SNSD Yoona helps promote SeungGi’s new album, Part 2

Yoona is seriously a fan of SeungGi’s music:

[fan to Yoona] What songs have you been listening to lately? Let’s listen together!!!

[Yoona to fan] SeungGi oppa’s new album! 0_0 All the songs are good/I like all the songs ㅠ

[fan to Yoona] A song that should be on infinite replay ㅋㅋ What song do you keep listening to whenever you have free time?

[Yoona to fan] Nowadays~ Epitone Project – Cactus, Byul – Cute, and now SeungGi oppa’s new album!

source: _becloud_, @mk_ggyr
English translation:

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11 Responses to SNSD Yoona helps promote SeungGi’s new album, Part 2

  1. maritess says:

    love her more 🙂

  2. Nadya says:

    Wah.. She’s so nice, she is indeed seunggi’s fan, wkwkwk

  3. guuneel says:

    kamsahamnida YoonA shi 🙂

  4. YoonGi_Lover says:

    so happy to hear it from Yoona,,they really adore each other!!

  5. cinnamon says:

    Great ! I love both of them !

  6. Weini Haile says:

    never was her fan…..but am gonna be her fan from now on…….

  7. filip says:

    i know,u r so nice.yoona sweedy

  8. julilsworld says:

    they compliment each other and it’s a good thing fan of each other cute :”) I like her more and more please I really want to see them in a drama together b4 seung gi oppa enlist in the army I’m rewatching all his dramas and varieties now a days I just miss the MC/variety seung gi!

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