Vogue Japan Interview Translation – Lee Seung Gi & Lee Seo Jin

A big thanks to Ay for bringing us this terrific translation of a terrific interview! ๐Ÿ˜€

SeungGi dressed in Dior Homme of C.Dior:

In the words of sunbae Midae Hyung, Seung Gi is “a hard-worker who works hard at everything”, it shows his appreciation for his hoobae. To Seung Gi, it simply does not feel like there is a big age gap between him and Midae Hyung. When I was looking at the two having fun arm wrestling, I detected the air of royalty that was displayed in Yi San spontaneously flowed from Midae Hyung.

–A very close relationship!
Seo Jin (SJ): I met SeungGi because we are in the same management company, but I became close with him because he is so well-mannered and likeable. I always feel that I want to do something for him. After all, drinking together always makes people better acquainted, doesnโ€™t it? (^^) We have also travelled overseas together. It feels more like we are in a family rather than being just friends.

SG: We first met on a Christmas Eve. I was lazing around at home with nothing to do. Hook and Seo Jin sshi were having red wine. They felt my loneliness and asked if I wanted to join them. Although I did not know him then, I went anyway. That was how it started. We were together on Christmas Eve the following year. And since then, we have always spent Christmas together.

–So, it is a relationship in which you can spend Christmas together.
SG: Actually, I want to spend Christmas separately this year. (^^)

We respect each otherโ€™s talent, so we do not want to interfere.

–Seung Gi is an actor as well as a singer. How does Seo Jin feel about that?
SJ: I think he is a good actor. He is good at everything he does. Of course, he is a good singer too.
SG: (^^)
SJ: He sang while we were waiting just now. I was surprised he was that good.

–It was the first time you heard him sing?
SJ: No, I went to his concert. But just now he sang without any equipment or accompaniment. That was not easy.

–How does Seo Jin see Seung Gi?
SJ: Extremely earnest. When I was at his age, I could never have done what he is doing now. But I feel a bit sorry for him. Being so well-known at such a young age takes his freedom away. My school life was very happy and free. I also went to the military, just like everybody else. But would his fame make a difference to that?
SG: Hahaha (^^)

–How does Seung Gi see Seo Jin?
SG: Seo Jin sshi is always ahead of the times. He often tells me things about the world that is different from the world that I know. Of course, they are not bad things. It is more like how a man should see things. For example, in sports, I seldom take advice from other people. But Seo Jin sshi taught me a lot of things. He is a sunbae I can trust and talk to. I feel comfortable with him around.
–Is there anything that needs to be improved?
SG: …..Recently, he has been obsessed with golf. If he could cut down on that, it would be good (^^)
SJ: HaHaHa (burst of laughter). For me…it would be nice if Seung Gi can play more (^^) because he is so earnest.

–Do you have any common hobbies other than sports?
SJ: Alcohol
SG: It’s alcohol (^^)

–Do you discuss you love life?
SJ: I don’t talk to Seung Gi a lot about that. It’s usually him who raises the topic. But it’s only chatting, not really discussing.

–Ideal girl?
SJ: Just like a friend. Someone I can get along comfortably with.
SG: I change my ideal type every time. (^^) Of course, looks matters. But I like someone who can give me strength and is positive and optimistic.

–Once, when Seo Jin was filming the drama Gye Baek, Seung Gi went there for support. You seem to root for each other.
SG: Rather than just sending food or gifts, I felt that going to the shoots would give them even more strength. Shooting a drama is indeed tough work. Although I could not make it easier for them, I wanted to bring them some snacks and give them more power.
SJ: But because of my schedule, I could not make it to the TK2Hs shoots.
SG: Yes. At first he planned to be there but the location was changed. It was too far.

–How did it feel to have Seung Gi showing up at the shoots?
SJ: At first, I didn’t want him to come. But I was very grateful and happy he did.

–As Seo Jin is a sunbae in acting, what advice would you take from him?
SG: We don’t discuss acting much because we ourselves know best about our own drama. But he sometimes gives advice on the styling. For example, when I was shooting TK2Hs, I had a really short haircut to make me look more like a soldier. After Seo Jin saw it, he said my face looked distorted. It was better not to keep the look. Although it was something minor, it was important.

