Malaysia FM Fan Account by Jennifer

Like Jennifer pointed out herself, this fan account is somewhat different. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows…

I just want to share my fan account but it’s not the usually kind that you read on the blog. I can’t share that I shook his hand or took a photo with him although I wished I had the opportunity. My fan account is about his visit here to Malaysia. As a Malaysian fan I was angry, sad and embarrassed at the way he was treated here. I blame the organizer for the poor unprofessional job they did in organizing this event. However, through this whole event, it has shown and proven to me that Lee Seung Gi is really in a class of his own. There is no other artist like him. I’m not talking so much of his singing but more of his heart and attitude. There are many artists who have talent that even supersedes Seung Gi’s but not every artist has a good heart to go with that talent. I witness this at the fanmeet and that is what I want to share.

Since Seung Gi arrived in Malaysia, he had to endure some unpleasant moments. His radio interview with the English station was horrible…not his fault at all. The DJ was clueless as to who SG was. He did not do any research or find out more about the person you’re interviewing which is totally unprofessional. Even though I’m not a DJ but common sense tells me to prepare for my interview….duh ! The DJ just rattled off questions to him and there was no interaction at all with him. He did not even have the courtesy to ask SG to greet his fans. There was no small talk exchanged like asking him how he found Malaysia, was the weather too hot for him…you know those kind of friendly ice-breaking questions when you meet someone for the first time. The interview was advertised for 30 minutes but when you remove all the songs in between that was played (and they weren’t even his songs!), the whole interview took only 10 minutes. You could sense that SG found that interview a strain because he’s usually relaxed and jokes at his interviews. A lot of the fans were disgusted with the DJ.

Then came his close door press conference which was poorly conducted. Again it was not his fault. He was made to stand on stage by himself with the MC at one end and the interpreter at the other end. It was cold. The media was busy taking photos of him while he was talking and they were not allowed to ask any questions. Only the MC could ask questions. Even one reporter commented that the press con was too short but he said that he was impressed at SG for his good attitude throughout the whole event. I saw pics of the presscon and I was so sad because SG did not give his best smile or look very happy as compared to all the other press conferences he did and I don’t blame him. 

So I went to the fanmeet feeling sad and not really excited because I did not know what to expect. To make it worse, the venue chosen for the fanmeet is not our best. We have way better venues but they choose this mall to have his fanmeet. The concert was held on the 15th floor of the mall. It is covered but the back part of the floor is open air and so you don’t feel the air-conditioning. So what more on the stage with all the lighting?? I think it was harder for SG. The place is not even theatre style set up like Kallang Theatre in Singapore. It’s one level and they place plastic chairs on the whole floor and section off the seats according to the ticket price!! Can you believe that…plastic chairs? It’s like holding a concert in a shop-lot! I just sat there thinking what SG must be feeling since he arrived in Malaysia and the crappy way things were done for him. I thought he may not be his usual cheerful self and will just go through the fanmeet on “remote-control” mode. But I don’t blame him if he did it like that because I was so irritated at the organizer for doing this to him and from Tryp’s blog I know that the Malaysians fans were also upset but we could not do anything for him.

But was I so WRONG !  From the very first song LEE SEUNG  GI rose above the difficult and sad circumstances surrounding his visit. He gave his utmost best! He proved again to be the star, artist, entertainer, super nice guy we all know him to be and love. He was happy, relaxed, joked and interacted with us. He made us laugh and go “goo goo gaga gaga” over him. He teased us and said that since we screamed so loudly during his kissing scenes on the videos shown, he must do more kissing scenes in the future. He also teased and said Malaysian fans like to see him take his clothes off! When the six ladies went up on stage to learn the dance steps, he asked them one by one if they like to dance. One of the conversation went like this:

SG: Do you like to dance ?

Lady: No

SG: What do you like ?

Lady: YOU !!

Seung Gi just burst out laughing and the lady got a hug from him 🙂

In the singing game, the MC asked the ladies individually what they like about SG. One lady replied she likes SG because “He is LEE SEUNG GI”. Seung Gi liked that answer and went and gave her a hug 🙂

After he sang “You’re my Woman” he said normally when he sings that song he’s happy but today he said he felt sad singing that song and you could see he was getting emotional and trying to suppress his emotions. [Maybe he felt sad for his Malaysians fans seeing that they got a rotten deal from the organizers?] At that point, he made me speechless and limp…OMG OMG ! He also said that he felt like he was giving a concert in Korea (that tells me he felt at home here). I don’t think he has said that at any fanmeet before (correct me if I’m wrong). I’m so glad be felt the love and admiration from the Malaysian fans. That made his trip here worthwhile.

