Taiwan ‘★Fans’ Magazine Scans – Lee Seung Gi

October issue: (Translation by Suz in the comment)







credit: Airen Taiwan Fan Club via baidu tieba

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4 Responses to Taiwan ‘★Fans’ Magazine Scans – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Adeline says:

    Love the cover! As usual, his smile never fail to put lift up my mood. Feel better already after a hard day’s work. Thanks Seung Gi and also to Tryp for the beautiful header. Very nice !!

  2. suz says:

    Wow this is really long, so I only translated the interview segment:

    Q: Did you sleep well at the hotel yesterday and today?
    A: I slept as well as if I were at home, which is why I’m in excellent shape today, and will definitely do well at tonight’s fan meeting.

    Q: On your first day in Taiwan, what else did you eat apart from xiaolongbao (soup and meat dumpings) and bubble tea?
    A: Beef noodles, fried rice. Yesterday night I’d eaten so much stuff that I still felt full when I woke up today. (Apparently Seunggi had eaten 7 baskets of xiaolongbao. That’s really terrifying! During the press conference Seunggi had learnt and used the Chinese phrase for beef noodles.)

    Q: Do you still want to eat xiaolongbao today?
    A: I’d like to try other food, please recommend!

    Q: Would you like to try smelly tofu?
    A: I’ve tried smelly tofu before, but the taste was a little… I think I prefer xiaolongbao.

    Q: How about trying Taiwan’s foot massages?
    A: Are Taiwan’s foot massages famous? I think it should feel pretty good!

    Q: Do you have a high pain threshold usually?
    A: Will the foot massages hurt? If it hurts, then maybe not…

    Q: This year you were the lead actor of the popular Korean drama “The King 2 Hearts”. When will you present new music work?
    A: My new album will probably be released around October, and this is actually the first time I’m announcing this in Taiwan! The new album will be slightly different from previous ones. Previous albums were released out of a love for singing, but this album will be released for girls to listen to. The album’s songs will allow girls to completely immerse themselves in music!

    Q: I heard that you will be holding a concert at the end of the year?
    A: At the moment the concert is set to be on 1 and 2 December, in Seoul. Although it will be held in Korea, I hope Taiwanese fans will be able to attend as well!

    Q: Will there be any special content at the concert?
    A: I will prepare many special performances for the concert. Past concerts would feature dances and medleys, but this time I am considering if I should collaborate with female groups or international artistes. However nothing is confirmed at the moment.

    Q: You have the triple roles of actor, host and singer. Which one of these requires the most preparation of you?
    Basically all three roles require a lot of time and effort in their preparation. The swift reaction of the host is very important in variety hosting. At the same time, the live situation takes precedence. Whenever I go to a taping, I bring playful and lighthearted feelings. As a singer producing albums, it requires many months of preparation.

    Q: What memories would you like to leave your fans at your first fan meeting in Taiwan?
    I hope that Taiwanese fans will feel that I am “a man they would like to live with” after attending the fan meeting. I hope fans will feel my warmth.

    Q: Do you have a romantic interest right now?
    I am indeed love right now…with my Taiwanese fans! But this makes me sound like a playboy, haha. After coming to Taiwan, I realise that there are many beautiful girls here. I don’t even dare to raise my head to look at them, I feel so shy!

    Q: What’s your ideal type?
    Many people have asked this of me before, but my ideal type frankly changes frequently. In the past I preferred looks, but as I mature over the years, I begin to prefer personalities that are caring and considerate, who can understand my line of work, and who are kind!

    Q: What do you feel is the most charming part of you?
    (Asks fans) Where do you think that is? (Fans answer: Everything~) I think so too, hehe.

    Q: You’ve worked with many actresses in dramas – who left the deepest impression on you?
    I don’t really dare to answer this question~ Because I may meet an even more suitable actress to collaborate with in future. But if I really have to answer, it will have to be Ha Jiwon, whom I’ve worked with recently.

    Q: You used say on Strong Heart that you like Yoona from SNSD. Has that changed?
    Oh yeah~ I think ideal types should probably change regularly, haha. Honestly ideal types on variety shows may not really be ideal types. Perhaps I should say that it is almost something like that type!

    Q: Is there any other Taiwanese delicacy you’d like to try? Or anywhere you’d like to go to?
    Yesterday I had Taiwanese delicacies for two meals already, and I think Taiwanese food is daebak, and suit my taste very well. I’d like to try everything. Some fans suggested that I can visit Taiwan’s night markets, so I’d like to go to one.

    Q: Are you a romantic man? What romantic things have you done?
    I am actually quite fond of being romantic, and I’d like to be a real romantic man. Although I don’t know who will be my girlfriend in future, I’ve already begun learning to cook since last year.

    Q: What is your best dish?
    Pasta I guess! If my future girlfriend is Korean, I will make pasta for her. However if she is Taiwanese, I will prepare mapo tofu and sweet and sour meat for her, because I am quite good at Chinese cuisine!

    Q: Finally, what would you like to say to Taiwanese fans?
    I am really quite grateful to everyone for such a warm welcome. I’ve long wanted to come to Taiwan, and here I am finally! I received a much warmer welcome on this visit than ever anticipated, so I’m really touched. I hope that this fan meeting will be successful. Finally, thank you to the Taiwanese media for attending this press conference!

  3. joy says:

    thank you! he is always so awesome. thanks again for the translation

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