–Any plans for marriage?
SG: It will happen someday. But right now, it is still very far away.
SJ: Well, I guess it is not possible not to get married. But I have no specific plans now.

–TK2Hs is now shown in Japan!
SG: It is a very new type of drama and is different from the Korean drama that Japanese viewers are used to. Some people might like it and others might hate it. But it would be great if people say “Oh, they have dramas like this in Korea!”. Can Japanese viewers accept and identify with the idea that there is still a monarchy in Korea in modern times? And the experienced senior actors in the drama is also a big attraction.

–In the 9 years since Seung Gi debuted, what gave you the deepest impression?
SG: I have heard this question many times. There are too many moments and I can’t think of one immediately. Although I want to say it was the time when I received the Best Newcomer Award but the first thing that comes into mind is something more recent. I am in a hiatus now with variety shows but when I look back, I feel that I am very lacking. I will think: ‘was I trying too hard to be good? Maybe, it is more meaningful to do it this way’. Since I debuted 9 years ago, I have been running along. This is the first break I have to slowly calm down. This is the state I am now in.

–What kind of preparations are you doing in your break?
SG: A lot of things. Not just singing, but also drama and variety shows. I will probably shoot a new drama in the first half of next year. I really like variety shows, so if there is a good show, I will want to take part. My next album will be very different from everything that I have done in the past. I want to sing the songs that I like, something that is peaceful; something that people want to keep listening to.

–You are working on so many things and are still in graduate school?
SG: Now that Iโ€™ve started school, I regret a little bit doing some useless things. Am I able to do everything? But I think this is the time for me to contemplate. I feel that I have reached a bottleneck and want to learn more. If I say I have done everything based on intuition so far, from now on, I need to be more systematized. My major is ‘cultural contents”. I can do academic research on the entertainment industry. I am really looking forward to a script-writing course.

–So, you are interested in production?
SG: I have not given it much thought. When I am an actor, I know what the director thinks because he is there but the scriptwriters are not on the shoot, so it helps if I can understand what the scriptwriters are thinking.

–Have you ever thought about what it would be like 10, 20 years from now?
SG: I hope I can still be doing interviews like what I am doing now, filming, appearing on shows and keeping busy with all areas of work.
SJ: I think I will still be acting 10 years from now but I am not sure what will happen in 20 years because 20 years ago, I was still in college and I did not even dream that I would be an actor.

Standing on the stage , as sunbae and hoobae, as partners, and sometimes as rivals but still respecting each other is something we would like to see.

Based on Chinese translation by dlww1234, Korean translation at DCLSG
English translation by Ay, special contributor to Everything Lee Seung Gi

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24 Responses to Vogue Japan Interview Translation – Lee Seung Gi & Lee Seo Jin

  1. airen says:

    Hope he would make a grand comeback next year. New album, new drama,new variety show, he would be really busy then..but cant wait to see him on tv soon….n cant wait for the november fm…kekeke…

  2. meliejoo says:

    LSG wanted to win ” New corner award ” from year end drama..
    I hope he will win this award!! but Y* ch** is casting from MBC drama.. T_T
    so hard to battle.. AH_HA couldn’t be able to win best couple award.. because of Y* Ch** from MBC drama.. their fans is so popular;; T_T

    • tryp96 says:

      Could we please aim higher for SeungGi? Why would SeungGi care for a newcomer award in acting at this stage of his career?! He deserves a Best Actor award!!!

      • Dimples says:

        100% true. He deserves a Best Actor award. This is the reason why I use my spare time re-watching his drama, TK2H… of course aside from re-watching his other dramas and concerts and listening to his songs, etc. His acting was incredible! He truly deserves the Best Actor award!

    • Anonymous says:

      I have an advice for you.. If you have nothing good to say,don’t say it at all. We know you’re SeungGi fan,but as a fan saying negative things instead of a positive one isn’t helping at all. Have a good day. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • dramaaddict says:

      meliejoo, you always sign into the wrong blog. Next time chk b4 you sign into.