Maybe I’m just being a “sentimental fool” but I was touched by him. It was almost like he knew that no matter how badly his visit was organized, the Malaysian fans came in full force to see him and support him on a wet rainy night at a not so nice venue located at a not so nice area. The fans loved him no matter what and should not be penalized for the crappy job of the Organizers. You can say that he’s being professional but I say that what he did came from a very kind and sweet spirit within him. Not many artists can do what he did. Most artists will come and do their thing and you can sense that it’s just a job to them. But with Seung Gi you know it came from his heart. The performance he gave that night spoke volumes. I went home walking on air 😀

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35 Responses to Malaysia FM Fan Account by Jennifer

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Jen for this fan account. You really spoke my heart out. I couldn’t write an account because there were just too many unpleasant series of events that occurred before the showcase day. Hence I only did an account of the photos I tool. Much more less to say the poorly organized activities that gave much disappointments. I felt so sorry for SGi and was just almost in tears. Worst having able to see Cody fanning him with a fan at the showcase venue. During the showcase I was just almost in tears to see how he managed to overcome all these treatment just for us fans.

    I love SGi so much that I was just so close to tearing. I love him for leaving a good memory for me at the showcase. And I just wish they hadn’t treated him that way.

    You spoke my heart out Jen. I couldn’t write a proper fan account but the above was how I felt.

    • Anonymous says:

      By the way it is me skaterjomag who wrote the above.

    • blackholeangel says:

      I am crying now when reading your fan account…..

    • Anonymous says:

      If you guys have seen my fan account of the M’sia press con photos on Tryp here you will know exactly what I mean. At one moment, I just didn’t want to take any photos of him but to just stand there and have a good look at his face. This point our eyes met and I was glad he made a few eye contacts with me when I stopped taking pictures. I felt he could recognized me since I was such a stalker when he came to Singapore Fanmeet with all my gifts. While standing there looking at him, all I did was just smile at him with the camera in my hand. I hope that I gave him that mini bit of comfort to know that I was there with him. – Skaterjomag

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you 110%!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much!! I was impressed by your account. Seung Gi is an amazing person. I think actully he is an angel and a guardian angel for us!! ^^

  4. patiputairen says:

    really nice fan account jen..
    we know that’s all not malaysian airen fault..
    and we surely know that seunggi is a humble star..
    wish that next trip to malaysia,seunggi will be treat better..
    just usually our king must be treat like a king…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you su much Jennifer! I was impressed by your account and I agree with your thought. I think actually he is an angel and a guardian angel for us! ^^

  6. May says:

    Not to worry, Malaysian airens, just send him a letter via Hook and apologised for the inadequate preparations by the organiser, and expressed your love to him. He’ll be most glad that you care 😉

    • Jennifer says:

      Good idea. Do you have Hook’s email add ?

      • Anonymous says:

        HOOK ENTERTAINMENT / 104-15 Cheongdamdong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-956 Korea

        • Jennifer says:

          Thanks but do you have the email address ?

        • D Lee says:

          Hi, I hope you can help clear my doubts. I read an article a couple of months ago about a banned type of food- dogs’ meat and people were asked to write to our dear Seung Gi through Hook Entertainment. The address given is Hook Entertainment, Hook Building, 49 Dosandaero 81-gil Gangnam-gu, Seoul Postal Code 06010, South Korea. So, I am not sure which one is the correct address. Please enlighten me. TQ.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thks for this objective account. My eyes were brimmi brimming w tears when i heard that he was being treated in that way by the organisers. To make matter worse, heard he was given problems at the malaysian immigration. Sob**** hope he feel happier today.

  8. Janet Chew says:

    Well said Jennifer! I was there too! I feel for him too 😦 And yes, Seung Gi has proved himself ~ the Lee Seung Gi, the real him! Keep up the good work, Seung Gi!

  9. Yuen Ling says:

    Great account Jen. Agree with you to the fullest!!! I was there too!

  10. blackholeangel says:

    Seung gi is so amazing. Agreed with you. He does everything from his sweet, warm and sincere heart. Thank jennifer

  11. LSG says:

    @ Jennifer. I was crying reading your fan account. You really spoke my heart out.
    @ May. Yes, agreed with you.
    It has been in my thought since the end of showcase on Friday. I was thinking shall we Malaysia Airen/fan collect all our messages & send to Seunggi via Hook. We, Malaysia Airen and fan really care & want to express our love to him. Also want to thanks him a million for the performance he gave us on Friday night.
    Sorry, I can’t write well. This is exactly how I felt & feeling disturbed since the first day of Seunggi in Malaysia.
    Our, Seunggi-ya, mianhae.

