12.11.28 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

Just a warning to someone who’s copying my posts word-for-word! Did your teachers never teach you the word ‘plagiarism’?! Maybe it’s time for you to go back to school to learn it. And please know that this blog does NOT welcome plagiarizers.


Check out the Japan staff blog for some pictures of SeungGi practicing for the concert.


Lee Seung Gi stays on top of music charts for a week by allkpop
Lee Seung Gi tops charts for a week, Roy Kim competitive by kpopfever
Lee Seunggi dominates Soribada’s weekly music chart with newest album by koreaboo

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20 Responses to 12.11.28 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Ririn says:

    Be patient chingu 🙂

  2. rika says:

    Dear tryp, you’re the best.

  3. zambak70 says:

    is there any way you can block them,let us know,you have my full support…and 2 days to go…omg..wish you the best and joyfull concert^^

  4. zambak70 says:

    she is a turkish girl,im really embrassed….

  5. harap masalah itu boleh diselesaikan secara aman kerana tidak mahu peminat Lee Seung Gi bergaduh sesama sendiri…

  6. WhiteJasmine says:

    Plagiarism..sigh, I hate this!! Tryp be patienly dear..We always beside u..

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is only proves one thing,Tryp you’re Lee Seung Gi of bloggers! They can’t be you,so they just copy what you do. Shame on them!!

  8. Osi says:

    I’m sorry, off topic.
    Please vote Seung Gi here: http://koreanupdates.com/kuawards2012/#pd_a_6713060%23pd_a_6714519

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is the best website for lee seung gi fans. ..~~~ I think.. ..

  10. Iva says:

    @Tryp : You have our full support…..
    Oh, happy holiday and have a “Hmmm Kimchi Everyday ” ( Seung Gi style #mode on )
    Hey @SOMEONE……stop “plagiarism”…you can just ask nicely to our Kind host to re-post her awesome Blog, If you just took away something out their own without their knowledge, meaning you are theft.
    Geez…..I really hate those “Plagiarism”.

  11. april says:

    “hello ! someone there …if your English is not good you should write something with the language.you know.or don’t write any thing …. Stop Plagiarism

  12. babygirl says:

    I don’t know who the person is ,may be she just a very young girl.Please forgive her
    Tryp, when you forgive a person you sure very happy.
    PS : Dear Girl if you know you make the mistake….go. go apologize to Tryp.

  13. leogalsg says:

    this is bad…cool down tryp…
    2 more days …be happy there….

  14. dramaaddict says:

    Tryp, you mean there are still pple like that around?
    I know that you are in Seoul now. Pls mind yr steps and no following of SG”s banners and posters everywhere.:) Enjoy yrself to the maximum and eat all the delicious Korean food.

  15. Tryp Fan says:

    hi tryp, may we know who she is? or he is? i hope he/she apologize to you ^^ you must talk to her/him

  16. Tryp Fan says:

    hi again tryp ^^ i think this is the blog who copy your blog’s posts

    • tryp96 says:

      Sorry, I deleted the link. I think shameless people like her might actually enjoy bad publicity in promoting her blog.

      • jenny says:

        Hi.tryp. I hv been a good obedient follower all this while. Pls could you tell me where to get the password as i jst came back from overseas n cant seem to find it. Hope you wont punish the fan of lsg jst because of one idiot.

        • tryp96 says:

          No, this is not to punish anyone. SeungGi had asked fans not to post any fanpics/fancams of the concerts in public, so the password-protected posts are my solution. I personally think the password is very obvious, and there are hints everywhere.

          • jenny says:

            Sorry i hv tried all hints but unable to go in. Guess i m too dumb n hv to suffer alone. Who is that idiot who is to b blame….agghh

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