooray!!!
    Even though I have no doubt that The King Two Hearts is a great drama, it is still nice to see it get the much deserved recognition!
    Congratulations, the whole TK2H team! And of course, to our KIng, our one and only Lee Seung Gi!!!

    • Wood says:

      Yes ! Yes ! YES !

      We had so much love for this show. Some real recognition finally !


      • AnnMichelle says:

        I heard that after Japan, Hong Kong is going to show the drama. They re-name it “When the Prince Meets the Female Officer”! Hope this award will make it to the PR and marketing materials in time to add to the buzz.
        As for me? Another excuse to review my dear Drama!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations The King2hearts team,they totally deserved it, lol i dont know if the representative for the team was just nervous or what but i find her totally clueless, oh well,so happy for the whole team!!!!cant wait for seung gi gangnam style cf with psy hehehe!!!

  7. msrw says:

    Aaaa congratulation TK2H team !! Awesome, TK2H deserve it since the story very interesting and there’s so many awesome actor especially Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won !! S2 fightingg !

  8. bee vang says:

    I don’t about you ladies, but I re-watch TK2H now and it is much better because I don’t have to focus on the story line but just on the King and Queen. I honestly think that I the drama were to have a different actor and actorest it might not be this good. They both make it to be this good. So happy and congrate to both of them. Fighting!!!

  9. milkteanlsg says:

    Congrats to all The King 2Hearts’s cast and staff!!!
    Every time I rewatch the drama or even just cuts of the drama, I am amazed by Seung Gi oppa’s acting!
    He is just like a different person~ Sooo JaeHa~~~
    Hence I find myself calling Seung Gi oppa “JaeHa” when I talk or write about things regarding TK2H~! 🙂

  10. hellosonica says:

    I was about to boycott this awards when I knew Yoochun got the best actor prize :(, hix, when the others are soo much better acting than him, anyway, i’m glad the drama got what it deserved

  11. airentori says:

    woohoo~ well done to TK2H team! it was a great drama which brought something totally different to the plot- Ah-Ha couple hwaiting ^^ (follow me @lsgairentori)

  12. Jade Butterfly says:

    Congratulations to Lee Seunggi ,Ha Jiwon & to the whole cast & team for this well-deserved Win!!
    WoooHoooo!!! Yippee-de-do-da!! * clicking heels *

  13. Yon says:

    happy that TK2H won as a team!! Wining the Outstanding Korean drama award means alot more than individual awards. This is the kind of recognition that SGi will love to see..

  14. AnnMichelle says:

    From that clip, TK2H defeats Scent of a Woman, Dream High 1, Princess’s Man, Moon/Sun, City Hunter, and Rooftop.
    Congratulations again!

    • Beverly says:

      I’m a bit confused. It defeated RP but RP got the Excellent Drama Award. Anyway, TK2H is still the best for me !

  15. celin says:

    i really hope LSG will win an award for his acting skill, he so badly wanted one! 😦

  16. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Lee Seung Gi and TK2H’s team for an outstanding & excellent performance!

  17. celin says:

    the outstandarding actor award was a disappointment it should be graded according to acting capability not to popularity, how can LSG win against JYJ!! 😦

  18. Anonymous says:

    CONGRATS!!! question, is this award base on fan votes or by the critics?

    • celin says:

      critics otherwise sure goes to rooftop 😛

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s mostly based on fan votes. Like as RP won The Best Korean Drama Award, it has higher value than The Outstanding Korean Drama Award (TK2H).
        But the Grand Prize (Daesang) for drama Tree With Deep Roots and Golden Bird Prize Prize for The Princess’ Man are not based on fan votes.

        • hellosonica says:

          geez, then that’s sux, I think RP won bc it’s popular, not that better. If we compare with the similar time traveling plot, I think Queen Inhuyk’s man is actually better, their love story is more believable & the plot makes more sense. I haven’t watch Tree with deep root yet but I guess it’s good since it has a lot of veteran actors & actresses, will give it a try when i have time.

          • crazyajummafan says:

            I think the way that the awards are given should be re-looked. I think that the critics should play a larger role, say 70% and the popularity vote, 30%. Otherwise, how can take these awards seriously?
            In any case, TK2H is certainly a better drama and LSG a much better actor!!!!

  19. Poply says:

    Congratulation! good job team tk2h. I’m really happy!

  20. SLTeh says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to Lee Seung Gi & TK2H team!!!

  21. Beverly says:

    Congrats TK2H. We know it is a lot better than RP ! Congrats to the the best OST award. Next year, we can look forward to more awards for TK2H and hopefully for LSG ( and also HJW) come Baeksang and Blue Dragon Awards.Cheers !

  22. anonymous says:

    Congrats TK2H.Hope you’ll get the awards that it truly deserve.I’m happy for HJW to be nominated as one of the best actress internationally.I’m very surprise that RP will get the best actor and actress award.I guess everyone has a different opinion. Moon Embracing the Sun is very popular but I don’t think the acting were good. The Tree with Deep Root is very deserving of the Grand Award.

