Cartier to hold special exhibition with 10 top stars

Cartier will be holding a charity exhibition for their ‘Love Collection’ at their store in Cheongdam-dong from December 1 to December 31. And it’s photo exhibit featuring 10 top stars (including SeungGi). A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the International Vaccine Institute.

source: daum
English translation:

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23 Responses to Cartier to hold special exhibition with 10 top stars

  1. Yunee says:

    Is it me or Seung Gi the only one with a different pose? Not that I’m complaining since he looks great in both!!!

    • yani rahayu says:

      Yup, I noticed it too. He looks great in both and that might be the reason that Cartier cannot decide which set they should choose to publish 😉

    • Jennifer says:

      Haha you are right. I didn’t notice it at first glance. Love the 2nd pix…..actually I just LOVE everything about Seung Gi! ^ ^

  2. super says:

    I find his picture the best among all.he look so handsome and cute.very natural look.

  3. Airyn says:

    Ooh, Cartier! Wow! Expect that bracelet he’s wearing to start selling like hotcakes. 😉

  4. paolacolunga says:

    Lee Seung Gi siempre original.
    Lee Seung Gi always original.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The bracelet he wore at asak healing show is a cartier love bracelet.

  6. try look Lee Seung Gi style in this video
    he style truly different from now and before…his style now look more mature..

  7. Iva says:

    Is that Siwon on the top right side ? …he do look older ???
    Thought that he is in a same league with our Seung Gi.
    On the other hand, Lee Seung Gi looks so fresh and bright and surely give a very Charming Luxurius Vibe …am I too biaaaasss ??? ( I remember that KHD always called him luxurius guy…)

  8. manassuper says:

    hello tryp96 ,HERE IS OLD VIDEO OF LSG AND PARK MIN JI [2006] Please, Desire And Hope, Addio, Tears (Co-star: Park Min Ji).IT IS A BTS VIDEO WITH INTERVIEW AND ONE EXCLUSIVE BTS VIDEO.those intrested can enjoy this …… AND ANOTHER ONE

    • crazyahjummafan says:

      Thanks manassuper! Certanly enjoyed the videos! Seunggi has come a long way since that kiss. But he’s sooooo cute!

    • Anonymous says:

      I wish they have the English translation…… But thank you for the link. I enjoy seeing Seung Gi old clips.

    • SCbound says:

      If I was his high school sweetheart I would never had let him go LOL I would have been one of those girls that would not go away, not as bad as the ones in dramas haha I would have cured him of his shyness as well. He is such a cutie

  9. leogalsg says:

    the special exhibition for the special person.
    he is our beloved LSG. ..
    I only focus on him…love the second pic…

  10. Joyce says:

    Wonder if the exh is worth a visit, esp if there is a brochure or something

  11. mtdt says:

    Since will be in Seoul for his concert, am also wondering if worth a visit… any admission fee? or any brochure that can be taken?

  12. zambak70 says:

    and he is only the one among the males,who wears the ring on the hand^^

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