Lee Seung Gi’s ‘Return’ Tops Korean MV Chart in China

And the MV already has over 660,000 hits on yinyuetai (a major MV sharing site): 😀

source: baidu tieba

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7 Responses to Lee Seung Gi’s ‘Return’ Tops Korean MV Chart in China

  1. super says:

    Happy to see this news.hope for more great happening .hope the coming concert will be a success and those who attend will enjoy.pray for lsg health ,too.

  2. Rann says:

    Seung-gi oppa why u so awsome???

  3. dramaaddict says:

    A foto tells a thousand words and A MV tells a billion words. It speaks for itself. SG, you turn everyone’s life upside down with it.

  4. Gen Wong says:

    Really happy that his new song and album are getting so much love!
    Well-deserved. Congrats, Seunggi-yah!

  5. Maris says:

    The ” Return” mv is like nirvana for the soul because of its visual and hearing impact so I am not surprised its making its mark everywhere. If they release the subbed version in different languages, the popularity would spread like wildfire.

  6. vote Lee Seung Gi in all the category….

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