7 Responses to ‘Tonight with Lee Seung Gi in Indonesia’ – Fan Account by Jn91

  1. AnnMichelle says:

    Dear Jn91, first thank you so much for writing this detailed and lovely fan account. Regarding The King 2 Hearts, seeing that it’s very popular in Indonesia, I wonder if it has been broadcast on your TV channels.

    • jn91 says:

      U’re welcome~ 🙂
      It has been broadcast in Indosiar, one of our TV channels, if I’m not mistaken, the last episode of The King 2 Hearts is Nov 2, thanks to that the fan meeting is so successful, the timing is very good~! ^^

  2. SashimiDou says:

    It so very written.Thks for sharing. I regretted not going to Indonesia for the fanmeet. Hope he can tour asia again!!!

  3. blackholeangel says:

    Jn91 ya, thank you a million for detailed and cute fan account. I am reading your fa while listening to music. Awesome!!!

  4. reglest says:

    Dear Jn91, I want to correct just one, the 3rd rank is MGIG, the 2nd is TK2H and the 1st is SI.
    Love that Seung Gi is very attentive towards the audience, and I love how our crowd is so easy to get heated LOL^^ ahhh…and I miss him so much already

    • jn91 says:

      LOL. too excited that I forgot! Please correct me again if there’s anything wrong. ^^ Yeah, I miss him so much also, having a withdrawal syndrome right now. X)

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