12.11.05 Indonesian Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

Coverage of the press conference and the fan meeting:

credit: pearlmint2011

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8 Responses to 12.11.05 Indonesian Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

  1. dalsg says:

    Im try to translate,
    Announcer (A)
    Kiss lover, after the arrival of some kpop boyband from South Korea, now Indonesia welcoming a talented singer n actor superstar Lee SeungGi (Sgi).
    His presence in Indonesia, able to hypnotize fans are mostly women.
    At Fm Presscon stage, Sgi : “Saya senang di Indonesia” (Im happy in Indonesia).
    A: Held in one of the mall in West Jakarta, on 4 November 2012,one of the best singer in South Korea, can make all mostly female fans enthusiastic. Lee did not even think, that his arrival will be greeted as this grand when he arrived at Indonesia. Trip Lee’s mini concert in Jakarta was a gift to his fans. This was said at a press conference , Sgi by Translator: ” I wanna said thank you for Indonesia Airen Fanclub, arrival at Soekarno Hatta airport I was very surprised that many who welcomed me, and it was raining and very cloudy.

  2. Muljen says:

    The press coverage was very good. From the beginning until the end, it was full of praises for SeungGi 😀 since the FM ended till now, i have read lots of request from fans to bring him back again,including me hehe. Come on AIren Indonesia, lets hope and pray that SeungGi will come to Indonesia again for a Concert…

  3. dalsg says:

    Sgi : “Apa kabar Indonesia?” (How r u Indonesia?) Im Lee SeungGi, im so hlad to be here inn Indonesia n Malaysia, thank u for yr inviting”.
    A : Mini concert lively as strengthen its position as a prominent singer, although Lee of acting ability can not be doubted. The concert that night did belong to Lee SeungGi loyal fans. This is evident from some of the events that happened on stage that involves some fans. Lee could get a “nasi tumpeng”cone of rice for celebrate from his fans.

  4. dalsg says:

    MC dave: “Dedicated to you, from your fans, that you are always successful and happy in your career”.
    Sgi :”Terima kasih” (thank you).
    Sgi said 3 Indonesian words, “Apa kabar, terima kasih,cantik” (how r u, thank u, pretty) (^_^)
    A: Interaction with her fans not only to listen to him sing. Cleverness and ingenuity that can liven up the atmosphere is very visible at night.
    Lee said “I love you”

  5. gray says:

    I wanna share some interesting & funny facts

    For each time seung gi move his body, airen scream out loud, and tbh, it was disturbing the media conference, until the point, the MC need to tell him: please don’t make any gesture, or we can’t progress this event. And he was gesturing: Ok, ok, with his right hand. It’s so funny when he tried to restrain himself to not moving his body, while a little gesture like touching his hair is enough to make airen in MTA scream, kkkkkk~

    I loooove the press conf. so much, too bad, the translator for the press conference is a bit stiff, and she can’t make Seung Gi’s meaning really well.

    • mtdt says:

      wahaha… so cute! :p

    • Iva says:

      ah…….that is why the second translator come along at the FM.

    • pinksapphire says:

      I was not at the press conference or the Indo FM. From what I can see, the translator at the press conference is a native korean speaker. Hence, she spoke in a formal bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language) and I think she was translating words per words. She probably did not know how to use some of the colloquial/slang words that are commonly used in daily conversation in Indonesia. That’s why it is difficult to understand the translation. So, don’t blame her… This is how foreigners learn bahasa indonesia. It will take them a while to start using or getting used to the way the Indonesian speak, with many slang words included in the conversation.

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