    • Dimples says:

      @meliejoo, I believe you misunderstood what’s on the translation. It says “what gave you (SeungGi) the deepest impression since you (he) debuted 9 years ago?” And he answered “Although I want to say it was the time when I received (past tense – it happened already) the Best Newcomer Award but the first thing that comes into mind is something more recent.” Hence, he’s not aiming for the New Comer Award (He received it already in 2006) but it’s one of the ‘memorable moments’ since he debuted because he’s also thinking of the recent happenings in his career. I hope this will help you understand the statement. Peace.

    • Anonymous says:

      He mentioned the New Comer Award that meaning the Newcomer Award he won in 2004 with his debut song “Because You’re My Woman”. It’s because that was the first award in his career so that it’ so meaningful with him. That’s all!

  3. zambak70 says:

    thank you Ay for translating and tryp of course sharing so fast^^ when you read this interview you can feel ,how Seung Gi answers are full with sincerity,like always.he never hesitate,to show his feelings and weak sides to his fans.there are many reasons to love him ,and only this one alone ,is enough ,to fall for him again and again…..my dear KING,you absolutly deserve the Best!!!

  4. A says:

    โ€“What kind of preparations are you doing in your break?
    SG: A lot of things. Not just singing, but also drama and variety shows. I will probably shoot a new drama in the first half of next year. I really like variety shows, so if there is a good show, I will want to take part. My next album will be very different from everything that I have done in the past. I want to sing the songs that I like, something that is peaceful; something that people want to keep listening to.
    This is the best part of the interview.. I know SeungGi is working so hard for all his fans and I’m glad that he had his rest time and thought of the best time to comeback! 2013 will be SeungGi’s year drama and variety (hopefully). and the end of this year will be the best months for us because of his music. I’m guessing some mellow touch to his songs? All in all SeungGi you’re still the best of the best. โค

  5. triangel25 says:

    May I asked why SJ is being adressed as midae hyung? wat does tat means? hyung i noe is brother…but how bout midae? -.-“

    • A says:

      midae is korean for art school.. LSJ was called Midae Hyung the way he dress and present himself during his guesting at 1n2d. Lee SeuGun was the one who named him Midae Hyung (art school big brother). ๐Ÿ™‚

      • triangel25 says:

        Oic..ya i watched tat ep..so they r still naming LSJ after tat..funny..seems like they reali shared a very good brothethood bonding although v dun,see tat much in 1n2d since LSJ was so shy on d show…lol๏ผพ๏ผพ

  6. meliejoo says:

    I am just hoping he will win award this year..
    i hope Y* ch** or K** s* hy** won’t be on the same list..
    i hope LSG would win all the best!!

    • Dimples says:

      Do I find sincerity here?! No! If you do and you say you are sincere, then we did not learn the same English. Sorry. But I really wish you’re sincere.

    • blackholeangel says:

      I see. You really wish SG all the best. But also hope you will absolutely trust in him ,or I can say, his ability ^^. Have a beautiful day!! Love

    • Eva says:

      meliejoo my dear…it doesn’t matter who’s competing with our Lee Seung Gi…even if he’s competing with Tom Cruise…you will still believe in him and wish him all the best! You will yell from the top of your lungs that LEE SEUNG GI is the BEST!!!! got it?! I hope so *sigh*

  7. Anonymous says:

    I wonder who SG wants to spend Christmas with this year?

  8. Gen Wong says:

    Oh wow, this is a long one! As usual, we saw how intelligent and smart Seunggi is ๐Ÿ™‚
    Soooo glad there are hardworking airens who share stuff like this.
    Can’t wait for the album and drama! …and maybe variety shows too? ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Eva says:

    Thank you so much Ay for the translation…I was really hoping someone will do it because I really want to know what is going on…and Thank you Tryp as always for being an awesome blogger ^_^

  10. May says:

    Have confidence in him, just because there are those 2 who are coming up with new dramas, so are the fans feeling weak, if another Soo Won coming on board? Fans should support him – ratings or not. He needs your support, that’s what fans are for.

  11. Michelle says:

    Thank you so much Ay and tryp for this really insightful and good article. โค I felt that we know much more about Seung Gi and Midae hyung from this article and the two of them are sooooo cute hahaha! Always love Seung Gi's sincere & thoughtful answers!

    Can't wait for his daebak comebacks in singing, acting and hopefully mc-ing too!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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