35 Responses to Malaysia FM Fan Account by SashimiDou

  1. l says:

    I was trying to rate “like”.wrong click!!!sorry.

  2. I am really heartbreaking when I heard my airen friend story about SeungGi was also treated badly at the Malaysia airport immigration. He was so confused back then, and my friend said that he went to wrong direction, he got lost T___T, yes i agree he doesn’t deserve this bad treatment >,<

  3. Anonymous says:

    Seung Gi was not lost but instead looking for GA biz class lounge all by himself and his manager. no one accompany them inside immigration which shows how bad host was! lounge is at the other terminal where he got to take the train. to get into immigration, company in general can apply pass for a reason, if unable to get pass still can arrange airport greet and meet (got to pay) to accompany him inside to ensure he is well taken care of.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sigh!!! Seung Gi ah! 미안네!!! Mianhe! 😥 the more fan accounts I read the angrier I get. Argh! I feel like crying! 😥

  5. Jennifer says:

    I think we, his fans, should go to the Organizer’s, Jazzy Group, Facebook page and express our disappointments in how Seung Gi was treated. They seem to think they did a great job…….duh !

    • Muljen says:

      Yes, agree. You guys should definetely do that.

    • pinksapphire says:

      I agree about expressing your disappointments. but may not be effective in their FB page. I think they will just delete all the negative comments and keep the good ones. I don’t know whether it’s more effective to complain through other media, eg those kpop websites?! Nevertheless, I think there should be an official complain from the fans, not just on how badly they treated LSG, also on the venue arrangement. The comparison between M’sia and Indo FM venue is jaring. Both venues are not ideal for concert, but a little more effort in Indo FM have yielded different result. The complain may not result in anything, but at least you make it known to them your unhappiness.

    • yon says:

      an airen posted her disappointment in Lazzy fb a few days ago, but it seems like it has been deleted by Lazzy staff… only good comments are still on their facebook… i’m speechless about their action….

      i think the best is to write to Hook and tell them not to work with this lousy & lazy company in the future… by the way, this company has office in hong kong, so if hong kong is going to to have a fan meet in the future, tell them to be careful too…

      • pinksapphire says:

        Hook should know about this from LSG & managers and make their own separate complain, right? I mean they are an entertainment agency, which should be more experience in handling all this than us, the fans. Hook should learn from this and take proper actions without the fans telling them what to do.

        • yon says:

          From Lazy co profile, they looks good… from facebook, good comments only… they look good with some many k-stars events organized by them. so even if they check out their facebook or website, they can’t gauge if the company is ok or not. So it might be good if fans write in to Hook and feedback..

        • Anonymous says:

          We Airens can write a letter and post send it by air mail to Hook’s address. Alternatively, send an Airen representative to travel to Hook to give the letter when in Seoul during the concert period.

  6. soerim says:

    i think next time when seunggi comes again.. i want aznikl hj nawawi or zizan or sharifah shahira became host…sorry..my eng very bad..

  7. Anonymous says:

    Im sorry if this has been mentioned before (too many posts and comments to keep up) but I just want to express my bewilderment at the singing game session. To me, it is unbelievable that almost none of the girls on stage knew how to sing his songs, his HIT songs. Personally, I felt so embarrassed for him. This is his fanmeet. He’s a singer. And yet u can’t sing his songs??? Wonder how he felt then… 😦

    • Jennifer says:

      I think they knew his songs,it’s just that if you’re not good with languages, you will find it hard to pronounce the words. I think that’s why Seung Gi said it’s Ok to hum the tune. They were also probably feeling shy and nervous.

      • Anonymous says:

        Even after he said they could hum, there wasn’t a mad rush for the mic.

        • Airen says:

          Actually i heard the tics sales was very bad right? There were many sites giving FOC Tics away… and they are giving it away like 5-6 tics at one shot. Thus very likely 50% of the pple there are not his fans… just go for free entertainment. 😦

          • Anonymous says:

            I agree with that. They are not the true blue fan!!! Before his fanmmeet, the organiser was still giving out free vvip tix in pronotional activity. There was like 5rows of empty vvip seats at the back if im not wrong. Heard later on, the orgainser asked the media to move to the vvip so as to make it look filled.

          • Dee says:

            Yes…..many of them rnt airen. I asked around….n unfortunately not succes in get hold airen…language barrier….
            What can we say ? Malaysia ticket were really not goin well. How many airen in Malaysia actually ? the EO r going to handling ZEA. dont want to comment but our wangja nim s way way above them. Oh, Im not suppose to comment bout this. Sorry for missspelling….Im replying while in a middle of trafic jam…..

  8. Yon says:

    i would like to suggest to the organizer that they change their name from Jazzy Group to Lazzy(or Lazy) Group after they have organized sub-standard event for SGi…

  9. Airen says:

    Feel sorry for everyone who was dissapointed with the event. After the event i was supposed to be happy coz i was able to meet him and everything but until to this date i’m not. i even wish he didnt come to Malaysia instead. Everyone must be feeling super excited about meeting him but then looking at how things were going, it feels like someone dump a bucket of freezing cold water on our fiery high adrenaline body.

  10. lsgairenbrunei says:

    I agree with you all hey.. Thought I was the only one feeling rather disappointed with the organizer.. I spent quite an amount flying both my sister and I to his FM in KL. Was really excited towards the whole thing – I’M MEETING LEE SEUNG GI IN PERSON!

