Taiwan FM Fan Account: “Just Do It!”

There have been lots of fan accounts about SeungGi’s Taiwan visit, but just as expected, they are all written in Chinese! Ay the fan-translator extraordinaire has very kindly volunteered to translate one of them despite her busy work schedule. Thank you! 😀

I came back at midnight last night. Hope this isn’t too late!

[I just translate the highlights of the preparation] I have always wanted to participate in Seung Gi related events but for various reasons, I could only gather information about him through twitter, weibo or tieba. The company I worked for even withheld my passport, so leaving the country was almost impossible.

But it so happened I was on annual leave, so I started to plan my overseas trip. On August 30, I managed to get my passport back. I was so excited the moment I got my travel documents. I could go to meet Seung Gi at the Taiwan fan meeting! There was no time to lose. I wasn’t prepared for this! In a rush, I bought the gifts, the plane ticket, got my visa, and got my younger sister to go with me. Right before I left, I still did not know where I would stay in Taipei and I did not even have a ticket to the fan meeting! I kept struggling if I should go. But it was in Taiwan. Seung Gi would be so close. I could not let it pass right by. So grabbing my sister, I landed in Taiwan!

I must have lost my mind! I knew nothing about Taiwan. Honestly, I really thought I had lost my mind. But I couldn’t be bothered. Once landed, I looked for an internet connection to look up information on the fan meeting and try to get a ticket! My sister looked at me in bewilderment,’I felt like I was kidnapped to Tawian!’ Ding!!!! I consoled my sister and told her that in addition to sightseeing, she would meet a super handsome guy. At that moment, my phone beeped. I got the tickets!! The tickets!!I hurried to the meeting place to collect them.

Finally, after a lot of confusion and communication, I arrived at the press conference, albeit a bit late. My seat was taken. So I stood at the back and watched Seung Gi from afar. I heard his sexy voice, saw his bright smile, and his super handsome face. I began to loosen up. My eyes became teary. No words could describe how I felt. Even if I had to give up more, it was still worth it.

The press conference went as what most people had described. It only seemed to me that the chair that Seung Gi was sitting on was a bit too small and the back of the chair was too short. In order to get some good poses, Seung Gi kept moving and pulling himself straight. It was obvious that he was not comfortable, yet he still smiled warmly. ….it hurt a bit to see him trying so hard to be perfect!! Dear organiser, couldn’t you get him a bigger, more comfortable chair?

The press conference ended. While I was recovering from my daze, a large force was already pushing me outside. There were screams here and there; fans and reporters with high power lenses were chasing after Seung Gi. For fear of losing my sister, rather than joining the crowd, I took the more rational route and got to the venue of the fan meeting earlier.

After waiting for ‘I didn’t know how long’, people started arriving. Airens and staff decked the place with flower baskets, gifts and attractive photos of Seung Gi. Surrounded by all these, I began to get excited again. More people were flooding in. Perhaps because I did not get much sleep on the plane, or some other reasons, I started feeling unwell. Leaving my sister behind, I went out to get a breath of fresh air.

Things always happen when you least expect it. Without any sign, just when everyone thought Seung Gi had not yet arrived, he brushed right past me! This… this… this… Oh… OMG! Are you sure? Is it a hallucination from the headache? I pinched myself. Pain! Yes, yes, it’s Seung Gi! He walked right past me! Instinctively, I rushed forward to give him the gift and ask for his autograph. The security guard immediately came forward to block me. I repeated many times. But……NO!! Oh…. no…..woowoowoo..just as I was about to give up hope, miraculously, Seung Gi turned around. Right when I was about to scream, he gestured to me, ‘shhi’! OMG! My mind went blank!

What’s happening? I….I….I…..was so nervous that I was stuttering. Luckily, my instinct taught me to hand him the gift and ask for an autograph. Before I finished, the manager said ‘NO!’ DING!!!!! Noooo…pleeeaase. I helplessly looked at Seung Gi and did not say anymore because I did not want to cause him any troubles. I told myself I was lucky enough to have seen him. But who would have thought…at that moment, Seung gi nodded his head and said ‘yes’. Wow…daebak!!!…I searched through my bag for the CD and handed it to him with both hands. My hands were shaking and my knees were weak. And then I did something really heodang! I stood there, looked at him and waited…. without giving him the pen! So, after a few seconds, Seung Gi said, ‘pen?’ Oh…mama mia. I scrambled to look for a pen and when I handed it to him, he smiled at me. He seemed amused. I was so embarrassed.

While he was signing, I said, ‘Will you come to Shanghai for a concert or fan meeting? Many fans are waiting for you!’ Within a second, he smiled and said, ‘Maybe’. Wow. That’s great! And then he gave the CD and the pen back to me and walked away. I muttered thankyouthankyouthankyou…. Frankly, I don’t really remember exactly what I said! Watching him walking away, I stood there as if I were in a dream. I dared not moved, scared that once I moved, everything would vanish. As I was looking…….. oops!… suddenly…… isn’t this security guard who just stopped me? Why is he running back? Oh, oppa took the cap of the pen after he signed the autograph. He realised his mistake and asked the security guard to return it to me. The moment I took the cap back, tears rolled down my face…I was so touched…..

As I am writing, I still cannot suppress the emotions in my strong heart. By the way, Seung gi’s skin is perfect. The small face is silky smooth and soft like a baby’s. And his smile brightens up my heart. The perfect body, tall and handsome and absolutely masculine. Clean-shaven chin, well-trimmed eyebrows. He did not wear perfume but there was the scent of a clean bath or shampoo. Very refreshing. Definitely a killer!

As for the fan meeting, you have probably heard all about it. I will not ramble on. After the fan meeting, I had to face the consequence of my impulsiveness. I ran to the shopping mall nearby and collected my luggage from the locker and went around looking for lodging with my sister.

Luckily, it was not that bad. I managed to get a small room nearby although it was a bit expensive. By now, you’d probably think I was crazy. No one in the right frame of mind would do something like that. Haha, looking back, I think I did lose my mind! I was crazy. Crazily in love!

Source: baidu tieba
English translation by Ay, special contributor to Everything Lee Seung Gi

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5 Responses to Taiwan FM Fan Account: “Just Do It!”

  1. sweetspring says:

    awww what a great fan account, she sounds like a sweetheart, good for her. Thanks for the translation too! Seung Gi smelling ‘very refreshing’ made me lol. Its these fan accounts of small but significant incidents away from the crowds & photographers that you know a celebrity’s true attitude towards their fans & our Seung Gi’s thoughtfulness & warmth shines through in this particular one 🙂

  2. Muljen says:

    I really like this fan account especially the part when Seunggi say yes eventhough his manager said No, How she described seunggi’s smell ( since i always curious if seunggi wears perfume). Thank u Ay for translating this awesome fan account, i really hope there will be some more coming soon : )

  3. AnnMichelle says:

    Dear Tryp,
    Just send you an email.

    Dear Ay,
    Thank you so much. Great dedication and great service!

  4. judepps says:

    Wow! what an inspiring fan account .. i can relate well to her ..kekeke most likely impulsiveness doesn’t bring good yet im impressed that her impulsiveness really turns out well.. Thanks Ay for taking time translating this fan account & tryp for sharing..

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