Best-Selling Concerts on Interpark – Lee Seung Gi

The 2012 Hope Concert only went on sale 24 hours ago:

Daily Ranking: #1


Weekly Ranking: #1


Monthly Ranking: #1


Yearly Ranking: #22


source: interpark
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11 Responses to Best-Selling Concerts on Interpark – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Nina says:

    Daebak! LSG really the king. More power and love to all the Airens who loves and support him as always. Couldn’t be more proud

  2. Anonymous says:

    How can we buy tic oversea , thx !

  3. edith1812 says:

    Any online source to buy tic , thx !

      • yaleeh says:

        We all want to see more about Lee Seung Gi…but the problem is its so hard to be registered in his official website( ask for a copy of our identification or copy of a passport,,,but after sending mine for several times…they dont even reply for the confirmation of my account,,i try to login everyday but still failed.We fans from other country just want to see more about our favorite star..why it is so hard for us to join!Excuse me for writing this,,its just that why giving us a hard time while we all like to support Lee Seung Gi even just in our little own way!Thank You..

        • Frankie says:

          I understand your frustration. The operation of the official website really leaves a lot to be desired. However, to tell you the truth, I don’t visit the official website much anyway. As an international fan, I’ve found Tryp’s website offer much more information that I can actually understand. Maybe that’s why Hook does not put a lot of emphasis on the website, at least as far as the English version is concerned. I think a far better way to support Seung Gi is to support his activities: go to his concerts or fan meets if you can, buy his albums and DVDs, watch his dramas, etc.
          Some are confused about the official website and Airen membership. Official Airen membership is a yearly thing and opens for registration in the beginning of each year. It also carries a fee of around 65,000 won (if I remember correctly from this year’s). When the time comes I am sure Tryp will let us know. In my mind, being an Airen is another direct way to show support to Seung Gi.

        • Jen says:

          I have the same experience last week. Until now I still have not heard back from the webmaster. Don’t think my account has been Certified. Really frustrating! I am still upset the I can get the VIP ticket for the concert. If anyone can make it and looking to sell your VIP ticket, please let me know! PLEASE!! Thanks.

          • Frankie says:

            Jen, please read my post above. Please don’t confuse concert pre-booking with LSG website. Let me say that again: you have to be a fee-paying, card-carrying, official Airen to do pre-booking. If you are not an official Airen, and since pre-booking has expired anyway, please go to the interpark English website to buy concert tickets. Seung Gi has promised some special staging for audience even NOT in the VIP sections in his latest letter.

  4. Dimples says:

    Wow! Great news! The more that I feel bad for not being able to go to his concert this year. I’m really envious to those who can attend. I’m just hoping that Hook will release concert DVD the soonest possible time after the concert.

    Tryp, thanks a lot!

  5. edith1812 says:

    Hi all, i just got my concert tic from the online ticketing link , it is a bit slow but it works , no more VIP tic anyway , it is acceptable though not ideal for me , have to book my flight , hotel , and apply leave next week , go fast , tic go fast
    last but not the least , thanks our host @tryp 96 for every single inf prepared , it is really helpful ,and dont be frustrated for not able to log in , i have been verified two months ago but see nothing there , at least not in eng version

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