Flower Stand from SeungGi

SeungGi is such a good friend! Eunhyuk’s mother opened a bakery store (Tous Les Jours) today, and SeungGi sent her this flower stand to wish her store daebak!

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credit: mr_supersimple via FromAirenIndo

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12 Responses to Flower Stand from SeungGi

  1. meliejoo says:

    LSG has good heart..
    He shouldn’t buy anything to Sue guen..
    i like Eunhyuk the best.. but every korean fans became an anti of IU.. lol

  2. Anonymous says:

    omg tous les jours is so nice~ and seunggi’s so cute!

  3. Muljen says:

    Aigoo, SeungGi is very thoughtfull, such a good friend… How can we not love him more n more each day ❤

  4. Nadya says:

    Omg.. Lee seung gi is such a good friend, i wanna be his friend.. Or.. More than that ? Wkwkwk ❤

    • Skaterjomag says:

      Most of us want to be more than that. But I don’t think fate will bring any of us that far with him. Sigh… We can only have a beautiful dream about it. 😦

      • Iva says:

        @Skaterjomag : at least you will have a beautiful dream dear.
        becoming Seung Gi fans means becomes his friend also….am I right ?
        Friends will stand to the low and high point…..friends stay at the end.
        Sound like we all airen does for him…..

      • nadya says:

        Hahaha.. Yeah.. Most of us want to be more than that,.. But if fate wouldn’t take us that far.. So it’s ok JUST to be friends… ( you wish nadya !)

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