12.11.02 Lee Seung Gi Malaysia FM Videos 2

SeungGi saying “I Love You” in 3 languages

Riding bicycle

‘Don’t forget the lyrics!’

teaching fans to dance

Will You Marry Me

Let’s Go On Vacation

Because You’re My Woman + ending speech


credit: JandaChomot

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4 Responses to 12.11.02 Lee Seung Gi Malaysia FM Videos 2

  1. LSG says:

    Hi Tryp, just sent u an email with attachment.

  2. paolacolunga says:

    Muchas gracias Janda Chomot por compartirnos los videos, te lo agradezco millón, estaba ansiosa por saber algo del concierto, LSG se lució y fue muy atento con las participantes, millón besos para LSG como quisiera vivir allá para poder compartir con ustedes la emoción de verlo y de disfrutar su voz y su presencia.

    Mil gracias.

  3. Uyen says:

    i know the fan standing closest to Seung Gi in the dance game, wahhh, so happy for her!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you very much for sharing Janda Chomot the videos, I appreciate million, was anxious to know something of the concert, LSG was brilliant and was very helpful with participants, one million kisses for LSG as I wanted to live there with you to share the excitement of seeing and enjoy his voice and presence.

    Thank you

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