Lee Seung Gi’s ‘Return’ Achieves Official ‘All-Kill’


So I’ve been reading up a little on the prestigious ‘all-kill’ status. Apparently, there are 3 categories, unofficial, official, and perfect. A song only needs to top 5 real-time charts at the same time before it achieves an unofficial all-kill, and that’s when the media starts reporting it as ‘all-kill’ (like they did in the article I posted before). Then an official ‘all-kill’ is achieved when the song tops ALL the real-time charts AND the daily charts at the same time, marked by a green ‘All-Kill’ button on Instiz. Finally, there is the ‘perfect all-kill’ which requires the song to be #1 on the weekly chart as well.

So SeungGi’s ‘Return’ has achieved an official ‘all-kill’, but it’s not ‘perfect’ yet.

But still… I feel so touched and proud of this moment. I’ve been a fan for over 3 years, and I do love everything SeungGi does, and that definitely includes his music. But quite honestly, his music career has not been as successful (at least in terms of public recognition) as his other endeavors. Not until now, that is. I’m just so happy that SeungGi the singer is receiving more public recognition, and it’s for an album he co-produced! Hopefully this means his music career doesn’t always have to take a backseat.

SeungGi ya, congratulations! 😀

source: instiz

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17 Responses to Lee Seung Gi’s ‘Return’ Achieves Official ‘All-Kill’

  1. Anonymous says:

    thx 4 d update..he really do his best this time…love all his new song..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the explanation, tryp. Congratulations to Seung Gi!

  3. crazyahjumma fan says:

    Thanks for your explanation. I’m so proud of him too!

  4. Gen Wong says:

    Well-deserved Seunggi-yah! His songs this time around are really different, and it’s just haunting, and gets better and better the more you listen to them. What’s even more amazing is his other songs are also on the top and doing well!
    I’m sooo happy that he’s getting rave reviews and favorable response.
    This is really just the best album for me!

  5. hanayori says:

    Daebak!!! So happy for him…

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Intiz weekly chart will end at 11:30PM today.
    And Return’s total points at 3:30M are 18844, Lee Hi’s points (with 1,2,3,4 song, not her new song) are 21660. ‘Return’ increased about 320 points/hour and Lee Hi’s increased about 120 points/hour. But since it’s 8 hours so far to the time the weekly chart closes, so I think ‘Return’ can just rank #2 this week. However, his song just released 3 days and a haft (on weekly chart), and Lee Hi’s song stayed in 7/7 days a week. So his place on this weekly chart is still amazing!

  7. Jenho8888@yahoo.com.sg says:

    I am so happy Seung Gi’s music is finally being recognized. I love all his past albums and couldn’t understand why they haven’t been that successful in Korea? having been a Seung Gi fan for less than 2 years, my admiration n affection for him has only grown over time. He is a perfect idol in my opinion. I know for sure Seung Gi will continue to scale new heights in his achievements- because his hardwork and humble attitude warrant great success. I’ll continue to support Seung Gi and am looking forward to even more pleasant surprises from his performances. Fighting, Seing Gi!!,

    • Airyn says:

      Thanks for posting this, Tryp! I’ve also been taking a crash course in this all-kill, charts mechanics thingies. These things didn’t use to matter to me until I became a fan of SG. ^_^

      @Jenho8888: I think it’s just that the trend really is more towards the super pop K-pop these past few years. If we look at the Hallyu trend, there’s a particular kind of music that is proving very successful right now.

      But LSG does very well despite not really catering to the obvious trends, I think. As AnnMichelle points out below, he’s different from the other “dance” artists. He does have a particular fan base that’s different from the other musical acts out there right now, and the good thing is he knows his fan base well and knows what they like. He’s somehow managed to cater to the fan base but not lose his identity as an artist. He doesn’t release music that’s not suited to him just because it’s the current trend, but somehow his musical endeavors still manage to be a success, even if probably not as super big a success as we all want for him.

      It’s wonderful, therefore, that the new album is gaining such popularity, acceptance, and good critical reviews. Official All-Kill, y’all! ^_^ He obviously put a lot of heart and effort into this, and more of his personal artistic sensibilities than his previous albums, so it’s great that that’s being recognized. And one of the things that I’ve always liked about him is he’s not afraid to collaborate with other artists or to explore something new so that he can evolve as an artist and also show us something new. I think this is why he continues to actually gain more fans! 😉

      I do hope he gets a perfect all-kill some time! Let’s continue to support the album and maybe we’ll get there, eh? 😉 But this official all-kill is already super awesome for a song/album that just debuted a few days ago. SG, fighting! ❤❤❤

  8. AnnMichelle says:

    He just stands alone among a sea of dance music singers. And he shines. Never give up, always strive for a different and better sound. The roads are rocky at times, but, dear Seung Gi, we are all along for this wonderful ride!

    • Osi says:

      Very well said AnnMichelle. 🙂
      Seung Gi ya, we’re with you, so don’t worry.

    • crazyahjumma fan says:

      What I like about Seunggi is that he’s always trying out new things. He doesn’t just get comfy with the familiar. He has been singing ballads for some time, n last year’s album was a little bit different, and now this album is also slightly different in tone, melody and delivery.

  9. Skaterjomag says:

    Seung Gi Oppa! I am just so proud of you in everything you do because you always put so much soul and sincerity in everything. Your humble self to strive to learn new things and try new things, braving through the storms when the tides get rough. It’s just simply admirable. I applaud you and would be giving you a 120% standing ovation. I love you!

  10. Maris says:

    This is indeed a remarkable achievement by any standards. LSG ‘s distinctive style of singing ballads although always popular, has really made its mark in a resounding manner. This level of achievement is only possible if vast majority of people from all age groups are loving the album. LSG has shown that one does not have to be a follower of popular trend but one can be a leader in creating one. Since he took his first step in the entertainment industry as a singer…..he must be an extremely happy and satisfied young man. Congratulations! LSG.

  11. Iva says:

    @Tryp : I just bump into this, while researching and browsing data for my thesis.
    This is how to explain Seung Gi worth in Business Sense and why is he the most covet as Content that Covert ….from brand image, no wonder he become a spokeperson in KB Bank…and Samsung HA.
    This article explain how much Seung Gi worth, and how a brand can gain popularity and earn more customers on the Web. Like How much the company can make money by using him…
    ( a little many numbers involves, so I just left it alone…..)
    Lee Seung Gi worth as in Product Endoser – as an Entrepreneur – as Social Media :


    I really luuuuuvvv it…coz he just makes my day….to light up the blank in my head in Media Content.
    Seung Gi !! saranghe….I will surely put him as my product research…he he he

    • crazyahjummafan says:

      Thanks for the link. Wow! Seunggi’s even used as an eg in business books! Well, he IS an good example of a product endorser!

    • tryp96 says:

      Wow, this is great! Thanks for sharing the article! I wonder who wrote it. Is s/he a fan? 😛

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