  23. Jennifer says:

    So glad that they won…..it’s truly an outstanding drama unlike the other dramas that were contending. Hope Seungi is happy and proud of his hard work and this award makes up for all the negative ratings.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Because RP ended with high ratings, they got the Golden Award, and TK2H got the silver. RP swoop up a number of awards, including best actor (People’s choice & judges) and best actress. For now, the up and coming Soo Won – Gagsital and his exposure in 2D1N increasea his popularity. Too bad, Seung Gi gave up this variety show. But, gives some a chance – this will always happen in entertainment world.

    • Frankie says:

      RP ended with high ratings??? Hahaha. That’s a joke.
      The award thing? It’s the crazed fans voting.
      I guess you are a 1N2D fan first and foremost. But given that, maybe you can try to figure out and respect Seung Gi’s reasons for leaving that show.

      • Alex says:

        Hello Anonymous (at least leave a name so people can respond properly )
        I have been going through old archives and i read many comments like you especially about seung gi leaving 1N2D but I didn’t find it constructive to leave comments that would just bring everything back again but I still find comments like yours and since its recent I’ll say something about whats on my mind, I am not replying to only your but to all these people who think like that.
        I think 1N2D started as Are we there yet?(correct me if i am wrong) but due to low ratings its name was changed and format too but the ratings really started rising after LSG joined if you watched the whole season even other members acknowledged that LSG brought the biggest share of viewers. But I believe that the real strength of 1N2D was their brotherhood people watched to see what silly situation the members would get into and especially how we could glimpse their bond and watch them take care of each other while being gruff on the outside.
        Anyway I wont go into whole debate and get to the point, fans like you don’t seem to understand that It was not 1N2D that made the guys it was the guys that made 1N2D and in return they were loved by the whole nation. It was through their sheer hard work for 5 long years that made 1N2D the national programs and by members I mean Kang Hodong, Kim C, MC Mong, Lee Seunggi, Eun Jiwon, Kim Jongmin. For me these are the true members when people think about 1N2d these are the members that come to mind not the new one.
        And obviously season2 was going to get good ratings old members made sure of it, that wasn’t even the challenge, The real challenge is how long can they keep the ratings going I think ratings are lower than the last season anyway. The guys from season 2 are just reaping benefits from the show that had its reputation already established as long as they don’t mess with that they should be fine. I mean no offense to the new team but to me they are only reaping benefits from the show that was made by the sheer hard work of Kang Hodong, Kim C, MC Mong, Lee Seunggi, Eun Jiwon, Kim Jongmin just like taewoong did when he first joined without doing anything. I wonder what would have happened too the show if they were in season 1 or if they changed the name and that’s another thing why do you think they didn’t change the name.
        I am one of those people who wanted LSG to continue the show but only with the old members to me the new season is not 1N2D . It takes a lot of courage to leave a show that was guaranteed with high ratings and going ahead into the unknown so Lee Seung gi and Eun jiwon have my respect for doing that. And people need to move on for me I want LSG to be known as all round entertainer not LSG from 1N2D. And he already proved that with his acting in K2H he got acknowledges from critics and veteran sunbaenims for his acting and since I am a LSG fan I wont say anything about others . I believe if you have nothing good to say you should stay quiet nobody because that doesn’t help anyone except offend people.
        And I think Frankie already covered about ratings and voting of the awards and frankly speaking I don’t even trust the reliability of awards (I mean all awards not just this one).
        I am very sorry Tryp I promised not to write long post again but I wanted to get my point across since reading the old archives I get tired of people not being fans and coming here writing without thinking and causing trouble since it was the guys who did all the hard work. Sorry again.

  25. ara says:


  26. Alex says:

    oops i forgot to congratulate for the award anyway congratulations
    and i believe LSG will get awards for his acting if not this one then the one given by critics there are many awards functions, even if he doesn’t i believe he will prove all these people who doubt him wrong (he already did with his acting in K2H i read many people doubted him) and i will just continue to support him till the end because he is a person that i chose to follow and support not those celebrity that we like and then dislike after we know more about them. So I will just believe in him and wish him luck and happiness.

  27. Immy says:


  28. A says:

    I want to say something regarding the award..Lets put it to perspective,as much as the award giving bodies wanted to give the awards to Seung Gi and TK2H team,they can’t do anything about it. because their award is basically based on popularity. like other have said who will win against an idol group? even Sasaeng fan they have the most population.
    I would like us to aim HIGHER like Int’l Emmy Awards,BAFTA, ATA (asian television awards) and more itn’l award. It doesn’t hurt to aim high and besides TK2H is one of the best drama korea has ever done. it even open new trends in KDrama. A world class indeed!

    • mathildafc says:

      I agree with you. RP is the typical rom-com Korean formula type of drama where rich boy meets poor girl with loves triangle in between. Whereas TK2H is of a different premise altogether. I has a fresh plot with excellent performance from the cast members. It’s not everyone cup of tea thus the not so high ratings but quality wise, no doubt it was one of the best Korean drama so far. It’s actually of a different level from RP. I hope LSG will get some recognition for his work in TK2H as his performance was really outstanding as King Lee Jae Ha. You don’t see LSG in the drama but he was Lee Jae Ha as he was able to immersed himself in the role.

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