Malaysia Magazine ‘e-pop’ Scans – Lee Seung Gi

OK, it’s a magazine published in Malaysia, but it’s in Chinese. Just in time for SeungGi’s visit. 😛




credit: Brenda (bluessien)

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3 Responses to Malaysia Magazine ‘e-pop’ Scans – Lee Seung Gi

  1. AIreN says:

    they have in malay too, but usually a bit late than the chinese ver, however, i bet there’s malay who buy the chinese ver too even they can’t read it … since i did that a lot back then? who can wait to have lee seung gi pics?

    …and why lee seung gi have to be schedule to malaysia now when i am in states? so sad~

  2. Sophea says:

    Can anyone PM me what is the seung gi’s flight schedule to Msia today/trow?

  3. soerim says:

    waa…any magazine in eng or malay.. i just want to buy it!!

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