31 Responses to Malaysia FM Fan Account by MeiLing

  1. dalsg says:

    im glad his smile back now 🙂

  2. SashimiDou says:

    That was such a detailed entry. I feel so sad reading the part at the departure hall. To think that he has to even go to the choc shop to ask for directions. 😦

    Thks for sharing this fan account.

  3. gray says:

    Ah dear, ah dear…
    I’m all sentimental, crying right now imagining him asking for direction. Mei Ling, thank you for your fan account, I can see you are not biased.

    I don’t know how about you dear airen, but I’m so sure uri airen in Malaysia also didn’t want this thing happened. Who want this happen to uri Seung Gi?

    Seung Gi oppa, thanks you for all smile in the airport, and also thank you for the best moment in Jakarta.
    Uri Airen in Malaysia, fighting! Cheer up dear, Let’s fix this next time 🙂 we know you didn’t intend to, and I think among we all, you all must be the one who hurt the most by the treatment.
    Uri airen in Indonesia…DAEBAK! I can say, maybe it’s our screaming and hysteria which healed Seung Gi’s smile #narciss haha, I’m joking. I hope they’ll come back again to Indonesia 🙂

  4. lsgfan says:

    hopefully he doesn’t get tired to come again to malaysia … hurmmmm so sad 😥

    • Anonymous says:

      No more malaysia. Even airport officials are not kind. All sucks!!!
      He is our King !!!

      • nina says:

        There’s no need to be too negative and bashing a certain country, just because one certain organizer. Every country has bad organizers and good organizers. Seunggi just happened to have a not very good one. Let’s just hope next time will be better.

        • sashimiDou says:

          I do agree. Msian airens had done their best to ensure that our king is treated well. They cant do much about the organisers . Lets hope that next time when he comes again, the new organiser will treat him better.

  5. giggleshohoho says:

    Mei Ling, It really saddens me that one of his Asia stops didn’t turn out as well but I am very glad that his Asia tour had at least started and ended on high notes in Singapore and Jakarta respectively. I am very thankful that you and the other Airens with you had not crowded him but instead respected his privacy and given him the space when he needed it most. This is and should continue to be the AIREN Spirit.

    • Anonymous says:

      Totally agree with your comment…i can feel Mei Ling’s love for Seung GI…she was very mindful of his situation…Airen fighting!

  6. Anonymous says:

    omgosh, i feel really heartbroken while reading this post. imagine him feeling sad and lost all by himself.
    but even so, i’m sure that he knows his fans wants only the very best for him. and that our hearts are all the same regardless of where we’re from

    • Anonymous says:

      I wish he has someone to share his woes with when he’s feeling down! instead of holding it all in by himself and braving a smile all the time.

  7. Singar77 says:

    Hi Mei Ling,
    After reading your experiences in Malaysia FM and seeing those pictures of SeungGi, I could really feel SeungGi’s sincere love for all airens!

    Dearest SeungGi, be happy always. We know you love us, airens!
    We love very much too, always;)

  8. Bella says:

    Omg, so that’s what happened in the airport, ah.. So sad when read that, but you guys was great gave him a space and privacy when he need it

  9. Anonymous says:

    Just want to clarify something here. None of airen get his/her personal items signed in FM. Some of them tried their luck however all has been rejected by the manager / crew.
    We are so glad that Seung Gi makes his stop in Msia for us & we have returned him a sweet memories too..even though the organiser might not do their best in each arrangement but we are so thankful that they brought Seung Gi to us here!!! We are much appreciate & satisfied with everything, everything is so~PERFECT to us here with Seung Gi. — Malaysia Airen

  10. paolacolunga says:

    Thank you very much for such a nice and detailed report 🙂

  11. judepps says:

    Thanks for sharing your long & detailed fan account Mei Ling..can’t help but im bit teary-eyed while reading the part where He was lost & asked directions.. I myself was lost once in that Airport too.. I kept searching for the exit never known i should’ve ride in the train. Though these not so good things had to happened to Him, hopefully Seunggi will feel the love & support from his undying fans all over the world, and give him strength to do the things he wanted to pursue in the future..

  12. nina says:

    It’s very sad that the organizer didn’t completely escort him until the very end :(, I mean he supposed to be VVIP. But please cheer up Malaysian Airens :), I’m sure with different and better organizer, Seunggi would wanna to have a show in Malaysia again, and hopefully he will visits more South East Asian countries, GO ASEAN :D!

  13. Anonymous says:

    There’s no bodyguard services in Malay??

    • ara says:

      Somebody here seems to have a grudge against Malaysia and Malays. This doesn’t feel like it’s about Seung Gi’s anymore. I admit people make mistakes. I could tolerate other statement b’coz in the future there will be improvement. I love Seung Gi so much but I love my country too and I would not tolerate anyone trying to turn this into a war of hatred towards Malaysia or Malays. I will defend Malaysia like Lee Seung Gi and vice versa. Personally I wouldn’t let this happen to other country as well and am pretty sure you don’t want people to hate your country as well. So, politely, please take your discriminative statement somewhere else, Thank you. You’re rubbing salt into the wound. My advanced apology to Tryp for making this statement here.

