Japanese Magazine an・an HQ Scans – Lee Seung Gi

Forgive me for posting the same pictures over and over again! This is really the most HQ set so far! A big thanks to reirei! She also included a bonus BTS photo from TK2H:











credit: reirei

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14 Responses to Japanese Magazine an・an HQ Scans – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    thanx tryp for sharing , is their any possibly that we could get the translations of this article ^_^

  2. dya says:

    Love the pic when he is sitting as his eyes closed.. Guess what’s in his mind? is it food? 🙂

  3. annSky says:

    haha…may be is food….

  4. sweetspring says:

    love the little peeks from under the shirts… now i think i know how guys feel when they see some attractive girl wearing something a little too lowcut just lying down reading a book ><

  5. seunggicharm says:

    hahaha.. oh..I remember a fan translated a Japanese interbiew before.. I hope she can help us and share to us what the full interview was about.Have read parts of this interview translated..but it’s not enough!

    Just sharing what I’ve read.. I hope it’s okay with you tryp..ehehe
    >>He talked about life after marriage in this interview. He said that he will give his wife a kiss every morning, not to be romantic but to ask her to please make him breakfast and coffee too.
    >> He also said that he’s been studying English again (more on conversation) since he’s been meeting overseas fans and he felt nervous because of the language barrier.. Also, in the future, if he will travel overseas with his future girlfriend.. it’s like he wants to use English language to look more dashing..hahaha.. He said that his motive is not innocent. He also said that he’s been doing a lot of things to look more handsome in front of the girls..lolz
    >> He also said that he has cooking lessons once to twice a week. And he wishes that in the future, his future girlfriend will appreciate and fell touched when he cooks for her and place a steak on top of the spaghetti he will make for her..

    how sweet is that?! I really hope there will be a full translation of this interview!^^

  6. judepps says:

    aww! what a romantic guy He is.. giving a kiss to his wife every morning…*melts* and im inspired knowing his motivation in studying English to communicate well with his fans *overseas*. and he himself is more dashing whenever He speaks in English:) Hope one day I can meet this wonderful person named “Lee Seunggi” personally.

  7. Poply says:

    Alter read translate interview. really million thank! He ‘s more romantic and perfect. I think him like show best charm himself to someone , special his futuregirl and try deep to motion to someone and his feel to his work.i really love as like this.hope more translate , thank you.

  8. Anonymous says:

    sry , but no one know Japanese it’s a small article , plz some one translate it , i really wanna know the rest of the article ^_^

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