12.11.05 Photo with Lee Seung Gi

Mr. Munial just tweeted this: [coffee with SeungGi?]

Ngopi2 with LSG


credit: mulymunial

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9 Responses to 12.11.05 Photo with Lee Seung Gi

  1. @fkurniawan says:

    SGi looks so happy and relax. 😀

  2. blackholeangel says:

    The room looked so special, peaceful with the window viewing outside. So suited to the person inside ^^

  3. dramaaddict says:

    Is Mr. Munial having civet coffee with LSG? SG looks so stunting here. Not only I like SG in black, I like him in all colors now.
    Looks like Mr Munial is SG’s personal guide and cuisine guru in Indonesia. Thks Mr Munial for yr warm hospitality. If I go Indonesia, I need you as my personal guide also. hahaha

  4. eeeeeeena says:

    I really like seunggi’s aura in this pic 🙂

  5. dy says:

    Bromance overload =) Thank you Om for taking a really good care of Seung Gi, I believe he had a fun time and someday he’ll visit Indonesia again.

  6. Anonymous says:

    So happy Seunggi can have sometime for R&R in Indonesia ^^. Thank you MSG, if Seunggi come here again, you guys have to be his organizer again 🙂

  7. WhiteJasmine says:

    Thanks Om Muly for all efforts to make our Seung Gi happy in Indonesia….you treat him like a family…so like Seung Gi said in FM: “Indonesian people are outgoing persons”, I”m really happy to hear that…Tryp, thanks for sharing. Your blog is great.

  8. nina says:

    @Tryp , you are right ^^, the translation is “Having some coffee with LSG (in a relax fashion). I’m so happy Seunggi could had some R&R in Indonesia as the last stop of his Asia tour. As soooo handsooommme >.<

  9. patiput.airen says:

    Really happy to see that our seunggi being treat well by Mr. Mul in here..
    he really deserve the best organizer like Mr.Mul..
    They look like a friends…
    wish u enjoy your trip n FM in indonesia, n being one of your good memory..
    always be happy uri hwang..

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