2012 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert in Seoul Ticketing Info

*Interpark links updated*

Book your tickets on Interpark: Korean English




Ticket prices

VIP section: 132,000 won

R section: 110,000 won

S section: 88,000 won

A section: 77,000 won

B section: 55,000 won

If you’re a fan club member purchasing concert tickets on interpark tomorrow, please note that the certification method has changed: you have to use your homepage ID (instead of your name) along with your date of birth.


Seating chart:


source: leeseunggi.com, interpark

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71 Responses to 2012 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert in Seoul Ticketing Info

  1. Anonymous says:

    omo… its coming finally! so jealous of those that attend the preview!

    btw wat does 4th Airen means? 4th intake? so maybe 1st-3rd have even more freebies?
    anyone know wats the next intake no? 8th? since its LSG 8th year….

    • seunggicharm says:

      I think 4th Airen means that it’s the 4th batch of Official Airens.. Meaning, they are the ones who joined the Official FanClub of Seung Gi with the membership fee (not just a member of his official website).. So, next year’s batch would be 5th.. ^^ (correct me if I’m wrong) ^^

      • mtdt says:

        ooh they do annual member intake? so means his fan club is only 5yrs old next yr?

        Anyone can advise what is the membership fee? one time payment or annual payment?

        • seunggicharm says:

          hmm yes.. The membership application is open once a year and it’s an annual payment. I guess the membership fee changes.. If you’re an international Airen, and you want to be an official fanclub member, is different from those residing in Korea.. (again, correct me if i’m wrong ^^ )

  2. giggleshohoho says:

    Hi Tryp, Thx for info, I’m an official fan club member. Do you know if the 4 tickets which I’m allowed to buy must be official fan club members as well? Thx

    • Muljen says:

      Hi Tryp, same question here. can i ask other official fan club member to buy my ticket? I’ve only registered through official website but havent paid the membership fee. i was told the membership only open in certain month,if i am not mistaken around jan or mar next year. Btw, thanks tryp for the info.

      • Jennifer says:

        Hi I am in the same situation. Really envy the japanese fans as they have a choice to join the tour package. I hope a kind Airen will help me get the tix..

  3. Joyce says:

    Official Airen refers to those with paid membership right? Hope there will be seats left for the rest if us! I’m still trying to get my registration for SG’s website sorted out!

  4. maritess says:

    oh my god another big event i know that this 2012 hope concert will be daebak like the previous ones…i’m so jealous to those fans who can attend hope oppa will aloud fancams to be posted :)) hopiiiiiiiing…

  5. tryp96 says:

    I’m pretty sure that the fan club members can buy tickets for non-members. But I’ll let you guys know if I hear otherwise.

  6. paolacolunga says:

    Cómo quisiera estar ahí! Por favor suban el video y las fotos 😉

  7. jennguyen168 says:

    definitely going this year, yet biggest mistake in this year was forgetting to pay member’s fee T.T. I’ll have to find a way to get the ticket asap to get the good view!!!

  8. meliejoo says:

    I hope it will be sold out faster like 2010 concert..

  9. crazyahjummafan says:

    Love the pic of SG! He’s looking handsomer and handsomer…. and younger too!
    Wow, those going to the concert this are really in for a treat!

  10. Apple2012 says:

    Hi Tryp,
    How can I get the tickets if I am not an officially fan club member? before I’ve registered the FC member on the LSG website but it hasn’t worked yet. I really really want to go to his concert and because it will be also my 1st time to be able to see him in person. If I can’t get the tickets as the OFCM, can I still get the tickets for public on Oct 19? Pls show me how to get the tickets on the interpark website. I’m in the US too. Whether are the VIP Tickets to be close up to the stage?
    Tks in advance!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Cannot go for this Seoul concert and I am already having “heart sour/ache” knowing that the tics are coming out on 18/19 oct.

    Hope that I can go for his next yr and many more concerts in future!!!!

    And PLS PLS PLS Captain HOOK…. release his concert DVD!!!!!

    • nina says:

      How many concert DVD’s has Seunggi released? I bought the DVD of 2010’s concert, and would love to collect more 🙂

      • Rensha says:

        they released his 1st Love Concert (2007) too but I do not know if they’re released it in a dvd or just cd cause i just heard it from tryp collection.. wanna get it too ^^

  12. judepps says:

    aww! another failed year for me to attend His concert:( I’ve been planning for this year but unfortunately it didn’t materialize at all despite of an early announcement of concert date..yay so envious for those who could joined the crowd..

  13. leogalsg says:

    i will miss his concert tis year in Seoul.
    I’m goin there early nxt mth n after I bought the tix
    then they announce his concert is in Dec
    really heartache..

