12.11.03 Lee Seung Gi Indonesia FM PressCon Fancams

*updated – 12 clips so far*

credit: Rahmat Dhani Saputra

credit: Revana Koestoer

credit: liesa lee

credit: karismaima

credit: Yoshie Adi Purnama

credit: elya kalina

credit: isshundemo

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8 Responses to 12.11.03 Lee Seung Gi Indonesia FM PressCon Fancams

  1. MTDT says:

    ooh.. i love the crowd!! Like what the MC says: SG just wave, everyone screams! I believe SG loves Open Media Conf!

  2. crazyahjummafan says:

    Seunggi looks very bright and cheery when he interacts with his fans.

  3. Fai says:

    OH I WAS THERE! hahaha. sorry just too excited xD

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love you Indonesia! Thank you for loving Our Seung Gi.
    Oh and I noticed his bodyguards are like bouncers from a night clubs they are so huge! 🙂

    • nina says:

      You’re right ^^ the bodyguards are huge but not rude to the fans while still keeping the situation secured for Seunggi 🙂

  5. ThePluieKiss says:

    Share more videos (got goosebumps from the crowd)
    ruuv ruuuv ruuuv

    by Yoshie Adi Purnama

    by karismaima

  6. Innaka says:

    when I see him, can’t say anything. speechless..

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