Lee Seung Gi-Inspired Hallyu Handbook

This book was recently published in Taiwan. And it’s just totally daebak! 😀


It’s basically teaching practical Korean to Hallyu fans. SeungGi is the 1st Korean star featured in the book, and there’s a very good reason for it.

The 1st author of the book (人蔘姬) says she used to be obsessed with Japanese stars, until the moment she saw SeungGi; and she fell head over heels for him right away! After a few fangirling trips to Korea, she also fell in love with the Korean food. Because of her love for both SeungGi and Korean food, she went to Korea to learn the language. And it eventually led her to write this book. 😛

15-page SeungGi-related excerpt:









tip: baidu tieba

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8 Responses to Lee Seung Gi-Inspired Hallyu Handbook

  1. Mellany says:

    This is so nice, hope they will also have it english soon.

  2. AnnMichelle says:

    I am going to buy this book. PERIOD.

  3. Gen Wong says:

    omg, that is just so amazing! The things that people do for Seunggi! Daebak!

  4. maritess says:

    the moment i first saw seung gi oppa i can’t just forget about him..i didn’t even know b4 that he is a singer i first saw him in 1n2d and then start searching about him and then i saw videos of him singing i thought he can be a singer and then i researched more and i found out that he is a very famous singer i was like wow he can do everything and then he became a really good actor and an excellent mc ”uri” seung gi is evolving in all areas 🙂 just continue being a fangirl and spread more of seung gi/emperor virus by writing things about lee seung gi..

  5. yon says:

    For Airens who are interested to get this book, you can order it here: http://www.kingstone.com.tw/products2.asp?km_code=2018030745370

    (Credit: Judy from Taiwan)

  6. bee says:

    OMG! I am not the only person that is crazy over this guy. When I first saw him sing, “you are my women”, I tell my daughter that I hope him is not famous, because I am crazy about him and she replied, “Mom he is a very famous singer in Korean”. After that I started doing research about him and start watching all his drama and watched all his variety show and fill in love with him. I’m going crazy, I feel like I can not live without him. Seeing this make me feel much better.

  7. dramaaddict says:

    A good excuse to learn Korean now!! hehe

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