14 Responses to Malaysia FM Fan Account by Sweetspring

  1. he’s on the way to Indonesia now, just can’t wait !!!

  2. crazyahjummafan says:

    Thanks for your wonderful account. Enjoyed it thoroughly!

  3. sweetspring says:

    awww, i got my own post?!?! malu lah, shy ><
    Apologies if anyone found the account too long & whatever, I just wanted to share my experience with people who wanted to be there last night but couldn't.
    Thanks to the lovely Tryp for this awesome blog & especially the hard work scanning the net for Seung Gi news on this hectic weekend of his & keeping us up-to-date.
    Indonesian Airens hope all of you have an awesome time tomorrow.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Thanks Sweetspring. I could not stop smiling and laughing while reading it 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot Sweetspring for sharing this fan account, in spite of your spinning mind. Glad that you’ve managed to see a ‘bigger version’ of Seung Gi at the Malaysia FM! 🙂

  6. lilian says:

    Thanks Sweetspring,,everyone learn from mistakes. (just forgive and forget.)

  7. yon says:

    thanks sweetspring for your account..

    For fan account, the longer the better…hehehe…. because we can read about the every tiny bit about Seung Gi or related to Seung Gi..

    Thanks so much… because i could not go, so it’s nice to read fan accounts….

  8. Nadya says:

    Agree with you yon, for fan account, longer = better hehe.. Thanks sweetspring for sharing your experience 🙂

  9. Uyen says:

    I love reading that he chuckled and bent laughing.
    I like his talk with the dance game paticipations the most, their answers are just like Seung Gi’s style, honest yet humerous and smart, and they brought him good laughs. Like Seung Gi, like Airens. 😀

  10. AnnMichelle says:

    A lovely fan account! Thank you so much. If you think of something to add please do come back as I am sure every one is hungry for any Seung Gi nugget. May he be in your dreams!!!

  11. dramaaddict says:

    Sweetspring, thks for giving us an interesting fan account. Fan accounts should be lengthy and with all the minute details to make it even more juicy. Great Job n Well done.

  12. blackholeangel says:

    Thank Sweetspring so much!!!! I do like enjoying long fan accounts ^^

  13. Misc says:

    And here is my fan account. I am the first girl in the dance session that Sweetspring mentioned.

    I could hardly sleep last night after the fan meeting bcause of overjoy and happiness with my encounter with Seung Gi. I felt sleep at around 3 am and got up again at 6 today. My mind is all about Seung Gi and the interaction I had with him in the fan meet, and I decided to share this piece of experience I had with all other airens.
    > I have not officially joined any lsgairen fan club, but just dilligently stay behind searching n updating information about Seung Gi everyday. It becomes my habit n an everyday must-do thing. I rewarch his dramas (all of them) at least ten times each. It become my habit to watch his drama before I go to bed. Even my husband has to compromise with this. Then i am happy that I know a lot of things about him as much as an airen, except for dancing part keke…. People around me said i am a real fan of him and i am happy to be his fan. I attended Seung Gi fan meeting in Singapore and this one in Malaysia. Both were fantastic but I really enjoyed yesterday event because i was really lucky to be on stage and see Seung Gi upclose and hugged him (my sorry to all other airens for this). I could not do this during Singapore fan meeting. My dream came true yesterday and I was super super happy…. Seung Gi is indeed really really handsome upclose in person. Before I myself saw it yesterday, when reading other fan accounts saying that he looks better in person and that pictures and TV do not justify it, i could not imagine the difference. And i think My Seung Gi is cute but not really a flower boy like some other actors. However, I was surprised so much yesterday when I saw him, talked with him. And my assumption is not correct. He is indeed super handsome, much much more handsome than any HD pictures and dramas can tell. And that is the truth. I hope that all other airens will have a lucky opportunity to see him upclose and you will have to agree with me. Let’s experience it yourself.
    > Seung Gi had a perfect body shape, even I watched him from behind, front or from his side, it is all perfect. He must have done a lot of exercise to keep him in such a good shape. When i was lucky to hug him, I could tell he had a firm body too (pls forgive me for this as I just want to share my experience and happiness). He did not wear any perfume, however, even he sweat a lot from his back as i could tell when my hand touched, He still smelled good. I could not take my eyes off him during the dancing session, the only blame I had was i was standing in the position where the light was too bright that i at times I could not see him. The experience was really precious and special for me. I am still flying now with all the vivid feeling about me touching his hand, his back n listening to his talk, his voice. I know it is a lifetime experience that i will treasure. Love him and addicted to him, my Seung Gi.

    • AnnMichelle says:

      Lucky you!!! Thanks so much for spreading your good fortune to us too with this touching account. Could not agree with you more about the real life Seung Gi. I was not as lucky as you because he was further away from me when I saw him in 2011. But his delicate, finely carved features, his graceful body, his aroma…Wow! It’s really a sight to behold.

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