A Sageuk Action Hero?

This is a picture from the rumored sageuk’s production company. If this is what SeungGi’s character will be like, I’m getting much more excited! ๐Ÿ˜›


And this is the rest of the info posted on its website:

Program name: Sword and Blossom

Broadcast station: KBS

Scriprtwriter: Kwon Min Soo

Director: undecided

Format: Mini-series 20 episodes

Broadcast date: March 2013 ~ (tentative)

9:50pm ~ every Monday and Tuesday

source: storytv
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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17 Responses to A Sageuk Action Hero?

  1. Anonymous says:

    OMG! A kuminam sageuk king! That is perfect!

    I’ve been x man,heroine 6 and love letter. I must say SeungGi has a very suave move with women! ๐Ÿ™‚ No wonder noonas want him so bad.

  2. AnnMichelle says:

    According to Tieba, the male lead is an illegitimate son of a small-time warlord (?). The girl he loves pretends to be a boy in order to revenge her father’s death (yes, at the hands of the boy’s father). So, should our boy strive for his own father’s approval, and earn legitimacy and respect, or should he follow his heart and help the girl seek justice?

    Sounds like pretty typical gut-wrenching K-drama fare. But somehow I like it. This would be the first time Seung Gi played someone NOT born with a silver spoon. And, even though the two knew each other since childhood, the boy meets the girl again when she’s a boy and develops feelings toward her/him. (Coffee Prince, anyone?) I like to see Seung Gi play this kind of confused, uncertain emotional state.

    Anyway, all are rumors at this stage. I guess we have to stay tuned.

  3. dya says:

    I hope the story will not as simple as the other typical K-dramas, I’m looking forward to seeing him in a knight costume with long hair.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Anonymous says:

    I know it’s just a rumor but I’m still excited. Is there anyone watched the writer’s previous works? Because I haven’t watched any of his dramas, I don’t know what his style is.

  5. bee vang says:

    What ever drama he is in I’m hoping for a happy ending. I don’t like sad ending especially with my Seung gi. I’m really happy and exciting, can’t wait until next year to see him. It too long!!

  6. missinglsg says:

    I don’t think this rumor is true. if the rumor was sourced from MBC Dc gallery, another person claimed that LSG will not appear in this drama for sure. He said that LSG doesn’t consider “sageuk” at this time. But who knows? there’re tons of rumors floating around in DC gallery.

    • Anonymous says:

      He said that according to SG’s interview (Taiwan Magazine?), but SG did not say that he didn’t consider sageuk drama ever.

      • manassuper says:

        did he really say that he isnโ€™t considering sageuk drama this time in Taiwan Magazine interview. i think tryp96 translated that.i don’t remeber him saying this thing.could you plz specify and clarify what he said this…..

  7. MILI says:

    estoy segura que nuestro oppaยก si participara lo hara excelente, estoy emocionada de saber que otra vez estara en pantalla con ese look super sexy estilo casanovaยก espero que se haga realidad. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. airen says:

    Keep imagining how he would look like with saguek style. If the rumor is true, hope the drama story line is strong, not some cliche drama that we use to see before. Saguek seems some kind of the latest trend for koreans lately. It’s good, but LSG needs a drama that can give strong impact to anyone since he already prove to many that he’s a good actor

    • airen says:

      Been reading a much more detail synopsis somewhere about the drama.while reading it, i keep having a feeling the female lead has MUCH MORE strong character than the male lead. Keep crossing my fingers cross hoping that seung gi didnt choose any drama that gives the spotlight to the female lead …again..like his previous dramas…i’m really hoping that this time his character is the main attention for the drama.After king 2 heart, i have a higher expectation on his acting capabilities…i juz dont want to be dissapointed to see him acting in a lame drama storyline or acting in his comfort zone.It must be a character with different range of emotions and physical connection.But right now,trying to keep my faith strong in his decision..

  9. maritess says:

    i’m only hoping to see him so whatever drama it is i’m okay with it:-))

  10. Amita says:

    I don’t think this kind of drama is as strong as cooled for Seunggi in this stage according to An Michelle. Anyways, I am such admired his drama to broadcast via KBS.

  11. manassuper says:

    i just feel the above synopsis provided by anna michelle appears to be strong. even if seunggi doesn’t do this role he will be competing with this drama for sure if it is broadcasted around march. i feel around this time frame seunggi’s new drama will premeire…..

  12. meliejoo says:

    that drama looks good when i see this pic.. ^^
    but the hairstyle may not suit on LSG face..

  13. meliejoo says:

    i hope it’s true!! I want more ep 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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