K-Pop Paradise Poster – Lee Seung Gi

This is the concert in Okinawa SeungGi will be emceeing on October 18. There’s a pre-event (?) at 6pm JST on September 11, and tickets (¥15,000/¥8,000) will go on general sale at 10am JST on September 12.


credit: kpopokinawa

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9 Responses to K-Pop Paradise Poster – Lee Seung Gi

  1. maritess says:

    It’s really a biG event for kpop lovers specially 4 airens cause oppa will be hosting 🙂 oppa is really busy this year the budokan concert,all the fanmeet,his upcoming concert,going back to school and this oppa fighting i’m with u,we fans are all with U don’t overdo urself have some time 4 urself..even if u are famous i’m still wishing for more gd things to happen in ur life …BTW TRYP IS SEUNG GI OPPA PERFORMING IN THIS EVENT I MEAN EVEN IF HE IS THE MC???

  2. ces says:

    Question: does Seung gi smoke?

  3. maritess says:

    sorry to keep asking this but does anyone know if he is going to perform in this event and if the event will be broadcast or we can just hope for fancams???please someone answer thank u :))

    • tryp96 says:

      If SeungGi agrees to perform, I’m sure they’ll announce it for promotion. And if they plan to broadcast the concert, hopefully they’ll announce it as well.

  4. maritess says:

    Thanks tryp sorry again for asking it’s just that i miss seeing oppa even though he is very busy we can’t see him always not like when he was still an mc..anyway hope he accept to perform i love to see when he perform with the presence of all his hoobaes it feels proud :)) and also hoping for fanpics and fanvids there’s still one month and days to go..it’s still ok if he don’t perform maybe he will be too tired to perforrm plus doing the mc thing fans can still see him often since he is the mc 🙂

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