Taiwan TVBS Weekly Magazine Scans – Lee Seung Gi

*translation provided by AnnMichelle in the comment*





credit: dodoggie

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28 Responses to Taiwan TVBS Weekly Magazine Scans – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    thanx tryp for sharing , can someone translate this plz i don’t know Chinese ^_^

  2. Mary ann says:

    Hi tryp96….. me too…..eager to read what’s happening inside in Hot Topics.

  3. AnnMichelle says:

    I will do some highlights here as some materials were reported elsewhere already.
    – Showing his body
    Despite the advice from SJ for his fan meet, he did not think it’s time to reveal his body.
    – Albums for hot climates
    He used to consider what Korean fans liked in his albums, but now maybe the preferences of international fans should be considered also. Like people in hotter climates don’t care for slower melodies but like songs with faster beats with some sexy dance. You won’t find it repulsive, right?
    – Learning Chinese
    He did a crash course for the fan meet. He learned “Thank you” and “How are you? I am Lee Seung Gi.” Oh, he also learned “Have you eaten yet?” In fact Chinese was the second language at his university so he studied it while in under-graduate. The first sentence was in fact “Have you eaten yet.” Because it sounded like a Korean phrase (that you used to scold), he found it interesting and easy to learn. He had worked very hard studying it, but forgotten most of it after graduation. Now he had to pick it up again and found it hard going.
    – His study
    His parents really hoped that he could complete his study. So, despite his busy schedule, he tried his best to cover both work and study. If he was really too busy, he would beg his professors to allow him to hand in his reports later. He mentioned that September 4 was the day school began. When asked “you never wanted to take it easy and be lazy once” he answered “Every day!” Whenever he was in that lazy mood, he would tell himself to snap out out it, to stop thinking like that. And he would be able to continue to work hard the next day. It’s been like that for 10 years now.
    (To be continued)

    • tryp96 says:

      Dear AnnMichelle, many thanks for doing the translation!!! 😀 Especially since it’s a long article with lots of highlights! 😛

      • AnnMichelle says:

        I underestimated yet again!!!

        • Jennifer says:

          Thanks AnnMichelle. For us who don’t know the language, we really appreciate your time in doing this. We still get to know what’s going on in Seung Gi’s life. Kamsamida !

    • Mary ann says:

      AnneMichelle for sharing some highlights about this topics.
      I’m looking forwards you effort about this.
      Seung Gi’s everything is in one hot topic the BACHELOR that you wanted to be……the MODEL of all people…..the INTELLIGENT STUDENT that makes parents proud……the SINGER you love to sing his song……the ENTERTAINER you laugh all the way…..the ACTOR you love to watch his drama…

    • Anonymous says:

      Seunggi learned Chinese when he was a high schooler. ^^

    • Gen Wong says:

      Thanks for this! I learned something new about Seunggi again, and I am awed anew by the things I discover about him. Thanks for hardworking fans like you who share Seunggi stuff with us!

    • trish says:

      Thanks so much AnnMichelle for the translation and hard work! In fact thanks to all the fans who have been writing fans accounts and translating various interviews/articles in various languages that allow us to understand our dear SG better. Also, thanks Tryp for your quick updates on our prince. As you can see, I am rather behind in catching up with SG’s news due to hectic daily schedule but I appreciate that I can still be in the loop with your blog. Keep up with the awesome job!

  4. AnnMichelle says:

    Page II
    – On fame and praises
    He used to feel burdened by the high praises and expectations people lavished on him but when filming TK2H he realized that it’s not important what other people thought of him; the important thing was his ability. It’s becoming a habit of his to keep strengthening his ability, in singing and acting. He always felt inadequate as a singer and as an actor. He did not think he achieved the best performances yet. So at his young age and being accorded with those high praises he just felt himself lacking.
    – On motivations
    The people around him pushed him forward and did not allow him to be idle. He said they were all his teachers. Like when his managers started to learn foreign languages, they gave him motivations to keep going in his own study. Some performers seemly could not function when their agents or managers were not around. He did not want to be like. He wanted to be able do everything himself.
    His strong suit was taking the initiatives to act. And act fast. However, he also lost interest fast too. For example, in college he learned Chinese with full enthusiasm but then forgot almost all of it later on. Recently he saw some well built muscle guy and just wanted to be like that. So he was taking on exercise to build muscle. But who knew how long that would last. His body shape just went with his whim.
    – His three personalities
    He was praised as a really honest guy. But he said, how can one live daily life and not lie? As a multi-talented entertainer, he was quiet and severe in demanding everything from himself when doing a drama; he was active, cute, kind, and full of humor as a variety show MC; he was profoundly emotional and full of charisma as a singer. Which one did he like the best? He thought carefully before answering. He had not thought about that before. Before the reporter mentioned, he had not known there were so many faces of him. When he was with people, he was very happy and pleasant. When he went home he enjoyed the solitude. Facing the girl he liked, he could be deeply emotional. So he guessed he’s all three.
    – His girl
    He said jokingly that ideal type should change regularly to keep it fresh. As for how his ideal type came about, he said he just mentioned it when seeing a picture or a program, something like that, then the word got out and was reported as his ideal type. In fact, his ideal girl would not be like falling desperately in love or must fit certain criteria. It’s more like they need to be friends first and be in each other’s company long enough to know. [Note by AnnMichelle: This last part is really difficult to translate as the Chinese test was not that clear – due to translation? I tried my best as I know a lot of you would be interested in this. : ) ]
    He emphasized that he might be fickle toward things, he was totally steadfast toward people. He relied on the ‘feel’ when he first met someone. Appearances were not as important as the heart. He said now he liked a girl who’s kind and considerate and could understand the nature of his work. If he had a Korean girlfriend, he would cook pasta for her. A Chinese girlfriend? Spicy tofu or sweet & sour pork.
    (To be continued)

    • seunggicharm says:

      OH MY GOSH! AnnMichelle! You are such an angel to us all! My heart is pounding so hard right now after reading the latter part of the second part of your translation^^ kyaaa! Thanks so so much!

