12.10.08 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

Designs for the official lightstick have been posted in Airen Zone. Voting will start soon.



source: dclsg

Good news! The official fan cafe has confirmed that SeungGi will be going to Cheongju on October 14, for the KB Stars Women’s Pro Basketball Team’s opening game event.

But I’m a little confused about what he’ll be doing there: not performing, but throwing the first ball? I thought that was only for baseball? Maybe I’m just too ignorant. Could anyone please enlighten me? 😛

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11 Responses to 12.10.08 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    Really wish I can be there to watch him play sports like soccer and basketball…even just seeing him take 1 shot, I’ll be happy… ^-^

  2. AIreN says:

    whoa the first throw!!! seriously? basically at the beginning of a game there’ll be refree who will throw the ball up and the captain of the two teams will jump to get the ball, whoever get the ball will attack the other team. i bet the two teams’ captain will experienced the most AWESOME first throw from our lee seung gi

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi tryp, you were asking about ‘throwing the first ball’ in basketball. I used to play a little basketball and followed NBA during Michael Jordan’s era. 🙂

    I’m wondering if it means that Seung Gi might be the person throwing the basketball into the air to kick-start the game, instead of the referee? ^^

  4. ay says:

    In this case, if i were one of the two captains, instead of grabbing the ball, i would grab the ball thrower.

    • AIreN says:

      i play basketball and have been in the position where i sub the captain, and without proper balance you can fall from the jump and hurt your ankle. if i am in their position i’ll just let myself fall to our seung gi though 🙂

    • crazyajummafan says:

      Haha! So would I!!!! Or pretend to fall in front of him! In any case, I don’t think I’ll be able to play well if he’s there. Will be too distracted looking at him. Will probably play the worse game of my life… and will definitely get substituted…but then this will only mean that I can oogle at him all I want!

  5. tryp96 says:

    Thanks to AIreN and the anonymous fan above for the enlightenment! 😀

  6. seunggicharm says:

    wow! Those ladies are gonna have the time of their life! Lucky^^
    I think the term for that ‘throwing the first ball’ is “JUMP BALL”.. Sometimes, they have guests like celebs or an important person in a game and will do that for entertainment purposes.. It’s not official though, but it gives a fun atmosphere before the real game starts.. ^^

  7. mtdt says:

    A preview on lsg basketball skills… 🙂

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