  14. Erika says:

    Oh so sad that I can’t go to SeungGi’s concert this year. How I wish I’m rich so that I could go to Korea to attend his concert and fly back to US immediately after and fly again to the Philippines in January 2013! I’m hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that I can go to his 2013 concert. Oh God, please let SeungGi have his concert in 2013. Don’t let him go to the military yet. + I need to have my ultimate fix for my SeungGi addiction! I need to attend his concert even just once. 🙂 The 2007 (thanks to Tryp and threiful) and 2010 (DVD) concerts that I’m always watching are not enough to fix my addiction!

    I’m really envious of those who can attend and enjoy his great performances. I hope Hook will release the concert in DVD few weeks after the concert.

    Tryp, thank you so very much for all your hard work in updating and spoiling all SeungGi fans. You’re awesome!.

    • sarah says:

      we have the same situation.. I really hope that he will not be joining MS by 2013.. Then I think that time I can attend his 2013 concert..

    • nina says:

      Well may be after Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, he will hold a fan meeting in the Philippines 🙂 hopefully!

  15. Yuuki says:

    Hello Tryp, I have tried to create an ID for interpark website but still I couldn’t find the button unless using the Korean version. Do you know how to purchase the ticket with interpark???

    • AnnMichelle says:

      Let me answer this as I just tried it successfully. On their English website, You can just pick a concert and click ‘buy ticket’. Then a box will pop out asking for your log in information. You click on the new member to join. Once that’s done, you can quit the site without going through with the purchase.

      • Yuuki says:

        Thanks for your answer ❤

        But I can't find Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert in the English website ;;; You can see it???

        • AnnMichelle says:

          I think Seung Gi’s concert won’t be up until Oct. 18, 8 pm (Korean Time). That’s why I said click on any concert just to register with the Interpark website.

          • Yuuki says:

            Yeah, I could register for an ID. Thank you so much ^^
            I’m not in the official fanclub so that mean I can only see it from tomorrow 4pm right? Hope there will still be some good seats left T.T

  16. Anonymous says:

    hi tryp, is Oct 18 8pm meaning Korean time 8pm? I’m having a hard time purchasing tickets.
    it says all seats are 0.

    • tryp96 says:

      Are you a fan club member? Did you certify your membership? The booking started an hour ago, and almost all the VIP seats are gone now. 😦

      • Anonymous says:

        yes i am. certify meaning i just have to input my id and birthdate,is that correct?

        • tryp96 says:

          That’s correct.

          • Anonymous says:

            Thanks. but i cannot seem to see the seats. all are 0 even R seats. there must be something wrong.

            • AnnMichelle says:

              It means they are all gone!!! I too was staring at the seating chart of the Saturday’s and wondering what’s happening. Fortunately I clicked on the Sunday’s and a few seats showed up.

            • AnnMichelle says:

              I think there should be more seats (even VIP) when it’s open to the public.

            • Anonymous says:

              or was it because i certified several times because i couldn’t see the seats? 😦
              i couldn’t see even 1 free seat. was it supposed to be only just once? the certification?

            • AnnMichelle says:

              I was there shortly after 8 PM (KST) and did the certification. First concert, VIP 0 seats, R 3 seats. I did not believe it so wasted some time clicking on various VIP sections. Same story – no available seat (indicated by purple dots). Finally I switched to the 2nd concert and saw some VIP seats available. But I think they are probably gone by now.

              • Anonymous says:

                sigh. maybe they really are all gone. i got online at about 830 and now 1 1/2 hrs later, still 0 seats. its just so.. unbelievable. i would be coming overseas so i was hoping i could grab good seats. 😦

                • Anonymous says:

                  btw, thanks tryp and annmichelle. i will be trying overnight.

                  • Jen says:

                    I think tomorrow there will still be VIP seats as only 5 sections (102, 104, 106, 107, and 108) were made available and only 20(?) R seats (section 011). I saw 298 VIP seats available about 8:02pm.

                • Dee says:

                  Yes,no VIP any longer.better justchoose other option….afraid thatit will gone soon. CU there all. Tryp….ur blog are awesome….great….this concertr full of surprise….qeqe…

  17. ming says:

    oh, (sigh)… how i wish i could see one of his annual concerts…and i know it will remain a wish since i could not afford the plane tickets to South Korea..plus the concert tickets??!!!oh (sigh again)…anyway, i could still support him from afar…

  18. jennguyen168 says:

    What am I going to do tomorrow @.@. Plzzzzzzzz I want to buy tickets tomorrow!!!! Hope there are still some VIP or R seats left

  19. tryp96 says:

    I have bad news for those of you wanting VIP tickets. The sections not listed on the English booking site were actually open to the Korean fans. So there probably won’t be very many VIP seats available tomorrow for the general public.