  12. crazyahjummafan says:

    I was touched and impressed the first time I read your account, and I’m impressed and touched again! Wonderful write up, Jennifer. I’m glad u took my suggestion. *wink, wink*
    Your account has shown SG to be the true professional that he is, and he’s only 25 yrs old. It has also shown how much he values his fans and what a really great person he is! I’m now an even bigger fan than ever.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Anonymous says:

      Age is just a number. It doesn’t mean that you are older means you are wiser. So hence for our Seung Gi, despite his young age, he has seen and gone through many different types of experiences in life to become who is today. This humble man with a loving, kind and caring heart. That’s my Seung Gi Oppa! He loves his fans with a sincere heart and that’s what makes us all love him so much. I can’t express further how much I love this man. I don’t just idolize him as an idol and fan. But I truly love this man!
      – Skaterjomag

  13. airen says:

    nice fan account Jen..some of it breaking my heart reading it…

    i also wanted to share something here….almost the same feeling i have with Jen….

    i hope i don’t interrupted jen’s fan account…just wanna add what happened to me….and some piece of my mind…

    You know how happy i was when i read the news about him coming to Malaysia?? on the same day i read the news, i went to central market to search for his gifts…that how excited i was…

    Few people that know about me going to fm keep telling how crazy i was(until to this date) to buy his VIP ticket for RM530 and then spend another thousand for the gifts and another RM510 to courier it (since i dont want to trouble him to fly it to jakarta then to korea).
    it’s not that i wanted to say i have a lot of money, but i wanted to mention here, like other airens (who maybe willing to do a lot more), i’m willing to spend everything i have to make sure he got the best and that’s what he deserved jazzy!!!

    The couple of weeks before the FM i can sense something was not right (my six sense running high). I even told some of my airen friends that the organizer is doing a lousy job. They were too busy about other FMs. Some fellow Malaysian airens also keep complaining about the the lack of promotion, the crappy venue and a lot of things were so unorganized.

    The Malaysian airen teams decided to do the promotion by themselves. They printed the Mr.Lee pamphlets and hand distribute in the shopping mall ( i read it in the Malaysia airen fb), they promoted to family and friends, trying so hard to find any important people that can help to promote Mr.Lee fm. That how dedicated the Malaysian airens was.

    During the Fm day i was totally in a bad mood, i even said to one of my airen friend i dont want to go. But of course it would be crazy if i dont go, coz i even got the lucky draw.

    At Kenanga mall, i was little bit confused with what happened or what i supposed to do.
    i was asked to wait at LG floor for the fansign, after waiting like for ages, i dont even know what happened. Some few girls keep asking me what are we doing here?? S’pore and Japan fans were restless since they’ve been waiting and waiting and dont even get any briefing. (there’s one guy seem to talk something but he looks like talking to himself coz no one can hear him). suddenly, i was asked to follow a group of people, and i..heodang of me…got lost..separated from the group. Luckily, i was able to find the group again.

    During the fansign my mind was blank, i was just sort of processing what happened earlier. When it was my turn for signing, i wrote my name on paper with a heart on it so he can write it correctly. He did put a heart sign to my name. I was so intently focusing on his face, i dont realized i gave him a emotionless expression even when he smiled at me. He reached out his hand to shake mind. I took it and then he looked into my eyes, i brain stop functioning. i dont even know what happened next. I wish i can grab his hand and drag him home. i’m a fool for not returning his smile. He must have thought malaysian people not friendly.Arghhh…

    Worst thing happened to my friend, since she didnt get the fansign, she was left alone wondering around the LG floor waiting for the staffs to tell her what’s next. no one said anything. One s”pore fan was so mad she scold the staffs and asked them to do their job right (my friend told me this). After having a heated discussion with some fans, they were brought to the venue. Obviously, like me, my friend also got moody. i almost see smoke from her ears and fire in her eyes.

    looking at the venue, i was speechles!! what jazzy does to him was beyond my imagination, he was treated like a local third class star. Even a school boy band can get a better place than that fm venue. What the H*ll happened to the ticket money anyway?? dont tell me that they dont have money to rent a better place coz everyone have to admit the ticket is a little bit expensive…or dont even dare to say that Mr.Lee demand high payment…coz obviously Singapore and Indonesian organizer dont have any trouble getting a nice place… not to mentioned the Radio interview and also Press conference (read jen’s fan account)

    Before Mr Lee came out, i was trying to take pictures, suddenly a guard shone a torchlight to my face and asked me to keep the camera off. seriously i almost wanted to beat the guard to death and i’m very famous with my hot temper. My friend hold me and keep asking me, are you okay..i said well…and i asked the same question to her…she gave me the same answer like i did..

    Then Mr. Lee showed up….he started singing..the next thing i know i was screaming like a lunatic…
    Millions thanks to the fans that day, i was glad coz they are the one who saved the day…and jazzy you are lucky coz Mr.Lee got fans like us…you were not save by the bell, but by fans like us who loyal and dedicated to Mr. Lee and you should be thanking us for that….got it???

