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Hook Tweets Pictures From Concert Practices

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Return (되돌리다) MV Making Film – Lee Seung Gi

Turn on the captions (CC) for the English subs: Credit: LOENENT

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12.11.27 Sketchbook Recording Fanpics 3

Gaon will share more pictures and even videos after the broadcast on Friday. SeungGi singing ‘Return’: credit: gaon

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Lee Seung Gi Tops Billboard Korea Weekly Chart

The Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 shows a different list, but it doesn’t seem to be updated for some reason. source: dclsg

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12.11.28 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

Just a warning to someone who’s copying my posts word-for-word! Did your teachers never teach you the word ‘plagiarism’?! Maybe it’s time for you to go back to school to learn it. And please know that this blog does NOT … Continue reading

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12.11.27 Sketchbook Recording Fanpics 2

source: dclsg

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Lee Seung Gi Photo Essay Unpublished Photos

SeungGi used Samsung NX20:

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