    I realized this because a Korean fan helped me buy tickets, and I got seats in section 109 which was not available on the English site. Usually I would complain about those seats, but under the circumstances, I should consider myself lucky that at least I have VIP seats. 😛

    • Joyce says:

      this is bad!

    • Anonymous says:

      so that’s why i couldn’t see the seats! why do i feel its unfair? 😦

      • tryp96 says:

        Actually, I think it was very nice of Hook to allocate sections for the Korean fans and the international fans separately. If everyone had to fight for the same seats, I really don’t think the international fans stood a chance of grabbing any seats at all. The Korean fans could certify their fan club membership beforehand, but the international fans had to wait until ticketing started. By the time they finished certifying, all the seats would have been gone! 😦 Just FYI, a lot of the Korean fans didn’t get tickets either.

        • Anonymous says:

          i was at R seat last year, and i joined the fanclub especially for this reason, that i could have a vip seat this year. so sad… anyway, i’m trying again later. 🙂

          • tryp96 says:

            Some people will probably hate me for saying this, but Hook shouldn’t have allowed a maximum of 4 tickets for each fan club member. Like you, a lot of fans joined the fan club for the priority ticketing. It’s not fair that some members can get tickets for 3 non-members while other members can’t get tickets at all!

            • Anonymous says:

              totally agree. i hope they will look into this next year. 😦

            • Yon says:

              you were right..
              at least last year, they were entitled to buy 2 only.. this year they allowed 4, so the tickets were sold out faster…..

              i tried last night, immediately after the concert date appeared, i typed my ID & date of birth, went into the block but it’s like 95% grey off(means it’s sold out)…

              if the 4 people are official fans club members, it’s still ok, but if like what you have said, 1 official fan club member but 3 unofficial fan club members tagging along, then it’s not really fair then….. i was quite surprised when i read the notice from the official fan club about 4tickets per person..

            • pearlmintz says:

              Absolutely agree. And I thought I am the only one unhappy about this. 4 tickets is really too many. And they should have followed the Budokan rule – only official members to be allowed to purchase fan seats. It’s really not fair for people who have paid the membership fees and out of nowhere came a non-member tagging along for the purchase

    • Jennifer says:

      Hihi I am so upset that I could not get VIP seat. I really want to get just 1 VIP ticket for myself. Do you think there will be a secondary market where I can buy off someone who can’t make it later on? I am flying from Hk, hence, would really love to sit as close to the stage as possible! Thanks for your advice.

      • edith1812 says:

        me 2 , fly from HK all the way , i bought 1 tic for myself in R section last nite , dont want to be dragged too much for the strange ticketing system

      • Yon says:

        I think it’s difficult. Because the floor area tickets are mostly bought by official fan club members who support Seung Gi. There will be hardly anyone who is an offical member who buys to sell to others online.

        It depends on your luck, you may want to monitor the ticketing website and check if anyone cancel their tickets. Because anytime now till 25th Oct, if anyone wants to cancel their ticket, there is no charge. After Oct 25, there will be a charge for cancellation. These few days will be the best to monitor it.

    • zambak70 says:

      you will go the concert,congratulations dear^^ sure our best blogger will be share with many fanaccounts,that we can feel we were really there…

  20. Yon says:

    yesterday night, i didn’t see Block 103 on the list, i wondered if it was reserved for the japan agency, Frau which is taking pre-order for the japanese fans. or it was for Korean fans?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Hey guys, I succeeded to buy a ticket for Dec 1st!!! There are still seats left in R section though.

    • Khim says:

      Hi, can I check which block will you be seated? I am analysing the seat map and am unsure if I should bet seat around the middle section or the extreme left or right hand section? Thanks for your advice.

  22. Joyce says:

    VIP tickets are gone, but still lots of seats left for the other classes!

  23. Candy87 says:

    Hi Tryp, when will I be able to register for LSG FC member? Can I do now or wait for the beginning of January 2013? How much for the fee? Pay 1 time/year or only once time forever? Tks Tryp.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone find out if VIP Block a102/103 are having 16seats per row?
    As in the diagram it shows 103 & 102 being a 7 shape seating arrangement but the booking page for 102 is one whole block.

  25. luvlatte says:

    I just saw there are two VIP seats left at 105 block on Sun! Grab them!

    • Anonymous says:

      I keep seeing these tickets too but when I click on the block the entire section is grey.

      • Frankie says:

        I think that meant the tickets were in the process of being bought…once the transaction was complete, they would be removed from the count.

  26. EllyC says:

    may i know anyone airen from malaysia is going for the concert…. if yes… could you please pm me. need some help… thanks… :)

  27. Lee yeng yee says:

    Hi how to join the airan membership .

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