12 Responses to Taiwan FM Fan Account 2: “True Love is Invincible!” Part 2

  1. airen says:

    i bet she totally forgotten about her husband the moment he saw Lee Seung Gi…if it was me i bet i wouldnt even remember my name…

  2. quandocuando says:

    Anyway if I am the Fan, I would have done the same; hug LSG like what she has done. When can one get that up-close and personal opportunity again?
    I think SG knows that; that is love and support for him too.

  3. Ay says:

    AnnMichelle, Bravo! This fan account is one of the first ones I read but it was so long and I had other things to do, so I put it aside and completely forgot about it. Good thing you picked it up. Agree, it was very touching.

  4. shrlykim says:

    great fan account.. agree with her not to let the opportunity pass…

    the only remaining event is the concert.. although there might be no handshake or hugging.. i would really want to watch it.. to be able to atleast experience even half of what those who are in the FM have experienced.. Lee Seung Gi’s charm! 🙂

  5. Adeline says:

    Million thanks to AnnMichelle for translating, love reading this fan account so much. I am so glad that she got to hug Seung Gi, although I am envious, I feel that she totally deserved it . So happy for her !!

  6. Muljen says:

    I was so touched at the part they shouted eebak iil and she got to hug Seunggi. I missed my chance even to talk to him at Singapore FM since my mind went totally blank when he was in front of me. When he sat next right to me at the photo group, i didnt even try to link my arm with his.
    Hopefully Malaysia n Indonesia FM will be confirmed soon and REALLY HOPE and PRAY HARD i will get a second chance. I actually admire all Airens that have such good reflexes to hold his hand, hug,etc. I enjoy reading all those fan accounts that have such Daebak experience. Thank u Ann for the translation and Tryp for posting it here.

  7. seunggicharm says:

    Omo.. If I were the fan, I would’ve done the same thing. Like, it’s my chance for crying out loud!SO I will definitely make the most out of it too!hahaha..Well, I am hoping that I will not get the same Seung Gi effect wherein my mind will go blank too like some of the fans.. I thinks that’s normal too.But I want to savor the moment if that happens..hehe.. Really great fan account and big thank to her amazing reflexes for doing it!hehe..I wonder how her husband reacted to it..hehe..must be a super supportive hubby^^

    Thanks AnnMichelle for the effort and to tryp for sharing this to us too.. It’s really nice reading fan accounts coz we get the same feeling as if we were there too. Hoping to have the same experience soon^^ Airens hwaiting!

  8. Jasmine Goh says:

    Hi AnnMichelle, I happen to sit behind this Taiwan fan’s daughter during the fan meeting and also seen them in the wash room after that. It’s great to know that she is also one of the die-hard fan…

    • AnnMichelle says:

      Hahaha, such chance meeting right? I saw other people commented that the girls were really well mannered and they praised the blogger for raising them nicely. And I immediately thought of Seung Gi’s mom…Like celebrity, like fans!

      • Jasmine Goh says:

        Oh yes, they are very well behave during the fan meeting! When their mom ask them whether they want to come again next time (in the wash room), i heard one of them said yes!!! So Seunggi has a new fan!!!

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