12.11.21 One Night’s TV Entertainment Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*updated – 2 clips + more interview translations*


source: seungsunlove cafe

SeungGi said he was worried about the album sales.

His Dragon Flight record is 110,000 points. 😆

The reporter asked him about his Running Man appearance, he said he was really happy that they filmed closed to home. “Did you hear any complaints from 1N2D?” “Complaints? Not at all. But there was no support either.”

He said the new album was made for women; it would be ok if men didn’t listen to it. 😆

SeungGi used to play Anipang, and scored 280,000 points. But all his friends were scoring over 300,000 points, so he changed to Dragon Flight. 😆 He’s losing his eyesight (playing the game), but he’s getting good scores.

source: nate
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

source: official fan cafe

SeungGi said he had been wanting to be in a relationship for 4 years now. There was even someone he felt good about, but it came to nothing. He would like to date if there was anyone he liked.

He’s been taking cooking lessons for a year, and he even went with his mom to learn how to make bread. The teacher said it was her first time seeing such a mother/son pair.

SeungGi also said he did want to act in movies, but he just hadn’t found the right project yet.

source: nate
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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27 Responses to 12.11.21 One Night’s TV Entertainment Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. triangel25 says:

    What is dragon flight record?

  2. triangel25 says:

    I just try to find from play store wat game is it..omg..d screenshot they saw r so cute..

  3. dramaaddict says:

    SG, you are even learning to make bread, taking cooking lessons, studying, preparing for yr concert and mini album, FM, doing charity works etc etc.
    Here I am, can’t even finish reading tryp’s posts. SG let me know how you manage yr time. (SG, I know yr first suggestion to me is not to peep into tyrp’s blog so often). That I agree with you too. lol

    • sarah says:

      Hi.^^ We got the same problem.. If you missed like only a week not reading/checking on Tryp’s blog… after you will have to hurry to catch all the other news.. haha
      soo many updates for our SeungGi that makes me soo busy checking the updates.^^ not that Im complaining. It is part ofmy daily routine..^^
      really Thanks to YouTryp!:)

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah I have the same problem too!! I have so much work to clear and here I am reading all these posts and admiring all the GIFs and watching the videos and keeping track of every single mini details of him. Seung Gi ahhh! What have you done to us? A love spell?!? LOL! And my deferment for my uni exam has been declined!! How??? I have to retake these modules again! :/

  4. milkteanlsg says:

    I played “Dragon Flight” before~
    My version is different from the pic shown though… My dragon is rather cute and cartoon-ish~

    BTW, Seung Gi oppa is really the BEST! He can make me laugh so easily~ haha~ 🙂

  5. triangel25 says:

    Izit possible v get a eng subbed version of this interview? lol…
    I am being very greedy after reading those short translation posted here..hahaha…

  6. Starstruck. says:

    The lip syncing part was adorable!

  7. crazyajummafan says:

    SG’s a natural. He’s so good at interviews, making everyone laugh. The host/interviewer doesn’t need to do much. I recently saw the fan meet video clip of another famous singer/actor. He doesn’t come close to SG’s charm and charisma. He din interact as much with the fans, just simply answering the MC’s questions. In fact, i found the MC more charming, witty and entertaining!
    That’s when I realised how good SG really is. I’ve always known SG to be good, but had no basis for comparison, cos I only fan SG. Now I do know.

  8. rika says:

    He is amazing man! how could he manage to do a lot a lot thing.speechless.

  9. Airen says:

    erk..too late..the sec vid has been blocked.

  10. Hiks… I can’t see the last video, it has bee blocked. Trpy eonni, could you upload again in vimeo??

  11. Anonymous says:

    OMG, SBS act fast to blocked the video..

  12. Airyn says:

    LOL at him switching from Anipang to Dragon Flight because he can’t beat the high score. He really is very competitive. 😉

    It’s “Forest” Day, woohoo!!! Looking forward to when my album order finally arrives. 🙂

  13. Grace yumang says:

    i wonder what’s his username in the game? hehehe

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