      I super admire Seung Gi for really being honest..The fact that he admitted he also lie sometimes (or someone couldn’t help not telling one in a day) made him a really honest person. Who will admit something like that? Now I’m falling harder for him!^^

      As for his ideal girl, I think he has matured a lot now in terms of his ideal..It’s not about the looks now..woot! Seung Gi-yaa.. I am understanding and considerate! nyahaha..forgive me airens as i am getting crazier now..lolz

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, AnnMichelle. I enjoy reading your translation very much!

  6. AnnMichelle says:

    Part III and the last part
    – What it takes to be his girl
    He liked to cook. When asked what he looked for in a girl, he suddenly hit upon an idea and said excitedly that a girl who knew how to cook would be very charming. “People all say appearance gets tired eventually, but a girl who’s cooking, and cooking a lot of things, she’s most charming.” So, the way to Lee Seung Gi’s heart is through his tummy. “I really enjoy eating all kinds of food. The only thing I don’t like is sea squirt (a bitter tasting seafood). As long as my girlfriend cooks something, I will eat it.” He liked to plan things. He even planned out when to serve in the military. He adored the idea of home. “I would like to build a warm and cosy house for my family. When I am in love, I will be a loving and caring family man.” He even joked that he hoped after this Taiwan trip, fans would think of him as someone they wanted to live with. [Note by AnnMichelle: That’s the title of this interview – LSG, A Guy You Want To Live Together With]
    He would reveal his love to the public right before the marriage. He said he was a romantic guy. When asked what kind of romantic things he had done for his girlfriend, he paused and thought carefully. Then he said, “She did not say oh I am so moved. That’s right. How come she did not say much when she received the gift.” How about his most romantic endeavor in his own mind? He said that only occurred in his high school freshman year. For White Valentine’s Day, he thought hard about what kind of guy he should become to show off his handsome and attractive side. He prepared a basket full of candies. He sold off some stuff his dad had given him and used the money to buy a purse and some clothes. He took the gifts to his girlfriend’s high school to wait for her. When she got off class, she put on the clothes he bought and they went out to play. That was the sweet story of his first love.
    – Future plans
    He was hoping one day to hold a concert in Taipei. “For the coming album, I am in charge of planning. I want you to see a different Lee Seung Gi. The Seoul concerts will be the biggest and will have the most performances. Of course I would like to bring it to Taiwan.” He said after watching the movie “Secret” he really wanted to work with Jay Chou as he was very impressed by Chou’s music and piano playing. Asked if he played the piano, he joked that he’d started playing it last month.

    [Final note: To readers who know everything about LSG already, note that this is an interview conducted through an interpreter, and remember that SG said he had to tell some white lies sometimes. So, please don’t take anything at face value. But from the gist of it, I can sense that he answered those questions most sincerely and tried to give fans as much information as possible. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article. Hope my translation serves somehow and you can enjoy it too.]

    • tryp96 says:

      AnnMichelle, thank you once again for the excellent translation! 😀

    • dramaaddict says:

      AM, you are really great. When I tried to read the original version, I said to myself, I need my ‘Old Flower eye spectacles’ as in ‘lao hua yan jing’ cos some characters are so faint. Thanks a lot for translating it.
      SG is really sincere and diplomatic in his answers. I think language is something like practice makes perfect so if he goes to those Mandarin speaking countries for his FM, he will catch up pretty soon.

    • Eva says:

      @AnnMichelle: You’re awesome as always! Thank you for your time translating and sharing it with us…really appreciate it a lot! Hope you don’t get tired of doing this hehehe ^_^

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you so much for your translation of Leeseunggi’s interview. Very understandable.

  7. Poply says:

    Thank you AnnMichell for help. I really love every interview, it’s touch, from his. what’s that i love his ward is he alway look someone around him to compare hisself, check it after to make better for his ability himself, hard work. This is honest of people. I love him more.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the translation! He already knows how to play piano rt? So this definately a joke! Lol

    But overall I do sense his sincerity!

  9. judepps says:

    Ann Michelle thank you for your hardwork for translating this article..We really appreciate it.. As always reading Seunggi’s interview will just make you love him even more… Im just missing Him on TV screen…

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hello tryp~^^ Just to wanna know if you have got these pics of ‘TVBS weekly’. How on the earth have you done such amazing job! Thank you very much for sharing news with us! Have a good day^^

  11. Mary ann says:

    Thanks…. AM….
    For all the information you shared to us to all the beloved fans of Seung Gi ….
    I thinks lots his fans now is getting crazier LOL………Losing their mind………
    In this nice topics and sweet short love story in HS life of LSG that everybody loves to hear & eager to know his love life. He is a kind of person that has a BIG HEART to all of his fans. Yet Seung Gi admit it mention white lies sometimes bcoz he is not perfect he is a human and there is a reason why to tell white lies. He must be HONEST itself and SINCERE in natural ways that’s why everybody loves him as an ENTERTAINER. Thanks again…AnnMichelle i really enjoyed reading this Hot Topics…..

  12. madqueen says:

    The part about Yoona is so not true and I doubt LSG would have mentioned her.
    Otherwise, this interview and LSG’s answers are quite good.

  13. Dimples says:

    AnnMichelle, thank you so very much for taking your time in translating for us international fans.

    Tryp, thank you so very much as well for posting in your awesome blog.

    God bless you both ladies.

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