King Lee Jae Kang Talks About Actor Lee Seung Gi

Lee Sung Min (better known as JaeHa’s loving brother) did some interviews recently after wrapping up his latest drama “Golden Time,” and was asked to compare SeungGi with Lee Sun Gyun. He said, “They are both good actors.”

“In ‘The King 2Hearts,’ I worked in perfect harmony with SeungGi. While working together, I found out that this friend Lee Seung Gi was an actor with a good brain and good understanding. Before filming the first scene, the rehearsal took a long time. But gradually, the amount of rehearsal time decreased. In addition, this friend was always upbeat. And he broke the subtle wall/barrier between actors and came in first. It was really comfortable since a hoobae broke the wall and approached first. Then we could put our arms around each other’s shoulders and film comfortably on the set.”

source: SSTV
English translation:

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5 Responses to King Lee Jae Kang Talks About Actor Lee Seung Gi

  1. Patricia says:

    Lee Seung Gi is soooo CUTE!!! ❤ Check out my new post about Seung Gi… It's not a diary, it's a journal. ^_^ Thanks!!! ♥

  2. maritess says:

    I love this picture,i love them together they were so cute as brothers hope for another project together for this 2:)

  3. chris revilla says:

    love the drama the king 2 hearts….. im looking forward for his next drama. love you seung gi!!

  4. Rosiana says:

    Haii,, I’m one of Airens (愛人) from Indonesia and I’m proud to be one of Airens. No doubt, he is good at singing, dancing, acting and hosting. I like him very much… ♥ fortunately, he will come to Indonesia on 4th of nov 2012 to held a FanMeeting and it is the best news I’ve ever heard. Of course I’ll come to the FanMeeting and I’m so excited.. ​\\(o^.^o)//

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