“Lee Seung Gi the Perfect Man” in Indonesian Magazine

A new issue of ‘AsianPlus’ (vol. 498)


credit: Tteen_Wu via r_osi

And I happened to see this new poster for the Indonesia FM. That’s a LONG list of sponsors! 😛


BTW, Vingle is giving away 2 VIP tickets to the Indonesia FM if anyone’s interested:


source: Asrifah via nicoleko66

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6 Responses to “Lee Seung Gi the Perfect Man” in Indonesian Magazine

  1. diahaksaeng says:

    will buy it this noon… eventhough its all about his FM in Singapore and be Zipel Model that i have read before, but i still want to buy it ^^

    • diazty says:

      Yeah. .as long as there are any LSG news in magazine although I had read it before in internet, I will buy it ^^~ hey, are you see Indosiar logo in that poster? Hope there are good news between the FM n Indosiar, hehe..

  2. Muljen says:

    Lee Seung Ki…Pria Sempurna means LEE SEUNG GI PERFECT MAN

  3. hey in case there are overseas readers who don’t understand the explaination from Vingle, I’ll try to translate, if you don’t mind ^^
    to get the free ticket, you just need to share the link (that link from Vingle about giving away 2 VIP tickets) on your social-media accounts such as blog, tumblr, twitter, facebook, etc. share as much as you can. the more you share, the bigger the chance for you to get the free ticket. as simple as that ^^

  4. irir says:

    ini dimajalah apa ya ??
    edisi berapa ya ?
    tolong kasih tau dong ??
    please .. 😦

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