Lee Seung Gi as a Test Question, Part 2

Like I said before, SeungGi’s name shows up in Korean test questions quite often. And here are some examples. 😛

Both of these are from a middle school Korean test. The teacher is obviously an Airen. She used SeungGi’s name in the previous midterm as well. 😆

This 1st one is just borrowing SeungGi’s name: 😛


The 2nd one is more daebak! 😛

The following is a chronological list Lee Seung Gi prepared in order to write his autobiography. When SeungGi writes the autobiography on the basis of this list, which of SeungGi’s thoughts is correct?

1987: Born in Seoul on January 13

2004: Debut with ‘Because You’re My Woman’, Best New Male Solo Singer Award at Mnet Km Music Video Festival

2007: Joined ‘1 Night 2 Days’

2009: Korea Advertiser Association Good Model Award, SBS Special Popularity Award

2010: ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’

2012: ‘The King 2Hearts’


1. I’m qualified to write an autobiography because I’ve made great achievements.

2. I’m in my 20s, a young age. I’m too young to write an autobiography.

3. My writing skills are not great, I don’t think I can write an autobiography.

4. I’ve received a lot of awards, and I’m well known to the general public, so I’m qualified to  write an autobiography.

5. I think it would be good to write an autobiography to tell future hoobaes about the life I’ve lived so far and to reflect on myself.

source: dclsg
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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3 Responses to Lee Seung Gi as a Test Question, Part 2

  1. diahaksaeng says:

    wah daebak…the teacher definitely is an Airen.. ^^

  2. seunggicharm says:

    whoaaaaa! it’s really daebak! Seung Gi’s everywhere^^ hahaha..Who can resist this guy? I’m sure Seonsaengnim is a true blooded airen!hahaha.. (his thoughts on the 2nd part would definitely be number 5! ^^)

  3. LSGOnly says:

    LMAO. This is too funny that a teacher would have multiple choice Seunggi reference question and answer. If the students are not Arien after taking the test, they will be soon to ensure a good grade next time ^^

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