    The rest about what happened to the amazing Mr. Lee…………read Jen’s fan account…… and airens’ comments…that almost the same feeling i have when i see him during the FM…

    • Anonymous says:

      If I were to write my fan account, I think all of you will have an even deeper bad impression of the organizer. And it will be super lengthy! Should I write? sigh…
      – Skaterjomag

      • airen says:

        whyever not?? just let everything on your chest out…we juz wanted other airens to know that we the malaysian airens are much more disappointed and sad for what happened to Mr.Lee than you are. i’m much more freaking upset because we are the one who need to face all the other airens with our head bowing low coz we didnt take care of him (of course it’s not our fault, but we also feel guilty about this) while the others so proud telling how much well treated he was in other countries…

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes. Please write everything and pass it on for innocent Malaysian Airen!!!!!!!!!ㅠㅠㅠ

    • crazyahjummafan says:

      It seems as if Jazzy’s just in for the money! Its so shameless to charge such a high price for tickets and give such a crappy venue and low class seating arrangements. But you what? They are fools, cause it their lost. I’m sure that SG and Hook will not collaborate with them any more in the future, and will certainly not give them a good review for the other celebs.
      Fans will also be weary of attending any of their events – at least I will. I was seriously considering making to the trip to KL, but decided against it. I’m thankful I didn’t go cos I too have a fiery temper, and would probably have given the staff an ear-ful! I have now learnt to see which organiser is organising such events, and Jazzy, you’re on my black list!

  14. seunggicharm says:

    oh my gosh.. this is such an elaborate fan account Jen! thanks for sharing this. I actually read some tweets about Msia fm, him having a bad mood and all. Now I know why.. I think it’s just normal for him to have that kind of mood then.. My gosh! From the radio interview, I was really disappointed with that.. They shouldn’t have treated him like that! He’s a SUPERSTAR! what’s wrong with the organizers?! Malaysian Airens must’;ve felt that it wads partly their fault.. We all know how passionate Msian airens are.. I couldn’t help but feel sooooo terribly bad for Seung Gi for being treated like that. Hence, I am more proud of him for putting up with the discomfort the organizers have caused him. He is indeed ONE of a Kind.. A true entertainer.. I couldn’t imagine it happened to him..Seung Gi-yaa.. You did well… We are inlove with you even more!

  15. evilynn says:

    During ticket redemption at Jazzy office, I had mentioned about treating LSG the best so that he will always come to Malaysia. The lady told me with arrogant intonation, of course he will come again for a concert next year. Dream on lady! He will come again to Malaysia perhaps but not organised by you.

    Love the Malaysian airens!!

  16. Jenny says:

    I am totally agree with your comment. LSG is the real entertainer I ever found. He make that night wonderful for his malaysia fan meet. This is the first time for me to be his fan but I promise I will be his long time fan forever! Always support him! Cheer up and joyful like you always be. Love you Lee Seung Gi❤❤

  17. jenny says:

    I totally agree wt u. The organiser sucks. How could they let him stand throught the press conference. Where is our hospitality, make malaysia yr 2nd home. Anyway l love lsg…

  18. Anonymous says:

    승기오빠 미안해!! ㅜ.ㅜ I feel so sad for SGi. I feel like crying! 미안해 오빠! 😪 The more fan accounts I read the ANGRIER I get. HORRIBLE RADIO DJ INTERVIEW, HORRIBLE VENUE, 8 MINS CLOSED DOOR PRESS CON WITH NO SEATS, CONFUSION AT AIRPORT!!?

    승기오빠 정말 미안해! 정말!


  19. anonymous says:

    AHH thanks for the fan account !!! i’ve attend some events organised by jazzy and like everyone comment here JAZZY is a terrible organiser especially in terms of VENUE !!!! they are probably trying to save money on finding a better venue ! i would rather it being held in a university auditorium or better if its at KLCC convention center (i attended jang guen suk CRI show in malaysia which was held in plenery hall which is super awesome as a fanmeeting venue) ..i didn’t get the fansign for lee seung gi therefore i arrived at 7.30pm and head to 15th floor knowing that is the event place and was confused on where to get my poster. clueless me went and ask a staff and was told to go all the way down to obtain my poster and back up to 15th floor for the FM. wouldn’t it be better if everything are arranged properly. and i read the other airen’s fanaccount which got me totally pissed at malaysian organiser !!! as i know most artist that comes to malaysia are either assisted from korea to malaysia and would lead the way then as the artist is leaving they should also assist until they board the flight to the next destination ! this is why i never wanted JAZZY to bring anymore korean artist to malaysia and i’ve got friends that USED to work for jazzy for their internship and was told that their lady boss is very ‘kiamsiap’ or stingy. anyway, as a malaysian airen i really hope he’ll come back soon BUT NOT WITH CRAPPY MONEY SUCKING ORGANISER !

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