Return (되돌리다) MV Making Film – Lee Seung Gi

Turn on the captions (CC) for the English subs:


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9 Responses to Return (되돌리다) MV Making Film – Lee Seung Gi

  1. super says:

    This must be the second part of the mv.the place looks very beautiful .it seems to be very cold .poor lsg very cold and everyone working very hard.hope it turn nice like the first part.despite the coldness lsg still look very handsome.

  2. Airen says:

    so fun… seeing him jumping up/down to keep warm… seeing him being carried ard while on the chair… playing dragon flight…. ooh.. I simply love u so much!

  3. Rensha says:

    really curious with the 2nd part of the MV.. he’s look adorable when he play swing ^^

  4. Jennifer says:

    Why are they carrying him on the chair ?

    • MTDT says:

      just playing a fool I guess…. he must be very cold, codys are wrapping him up with blankets… thus i guess they din want him to come down from the chair after wrapping him warmly. :p

  5. Anonymous says:

    His cellphone is samsung s3 🙂 iam i right?

  6. Maris says:

    Best part of behind the scenes MV is that one can differentiate between all the hype/ fiction from the reality. LSG comes out with flying colors by not disappointing with his glimpses of his real self each time. One can also come to respect and appreciate the amount of effort that goes in to come up with such beautiful creative pieces. It’s not just talent but lot of perseverance and dedicated hard work.

  7. Anonymous says:

    wonder why he didn’t release the 2nd mv yet? :((, or may be the wedding part was cut out? :((

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