    From rushing out from the immigration hoping to catch a glimpse of him (my flight arrived 15 mins after his!), to trying to catch him at the airport (which I came to know he was whisked off as soon as he arrived by a HUGE group of securities), arriving at the shocking dodgy venue 3 hours before the FM, rushing to the so-called ‘waiting area’ where we were told rudely ‘he’s not coming down’, missing out the chance to get his signature and seeing him in person, entering a very very shocking non-painted dim lights non air-conditioned hall, seeing his tiny poster on the side entrance, AND SEEING PLASTIC CHAIRS!!!! Felt like I was going out of my mind for getting ripped off by the organizer.

    But upon seeing so many flowers and love from all the airens all around the world and his pictures showing on the screens, ahh… Ok, I got all pumped up again. 😀

    Admittedly, prior to attending the FM, I read tryp96 unnie’s blog to get updates of LSG in Msia hehe (still bummed that I didnt get to see him at the airport *sad face*). Was really shocked at his treatment, his awkwardness at the press conference, and truth to be told it was the first time seeing his pictures with his ‘not so radiant smiles’. Ahhh.. my heart feels for him 😦

    I wasn’t really giving high hopes during the FM seeing how badly JAZZY has done their job in welcoming and providing warm hospitality to our king!

    BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT…….. LSG was so professional, and despite being mistreated, he was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood in entertaining the fans!!!!!!!!!! That showed how professional he was hey! And how he appreciated his Airens in attending his FM (ehhem, some even flying from all over the places *yayyyy*). He was practically taking over the stage the whole time! The organizers have done VERY little. There was a point when LSG asked to change song (during the game), and they misinterpreted and kept playing the same song. You can actually see he’s a bit frustrated but he still showed his big wide smile to his fans..

    The phototaking session was really bad too… the first few groups shook hands with him and was stopped by securities, etc. So when we got up the stage, he only smiled and bowed to us T_____T So like, I saw the group pictures yesterday – Did they hire the sh*ttest photographer or something? Everyone looked SO SMALL. rawr. As soon as each phototaking ended, he was again whisked off the stage by a group of securities. geee………….

    I’m so sad to see he was being mistreated like that in Msia… And envy those lucky indo Airens and really thanks to Indo hosts for being so compromising to our beloved King Seung Gi!! =D

    Ok, I’m done ranting. sigh.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh yea, the phototaking session! Unbelievable. My jaw dropped when they asked everyone to just queue up. Don’t tell me they have never organised photo session before?? Even so, do some research and see how it was done in Singapore etc. And what’s up with the photo quality? Did the photographers use a point-and-shoot camera?? Why are the pictures so small???

    • Anonymous says:

      I saw his expression when they kept playing the same song when he said next song. But seunggi is really professional, he still continue the whole show with such a great enthusiasm.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Here the fan a/cs of a non-fan who was lucky to be on stage. But who knows, after she met SG in person, she wrote “This is a new Airen, signing off.”

  12. LSG says:

    @ SashimiDou, I’m totaly agreed with your statement of:
    “I was very upset that Seung Gi had to bear with all these. He does not deserve all these treatments.
    To organisers, if you are not sincere about bringing him over, please don’t bring him over! It is really heart breaking to see him unhappy and yet trying to stay happy in front of all his airens”.

    The more I read…. I got heartache…… This really caused a very heartpain for us Airens to see him going thru all these……. & yet he gave us all his best performance.
    Seunggi-ya, mianhae!

    • SashimiDou says:

      Yups. Wells. Im glad he is happy again. His mood can really affects all our mood. Suffering from great withdrawals now.

      Anw, the reason why i contributed this post is solely to rant out how i feel about the organiser. It was not meant for any unintended hard feelings among airens. Hope no airen is offended. Just wish tt jazzy dont do harm to other celebrities too.

      We all love seung gi and he knows!!! Lets all give him our support again. seoul concert, here we come!!!

      • LSG says:

        Yes, Seunggi-ya! You are our sunshine, we just can’t bear to see you sad & unhappy.
        Really,,….. it really matter & affects us. We want you to be happy & stay healthy always!!!
        Lets give him full support on whatever he does (mini-album, concert, drama….)

        Seunggi-ya, we are coming…… Saranghae!!!!!! Fighting!!!!
        Airens, fighting!!!!!!!

  13. ara says:

    I’m pretty upset myself hearing all this bad news. I could not attend the showcase. Blame my busy life for that. As Malaysian myself I feel ashamed of Seung Gi being treated like that! This is not how we usually treat our guest so I’m feeling rather upset. I was reading 8tv facebook comments and found out lots of fans are surprised that Seung Gi actually in Malaysia. They did’nt even know about it ‘coz of lack of promotion and some are really disappointed they could not meet him!. This is the first time I heard about jazzy group. You know what, that’s a total rip off!! Plastic chairs and no air conditioner?!! Didn’t each person pays for about min RM 100 something. Plastic chairs only for ticket prices below RM 10…. Hey, what happened Jazzy group?!! You’re humiliating Malaysia right now!! I was hoping SeunG Gi would have great times in Malaysia, but what is this?!!! I feel so sorry Seung Gi had to go through alI this.I couldn’t even lift my head right now. I wish we could invite Seung Gi to Malaysia again and redeem ourselves!!! By the way, kudos to Seung Gi!! He is always professional and that big smile from all the fan cam proof that he’s a true star!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Ara, I’m a silent reader, FYI VVIP seats cost RM528 + RM3 whatever charge…me n my sis also angry bout this…how can jazzy treat seung gi THE KING like this. I mean he is talented superstar. He is our king, how can they treated him like singer who struggle for live. Guess seung gi is sad when he saw his fans is been treated like this, that’s why he said this is the 1st time he feel sad after-finished singing Because u r my women. SEUNG GI SSI don be sad, v as a m’sia fans will ALWAYS BE YR SUPPORTING ARMY FIGHTING!!!

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