12.09.12 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

SeungGi’s 1st ever Asia Tour has been going quite well. After the 2 very successful fan meetings in Singapore and Taiwan, he’s likely headed toward Malaysia and Indonesia in the near future. But what about the Philippines? Filipino Airens would love to meet SeungGi in their own country too! [Actually, can SeungGi hold a World Tour as well? I want him to come to the US! 😛 Sorry for my shameless plug!]

Anyway, AirenPH is conducting a survey to gauge the interest level in a fan meeting in the Philippines. But it’s not limited to fans in the Philippines, international fans are more than welcome to join in. I know I wouldn’t mind going there to fangirl over SeungGi while enjoying some beautiful and exotic scenery (if my schedule allows). 😛

Please click the following link to participate in the survey (the deadline is September 30):


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29 Responses to 12.09.12 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. RenLee says:

    Thank you tryp! I went to Seoul and SG to see him, but we love to have him here! Wishing for that day! 🙂

  2. Beverly says:

    Excited much ! I answered the survey already.

  3. guen says:

    Wae airen philippines would go crazy if he goes there….
    And Seung gi must really go there in Philippines now…..

  4. Ren says:

    Thanks Tryp for posting this survey! Good luck airens!

  5. seunggicharm says:

    Oh my gosh tryp! Thank you so so much for posting this! I have been wanting to ask for your help about this survey that we are conducting, but was kinda shy..hehe..Anyways, thanks again. And yeah, we hope you can also be here in the Philippines when this event will push through. We’d love to meet Seung Gi really soon and also you..^^ We’ll welcome you with arms wide open..^^ Thanks again!

  6. judepps says:

    wow! thank you tryp for posting this survey in your blog, it’ll be a big help to promote Seunggi to come in the Philippines.. I don’t mind flying back home immediately if this event will happened soon=:) Hope Airen’s around the globe will help us to make this wonderful dream come true…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Tryp are you an AIREN officer? Because if not I wish someone will nominate you as one! Because you’re putting so much service for all of us. Thank you so much!

  8. A says:

    First thing Seung Gi will learn “Mabuhay! Mahal ko kayo!”. Then we’ll let him try Taho and balot! I wish this will come true! 🙂

    • seunggicharm says:

      definitely! but I think he wouldn’t like balot as most foreign people doesn’t like it..lolz..btw, are you a member of airenph in fb?^^

      • maritess says:

        i’m from philippines as well but don’t live anymore but i will really go if he goes(anyway hope i can=>work :'() to the philippines :)) i’m not greedy but i don’t like balot sorry i can’t even watch it but i love taho 🙂 i think he needs to taste like adobo and more delicious foods and tour the philippines he needs at least one week he can go to boracay,palawan or bohol the sceneries are really beautiful sorry i’m really promoting philippines :)) anyway really hoping he can go 🙂

        • seunggicharm says:

          hahaha..I am from the balot capital of the Philippines. I don’t like eating the duck though but I sometimes challenge myself. If you are not yet a member of our FB page, please join us as we’d love to have lots of members too. like us on facebook.. Just search Lee Seung Gi Airen PH..hehe.. We will be having a meeting about this and we’d really make his visit in the Philippines a memorable one.. So we hope you can make our dream come true guys..JEBAL! hehehe

      • A says:

        Yes. I’m a member of AirenPH in fb. 🙂

  9. USA says:

    How can we get Seung Gi to the US? Let’s make it happen fast!

  10. Maria Mercedes Caparas-Lugos/Joy Caparas-Lugos says:

    thank you so much for posting this…all airens all over the world would love to see and to be with our LSG! I really hope we can all see him!!! Thank you so much too for your updates…it has always been a part of my daily routine to read your updates. It’s really amazing how LSG unites all airens all over the world! We love you Mr.Lee!

  11. Meann says:

    Thanks for spreading the word about the survey, Tryp! I hope more people will answer it because we’d really love to have a fan meet here. 🙂

  12. summer21509MD says:

    Thank you so much for posting this…all airens all over the world would love to see and to be with our LSG! I really hope we can all see him!!! Thank you so much too for your updates…it has always been a part of my daily routine to read your updates. It’s really amazing how LSG unites all airens all over the world! We love you Mr.Lee!

  13. maritess says:

    ok i’ll join airen ph in facebo0k but not 2day cause i’m only using my phone tommorow for sure :-)) Sorry i really didn’t think about it cause i’m more in youtube than facebook i’m always in youtube to wait for new videos of oppa or rewatching and searching old videos of him i never think in searching in facebook i’ve only like pictures but never research for airens facebook thanks i’ll do it tommorow promise i really hope he can go as what i can see he have lots of fans in philippines and i’m sure that not only filipinos will come but also airens from other countries so everyone FIGHTING AND LET’S MAKE THIS DREAM COME TRUE :)) I’m praying for this to happen please even if i can’t go just seeing him go in my country will already make me happy ..i’ll see him one day for sure 🙂

  14. myseunggiya says:

    Thank you so much Tryp for granting my request to post it on your blog! You’re surely one awesome Airen! Appreciate it much.

    Hi fellow Filipino Airens here! If you’re not yet on the AirenPH group fan page, you better be, so we can meet you all there. 🙂

    Tryp, I hope you don’t mind me writing the group links here, thanks! ^^

    AirenPH fan page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lee-Seung-Gi-Airen-PH/112060485516612

    Group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/180177958670443/

    Airen Philippines wants to meet Lee Seung Gi proposed page (one like will go a long way)

    And lastly, please answer the survey here, same as the one Tryp had posted. The survey will be our stepping stone to make it all happen. Everyone is welcome, Filipino and International Airens. 🙂

    Thank you very much Tryp! Thank you Airens!


  15. sarah says:

    Thank You so muchTryp!!:) Kinda busy for weeks that have not said my sincere Thank You for posting this in ur precious blog.. 😀
    Hope that out Dreams will come True and We will make it happen no matter what.. ^^
    Tryp, SeungGi-ya, AirenPh Fighting!!:)

  16. trish says:

    No shameless plug here, dear Tryp! I want him to come to the US too!

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