      • blackholeangel says:

        Ara ya, i think we airens were very disappointed, we love SG so much, so we can’t bear seeing SG like that ^^
        Just forget all the mistakes. Hope that the organizer will learn from the mistakes and improve itself. Airen Malaysia hwaiting! Airens hwaiting! If I am not wrong, one time Seung Gi said that he did not want to complain because complaining saddened not only others but himself. He didn’t make any complaint about such an wrong treatment to him from the organizer, bore himself and smiled back. Thank Malaysian and Indonesian Airens for bringing his smile back. So I think we all should forget all what makes us unhappy and enjoyed all what makes us happy. Smile ^^

  14. nini says:

    Thanks for the fan account. After read the comment , I can feel how all airens love Seung Gi. I have few words to say but So sorry that my english is not good, I will write in Chinese for those can read Chinese. 純粹想講講個人的一些想法。我想昇基在機場的遭遇,不是大部分的人都會碰上的嗎?被要求檢查行李,這也是我不想碰上的事,這多麻煩啊!心情自然無法愉快。但是同一團人,總有一個會被要求,不管在那個國家都一樣,只是這是他們的工作,當然也不是每個人都認識藝人。看到昇基問路,讓我想起在两天一夜里的昇基,令人懷念。記得看過一個訪問,昇基說許多事情也想親力親為,他不想那天沒有經紀人時什麼都不會。我覺得昇基的亞洲粉絲見面會是好的。不同國家的風俗民情、文化,不同的遭遇、事與人,順事或逆事,對於昇基是好的,這就是人生。我想這些經驗對他的未來是有助益的。因為大家都很愛他,以至於非常心疼他。這是能理解的。但,他總是那麼真實,那麼堅強。
    也要非常感謝tryp96, 因為你的無私付出,因為你對昇基的愛,得以讓我們最快知道昇基的一切。也請好好保重身體哦!

    • Anonymous says:

      Nini 你的这番话写得真好。你说的没错,昇基哥的确成熟了许多。而且你说的没错,这就是人生啊!我们大家所谓的气是因为心疼。这反而显出我们大家对他的爱与关心。我在大马的记者会时,看他这样站着,粉丝就我们这几个在那儿为他打气看了真寒酸。我希望他看到了我和朋友在记者会时,他有感受到那那么一点的安慰和欢乐。

      ToTryp, thank you for your continuous updates. And we all love him as much as you do! 🙂


    • Anonymous says:

      thanks for the inspirational and touching post nini!! seunggi has always been a very optimistic person and i’m sure he’s stronger than many of us think!
      i’m sure he’ll be understanding too. so let’s not be too heartbroken over the bad incidents.

      we’ll just move on along with him and continue to give him love and support for future events!

      • nina says:

        Too bad I don’t know Mandarin, so I could not understand Nini’s comment. I’m gonna try to “google translate” it ~_^

        • Skaterjomag says:

          Nini’s message translated in English:

          “Let me share my personal thoughts. I think that what SGi experienced at the airport, doesn’t it happen to most people too? Being stopped and requested to check bags/luggage, that is something that I don’t want to experience too, how troublesome! Naturally, our mood will be dampened. However in a group, there will definitely be one that will be stopped for checking, irregardless of which country, it is all the same, it is their job to do so. And of course, not everybody recognizes who is a celebrity. Seeing SGi asking for directions, reminds me of him in 1n2d, I miss those days – nostalgia. I remember reading one of his interview, SGi said that he would like to be independant and handle things himself. He does not wish that one day when his managers are not around, he doesn’t know how to handle or do anything. I feel that SGi’s Asia Fan Meetings are good. Different countries have different styles, cultures, experiences, good and bad situations, these are good for SGi. This is life! I believe such experiences are definitely beneficial to SGi. Because everybody loves him so much, that’s why we all care and worry so much for him. This is understandable. However, he is always so humble and so strong. I have also attended the Malaysia Showcase, and because of his love, it gave me a beautiful memory. I guess this is what he wants to. As an audience, enjoying and admiring how well he treats us fans and how he sincerely cares for everyone of us, it’s just like a beautiful painting. He says that language is not a barrier, what is most important is that we all love each other. So young, yet so mature. There are just so many things that we can learn from him. Through this fan meet, I have deeply felt that he loves every one of his fans irregardless of which country we are from. That is why he is always so focused and hard working. I hope that the fan meets to come in future will just get better and better.

          Tryp96, thank you very much. Because of your selfless sacrifices, because of your love for SGi that we can get the latest news of everything about SGi. But please also do take of care of your health.”

          • nina says:

            Beautiful comment from Nini 🙂 yes I agree with her too.
            And thank you so much for the english translation dear Skaterjomag ^^.

          • lsgfan says:

            TOTALLY agree with Nini’s comment! Now I’m watching back the 1n2d after seeing him closely at the airport. Seriously I miss the show!! Seung Gi ya~~ please be the guest on 1n2d 2nd season ^_^ Must be fun having you on the show!

  15. Anonymous says:

    very detailed fan account..thank you MeiLing..
    Can’t help myself to stop crying while reading ur account..
    Seung gi dun deserved to be treated that way..i’m so disappointed since this was happen here in my lovely country Malaysia..
    I hope we do not left bad impression to seung gi..and hopefully he will come again…sobsobsob…

    • Anonymous says:

      im sure he doesn’t want to see his fans still feeling upset because of him. so cheer up!!

    • Airyn says:

      Awww. He’s a professional, so I’m pretty sure he knows that any unfavorable incidents are not the Malaysian Airens’ fault. It’s super obvious from the videos and his interaction with the fans that he can feel and he really appreciates all the support, and he seemed so mindful about giving that back. Thanks for making him feel that love, Malaysian Airens! 🙂 ❤

  16. Jennifer says:

    Thanks Mei Ling for your fan account. It’s sad what happened to him in Malaysia. I think it’s quite clear to him that Jazzy did a bad job with his event. I don’t think he will use them again and thank God for that !

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