12.11.24 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

I’m sure you guys already know that SeungGi will be recording Sketchbook next Tuesday, but the reporters just found out, and now there are all these press articles. 😛 Someone from Hook told a reporter that SeungGi had originally planned to make an appearance on Sketchbook a little later (he was going to perform the new songs for the first time at the concert), but the schedule had to be moved up. So as a matter of fact, Sketchbook will be the debut stage for ‘Return’.


Seems like SeungGi’s new album is well received among the female celebrities. Park Shin Hye also tweeted her support today: (English translation by LSGfan)

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31 Responses to 12.11.24 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. crazyajummafan says:

    First YoonA, now PSH? Emmm….. Seunggi’s a really good catch.
    Well it seems that guys love his album as much as gals!
    My daughter’s guy friend downloaded his songs. When asked why, he said that’s cos SG’s a really good singer!

    • Anonymous says:

      Totally agree! I think this mini album is not just create for female. There are some males like me also felt touched when listening to it. Now I keep replay “Return” MV…hehe

    • Muljen says:

      Not only male n female, even my childrens age 4 & 6 keep asking me to replay Return. Last night, it’s already passed their bedtime,but they still pleaded me to replay one last time and I gave in. I asked them why do you like that song, they said because it’s very nice and they like it : )

      • Muljen says:

        Even my hubby was surprise to hear SeungGi’s voice. He said “That is Lee Seung Gi’s voice!! “. I said yes, very nice n soothing, right? The song is very nice,right? and he nodded approvally. He ussually didn’t agree with me if i told good story about SeungGi coz of jealousy, but yesterday, he approved instantly hahaha. That is SeungGi’s effect ❤

    • Anonymous says:

      Guys can sing this at the noraebang, so on the contrary should be more popular with guys no? LOL

  2. manassuper says:


  3. Diang Sari Putri Rembulan Nasution says:

    Daebak… 🙂

  4. Maris says:

    Friends or Foe, male or female, young or old, cannot help but be moved by the Mini Album. It is really that good. Not surprised that PSH came up strongly to support . This is not the first time. She did it for FTisland and CNBlue too at an award ceremony and other occassions ………they being close friends of hers. One of the many qualities I admire about her is that she is very loyal and sincere person. I am totally with you in this PSH but my nonstop repeat is “return “. Now, I must listen more of “forest ” too. I am also waiting for the English lyrics of the song written by LSG……his first one I believe.

  5. AnnMichelle says:

    Just adore the two’s interaction in Running Man. Seung Gi is such a teasing big brother! He just wants to win! (Although when SH fell into the pool the first time, SG rushed over to ask if she was okay.) And SH’s smile after she walked away pretending to be mad at Seung Gi (and him following her begging for understanding). So cute!

  6. meliejoo says:

    does Yoona and PSH had a crush on LSG??
    he is every women’s lovers! Hahahahah
    I happy of those girls.. ^^ PSH the best

    • haha says:

      Nah, PSH does that often to her friends. She is just a sweetheart who loves giving back and loyal to her friends
      They have known each other for the longest time too but I think they got closer recently because of all the colabs. She is rumored to be in a relationship with someone else actually

      • meliejoo says:

        i wonder if PSH or yoona have LSG’s phone #..

        • haha says:

          If Big Bang’s Seungri has Shinhye’s phone # I’m sure Seung Gi has hers too. I mean she filmed an MV for him after all… Wouldn’t it easier to talk to her than her company? 🙂

          • Anonymous says:

            Do you know Seung Gi is a very reserved person? He only has 3 phone # of female celebrities (Han Hyo Joo, Moon Chae Won, Shin Min Ah, may be Ha Ji Won?). He kind of shy to ask someone’s phone number even if they’re quite close. I hope now he has Park Shin Hye’s #, she seems to be a good friend to talk with. 🙂

            • revolu says:

              She had min ah’s phone number as the third one, so I’m sure he has at least 4

            • haha says:

              Well they all said that lol, I remember YongHwa said he only has a phone #of a few female celebrities ( none that was Shinhye’s) , but all the sudden calling when he was We Got Married… Plus she is like a younger sister who he know a long time

    • Maris says:

      A crush that lasted for a long time if you go by the years they have known each other. 🙂
      She appeared as a guest MC in 2004 Inkigayo program when only 14…the accepted age for crushes……the teens.

      • haha says:

        As long as I know her she isn’t the kind that crushing easily, growing up with all boys and all. But we,fans can hope. Although I ship her with someone else, but I don’t mind if she ended up with Seung Gi. It’s just that they have been working together so often lately I don’t think they have any romantic feeling for each other… Shinhye tends to be very conscious to this matter hehe
        But they must have a lot to talk about since she want to be an all-grounded person like him. I’d think she admires him more than a crush ^^

        • Maris says:

          Well said! Totally agree. Exactly my sentiments regarding her. Just the thought of this as a crush amused me. She is very supportive of all her friends irrespective of gender.

  7. nia says:

    im going addicted Lee Seung Gi “Return” and “Words That Says I Love You”, Seung Gi’s voice make my heart melt ❤ ..

  8. priskaprilia says:

    I love the song “Return” and the MV also. I keep replaying it everyday. Actually I love all the songs in this “Forest” album. Seung Gi really has heart-warming voice, I feel warmed ❤ Cant wait for my mini album to come to the country. 😀

  9. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait to hear him singing these songs live!! so excited, i’m still listening to the album repeatedly from the time it was out until now, all the songs are just soooo goood!! 😀

  10. Osi says:

    Airens, please vote for TK2H here.

  11. Dee says:

    Psh like a sister to him. Actually Psh knew captain Hook…..that’s why….no loveline and rumour please. Or Captain Hook will warn the prrs again. There’s a scene that both of them got teasing from RM member. But off course Pd have to cut it, he don’t in a bad grace side of captain hook after a big No no Lov
    eline. That’s all..
    @iva : Im at the airport flying to Hk before to Seoul. Use my Hk nu. oh and no spill the beans. Just finish your grad…and dont peek tryp blog so much.
    @tryp : sorry for pm. You will enjoy Lee Seung Gi concert……it will be great.

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